Mar. 6th, 2012


Mar. 6th, 2012 07:52 am
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So last night I ran Terra Primate. Unisystem is nice and easy, very simple to port it into whatever kind of game you might like that involves magic and/or psionics. I much prefer Cinematic Unisystem, but it's a simple enough matter to add in Drama Points and go from there.

We also discussed what games we want to play going forward. We were alternating Leverage and Hunter, but then the Hunter story ended and we were going to play Game of Thrones, but then Michelle's school schedule went nuts and we just watched movies on Mondays in prep for Oscars for a few weeks. Leverage is ending next Monday, since Max is gone (I'll have thoughts on that situation - the game, not Max - at a later point). So last night the group of us talked about what we might like to play going forward.

One discussion was: long campaign versus short story? A couple of players (including [profile] hellgirl5, who isn't actually playing, though of course we still value her opinion) felt that shorter stories are preferable because they allowed a switch-up of character, genre, situation every so often, and I grok that. I have lots of different games I want to run. Other players hadn't actually played in a longer-running game, and would like to try it. And since not everyone can make every Monday, what we decided was to keep the "two games, running biweekly" thing going.

One of those games is going to be Promethean: The Created. That was pretty much unanimous; a bunch of players wanted to try it and [personal profile] docelboze is keen to play it again. And I'm thrilled to run it again; there's a bunch of things I didn't get to do first time out, and I love the game anyway. So there's that (we're doing chargen the week after Leverage).

And then Sarah wanted to do something else with FATE. I'm running Dresden (it occurs to me I didn't really post much about that game, but that's because we're not done with chargen - I'll post about it when we finish this Saturday), so I didn't want to run that, but Matt suggested a John Carter-inspired game, and since that was my first exposure to Spirit of the Century anyway, I'm game. So in three weeks, we'll do chargen for a Mars pulp game using Spirit of the Century rules. That one, I suspect, will be a one-story kind of thing, and then maybe Michelle will take over running that slot for a while. A bunch of people want to play Shadowrun, but I ain't running that. :)

Anyway, apes. )

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