Jan. 11th, 2012

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OK, there we go. Now, my thoughts on D&D5E.

I don't care.

No, not quite accurate. I do care insofar as a new edition of D&D will stir things up in the hobby, and that's always fun to watch (when it's not explicitly about guys defending rape jokes or racist card games or something equally uncomfortable). I don't care about the game itself because I don't play D&D and I have no desire to. This isn't (just) because fantasy isn't my cuppa joe, it's because D&D is, on its own steam, boring. It's a ruleset with a limp, Tolkein-cribbed fantasy setting barely hung on it...unless you buy at least one sourcebook. And even if you come up with an awesome setting and story, which my late friend Jonathan did some years back, it's still a system in which by killing orcs, you become a better bard (or whatever).

As I said when Gary Gygax died, even if grandad is a little loopy, none of us grandkids would be here without him, and so I respect D&D on those terms. But I don't want to play it, and I don't think releasing a new edition, with all the gamer-froth that will produce, will bring the hobby what it so crucially needs - new blood.

Now, WotC took a page from White Wolf here (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and is crowdsourcing. So maybe that will help bring in new players...but I doubt it. I think instead it'll bring in edition warriors. I'm seeing it already on various fora and lists, and it's kind of saddening. The various voices of reason get shouted down or treated like party poopers, and it makes me a little nuts. This hobby needs to be cool for new people, and honestly I don't a math-heavy, bland RPG like D&D is how you do it. I think games like Faery's Tale (easy, appropriate for kids) and, hell, Dread (Jenga!) are going to be the ones to save us, if they hit a wide enough audience. But what do I know, I started with Marvel Super Heroes.

Oh, and: then there's this. This makes me uncomfortable, but I think it's because of the girl being the one having the "sexventure" game. In a more historically woman friendly comic, that wouldn't bother me, I think, but see earlier comment about apologia for rape jokes (which is, of course, not the same thing as apologizING for rape jokes).

Anyway, that's where I'm at on this. I'll be interested to see what D&D5e produces...but I'm glad curse the darkness will be out this year, not next year, at GenCon.


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