Mar. 15th, 2012

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Ca$h is a French caper film, starring Jean Dujardin before he won his Oscar. This review's going to be a little sparse, as I was sick and kind of falling asleep during the movie.

OK! So, Dujardin's brother is murdered during a con. Dujardin's character (Cash) is a grifter and thief, being watched by the cops (one cop in particular), and romancing a beautiful woman whose father he's trying to con. But then she and her father (?) are, in fact, grifters themselves and take Cash for a ride...but maybe there's more layers here?

The acting here is pretty spot on, and I think the movie plays fair by the audience (if it doesn't, I was too tired to notice). Dujardin is fun to watch, and the movie has a nicely satisfying "fuck you" to the bad guys at the end. It's a good heist movie, I don't think it's quite up to the caliber of Ocean's 11, but it's close. If you like that or Leverage, you'll enjoy this.

My Grade: B+
Rewatch Value: Medium. Hard to say. Ironically I'll need to watch it again to know if I want to watch it again.

Next up: Chicken Run
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Chicken Run is a movie by the same folks who gave us Wallace & Gromit. It's a remake - sendup? homage? - of Stalag 17, and calls to mind Hogan's Heroes and other such properties. A bunch of chickens are constantly trying to escape their egg farm, and then a rooster seemingly flies over the wall (voiced by Mel Gibson - the rooster, not the wall) and they figure he can teach them to fly, too.

Well, obviously it's not that simple, but the rest of the movie is basic animated film - the emotional crises, the lies, the betrayal, the change of heart and the nail-biting escape. It's all pretty by the numbers; you don't have the same depth of story that Pixar gives us (in most of their movies), but it's still fun. The chickens have some good humor, but the rats (voiced by Timothy Spall and Phil Daniels) have a witty, rapid verbal play that's easily the funniest bit in the movie.

Gibson is not a great voice actor. He does manage to make Rocky sound like a pompous ass, sure, but he doesn't have much in the way of range, and he comes off as pretty irritating, rather than just cocky. Miranda Richardson is characteristically awesome and evil as the farmer's wife (who bullies and berates him into the submission), and Julia Sawalha anchors the movie as Ginger, the chicken's leader.

It's fun and it's harmless, and the humor is clever enough to make it worth watching with the kids rather than putting on for the kids and opening my laptop. It's not nearly as good as some of the other stuff Aardman has done, though.

My Grade: B
Rewatch Value: Medium-high

Next up: Clash of the Titans


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