Jan. 5th, 2012

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Oddly appropriate or utterly inappropriate that this was the game I ran two days before getting married? You tell me.

Well, the characters took the job from one Drew Fulbright, wildly successful author of the Walker series (Icewalker, Firewalker, Shadow-walker, and so on). Seems he suspects his wife of being unfaithful, and there's this pre-nup thing they have going where, if either partner is unfaithful they forfeit any right to the others' assets. But mostly, Drew just wants to know - partially for that, partially because he doesn't a blow-up and scandal).

In doing some intel, the characters learn that Philippa Fulbright spent the better part of month (during which Drew was away) at hotels, starting cheap and getting really expensive by month's end. She's also recently signed over a big check to cash, noted with "Retainer," which Jessica suspects might be for a lawyer, but that Gil confirms is for a PI named Olaf Samuelsson. Maybe she suspects Drew is cheating, too? Frederick found a notebook in Philippa's (very cluttered) office during which she kept track of all of Drew's comings and goings for a week, but then it looks like she lost the notebook.

Looking into the hotels, Horace has learned that Philippa was there with a very attractive man, and there was something of a blowup there. Jessica also notes that Philippa was talking with someone on a drop cell during that time, but the number is no longer in service and there was no online contact. Smells like an affair.

Gil is hesitant to get into this - seems like a domestic issue and not something the Crew really needs to worry about. But Horace and Jessica are both rabid Walker fans (Jessica more so), and Jane has met them. They seemed a lovely couple, very successful and very much in love.

Gil goes and visits Samuelsson's office to, ostensibly, ask for work (they know each other), and takes Frederick to snoop around. Frederick sneaks into the office and finds another guy in there having a smoke, but manages to grab some papers from Olaf's desk before the man notices him. Gil, meanwhile, convinces Olaf to toss him some work, and Olaf has Gil head to a club in the Tenderloin to look for "this guy" - whereupon he hands Gil a blurry picture taken outside the Hilton. Which was, by weird coincidence, the last hotel Philippa stayed in during her weird month. The papers that Frederick swiped turn out to be copies of the notebook that he'd found in Philippa's office, with new notes and further investigations. Philippa definitely has Olaf following Drew.

Meanwhile, Horace, Jane and Jessica go to the Hilton to check the bar staff. The bar tab was pretty elaborate, and wait staff remember big spenders. Jessica overhears two waitresses arguing over whether a man who was here in the bar was or was not Drew Fulbright, as he claimed to be. Jane learns that this man (who was decidedly not Drew, as he was out of town at the time), also was with Philippa Fulbright and racked up a really expensive tab, and then she kicked him out. And Horace learns that one of the bellhops got a signature from "Drew". (Jessica tries, but fails, to track him down.)

Later, the Crew reunites. Jessica enhances the photo, and it's not Drew. It's a very pretty, model-built man that they can't identify. Closest they get is a photo on someone's Facebook identifying him as "George."

That night, they go to the club. Frederick dresses Gil for the occasion (and I apply a Complication: Frederick Dressed Me d6). Frederick works the crowd, and winds up with a Complication himself (Surrounded by Pretty d6). Horace sneaks in and talks the bouncer into leaving, replacing him.

Gil spots their mark in the corner, cozying up to an older gent with lots of expensive jewelry. Frederick approaches and slips in, and gets into a social fight with George for who's taking the gent home. He wins, so they go to leave together and the gent goes to get his car. Gil, however, has Horace distract him and steals his car, and picks up Frederick and George.

They interrogate George a bit, and he identifies himself as George Haigh. He claims, however, that he wasn't even in the country on the night in question. And Jessica confirms that - he was in Mexico and came back the next day. But something's hinky, since that's obviously him in the photo. They let George go and he makes a phone call, which Jessica taps.

Whoever he calls, he doesn't identify himself. He tells the man that the they're blown and they need to ditch this job. The man cuts him off and says that he'll come find him, and George goes to the parking lot and gets his car. The rest of the Crew gets in the van, and takes off after him. He stops at a convenience store and Frederick and Horace go in, to discover Drew Fulbright leaving - but George is cheating so his face doesn't show. What gives?

As Drew leaves, Gil goes to follow him, and Frederick and Horace figure they'll just steal a car and follow George. But then another car pulls out and is following the characters following Drew - Olaf.

Back at the store, Frederick and Horace see George get into another car with a man who looks just like him. Holy cow, there's two!

The car chase gets intense, and Jane calls abort. The characters split off and regroup. Jessica, doing a little research, learns that George Haigh came to America as a baby with his mother, Alma Haigh. Jane remembers that name - she met Alma when she was very young. Alma was pregnant at the time, and was also a grifter. And so there it is - she smuggled both babies across, made it look like there was only one, and then trained them in the Grift.

Jane emails Drew and tells him what they've found. But then the next morning, he calls and asks if she's sent anything. He's just realized that his hard drive is utterly fried.

The characters met with Drew at his apartment the next day. Gil notes Olaf watching the place, while Jessica (after heavily geeking out) goes to work on his computer. Someone has fried his hard drive with a virus that Jessica programmed - it destroys the hard drive when a particular file is opened, or a file containing certain triggers. They ask if Drew has accepted any jump drives lately - and yes, he borrowed one from a fan in Mexico.

Mexico? Yep. Drew was there at the same time as George, he just left a day earlier. Frederick cracks Drew's safe and finds his pre-nup (already open to the relevant passage, as though he's been looking at it) and a valise full of cash. The Crew confronts him, and he admits that he had an affair with George, and that George has been blackmailing him ever since. He's meant to drop this money off at a nearby park in a few hours.

Jane intuits that Drew really loves his wife and is sorry for what he did. He's willing to talk with her about it and confess, but he wants George off his back. The Crew, of course, can help with that.

Cut to the park. Drew makes the drop, George grabs it, and suddenly there are cops everywhere. "What the hell?"

Flashback to...

...Gil putting a camera in the car before picking up Frederick and George at the club, and recording him saying that he was never at that hotel.

...Frederick packing the valise with a container of ink pellets that burst when the valise is opened.

...Jessica talking to someone in immigration records who, as it happens, is also a huge Walker fan, and learning about the birth records of both George and his brother, John.

...Horace finding the bellhop who got his book signed by "Drew" and getting him to the park, to identify the man who claimed to be Drew Fulbright.

...And Jane, talking to her friend the DA, giving him a big fat fraud and illegal alien case.

Some time later, the Crew is relaxing at a cafe, while Drew is signing books across the street. Philippa is next to him, apparently they've worked out their issues. Jessica glowers at Philippa a bit (she wants Drew), but she copes.

"I'm totally getting tickets for the premiere of the movie," she says.

"You know that's in, like, a year?" says Gil.



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