Jan. 8th, 2012

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Trying to get ahead of myself before heading back to work tomorrow. Oh, and starting on this book thingie I'm working on. And writing curse the darkness. Probably other things in there, too.

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Conspiracy Theory is a bizarre spy-ish movie starring Mel "Utterly Nuts, and Also His Character Is Crazy" Gibson and Rene Russo Julia Roberts. Gibson is Jerry Fletcher, a New York cab driver who's obsessed with Roberts' character. Roberts' Alice Sutton is working for the Justice Department and is trying to figure out who really killed her father. The movie is mostly an excuse for Gibson to babble and act nuts, which, go figure, he's good at. He spouts insane but surprisingly consistent conspiracy theories, many of which either come true or are implied to be true by movie's end.

Which is cute and everything, but conspiracy theorists annoy me. Guys, there is no conspiracy. It's happening. It's happening right out in the open where everyone can see it - the folks who want to take advantage do, rich people and corporations buy our lawmakers and then buy the laws, the rich stay rich, the poor can go fuck themselves. It's not a big secret and it's not elaborate, because big elaborate secrets don't tend to stay that way. But anyway.

Patrick Stewart plays Dr. Jonas, the antagonist, who programmed Jerry to be a Manchurian Candidate style assassin and is now trying (ostensibly) to figure out who he's told so he can find other assassins. There's a pretty intense torture/interrogation scene towards the beginning, just so we can see that these people are Not Fucking Around.

The movie has a couple of holes; if the conspiracy has people everywhere, why did they have such a problem finding Jerry? He seems pretty established in his apartment, and though he doesn't use his real name, why the sudden urgency to find him that his appearance at the CIA kicks off in the beginning of the film? How did Alice escape at the end? And why does the intelligence community hire people prone to sudden but ultimately harmless bouts of narcolepsy triggered by a sharp blow to the head?

(Pet peeve of mine: Whacking someone on the back of the head doesn't knock him out. It will a) hurt, but ultimately do nothing or b) kill/concuss him. It does not cause brief unconsciousness. Grarrhgh.)

Anyway, the performances are strong, the script is fun if a little Swiss-cheesy, and Gibson can do creeper/crazy like he's not even acting. And, of course, this movie gets a song stuck in your head. "I love you baby/And if it's quite all right/I need you baby..." Argh. All day, now.

My Grade: B-
Rewatch Value: Medium-low

Next up: Constantine


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