Mar. 9th, 2012

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Yesterday I wanted something to do with my kids that didn't cost much and wasn't outdoors (because it was rainy and then became cold and rainy). I started thinking that we'd go to the zoo, but again, cold and rainy. And besides which, Teagan's out of school at 3:30 and the zoo is only open until five.

I like playing with my kids, so I figured we'd have a little game. I knew Teagan wanted to go to Wendy's for dinner, so I had Michelle call my cell and leave a message using her awesome German accent as the evil Dr. Twistybread, claiming to have kidnapped Wendy in order to obtain the secret of delicious Frostys. Teagan was appropriately horrified. Cael decided he could use his super punching power on the evil Dr. Twistybread.

We talked about where to start looking for clues, and I told Teagan to think about "twisty bread." That suggested pretzels, so we headed to the mall, since that's where you can get big pretzels (Auntie Anne's, y'see). I slipped my GameStop card into the pretzel bag when Teagan wasn't looking, and from there just kind of winged clues, sometimes with the help of mall store staff, until we wound up at the arcade. We needed at least 20 tickets to free Wendy from Dr. Twistybread's clutches, but we managed it, and then headed to Wendy's for a celebratory dinner.

If I'd had more time to prepare, I'd have made up better clues rather than winging it, but that just gives me something to shoot for next time. In any event, the kids had a blast playing sleuth. :)

I, however, am home sick today. Michelle is done with her exam (yay!) and I woke up feeling crappy, so I'm taking it easy so I can go to the movie tonight (John Carter, y'see). For now, I want to make a character.

The Game: Sorcerer
The Publisher: Adept Press
Degree of Familiarity: None. I read it on our trip to Kentucky and it kind of screamed "Run me!"
Books Required: Just the core.

A demon cannot be hurt. )


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