Mar. 17th, 2012

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Made characters the other night for Geist. I was planning on taking Promethean notes, but surprise surprise, the Dresden notes ate all the time I had. So anyway, here are the characters and some brief notes for Geist.

I decided, for instance, to implement a rule that we talked about during the conception of Geist but that I don't think made it into the core book: Sin-Eaters have 99 years of life from the time of the Bargain. That's it. If they die during that time, they can come back, but beyond that they get a century minus one. That's a lot of time, really, especially if you made the Bargain later in life, but you'd better make the best of that time, because it's what you have.


  • Alistair Benjamin Hodge, whom we first met here. Alistair is the latest recipient of a geist called the Wandering Jew. Is it that Wandering Jew? It thinks it is. Alistair acts as a literal sin-eater for the very wealthy, and as such he has more money than god. Silent/Gatekeeper.
  • Cassie Lawrence, whom we first encountered here. She was on holiday in Greece when she was struck by a runaway fruit cart. The Mournful Lover made her the Bargain, and she ventured into the Underworld to find his paramour. Later, she faced off against the Halaku in Seattle with a new group of Sin-Eaters. Forgotten/Advocate.
  • Nixie Barrows, whom we first encountered here, where she and Cassie and a third Sin-Eater named Marnie faced the Devil's Daughter in a little seaside town. Nixie's geist is an ancient and kind of scary thing called the Voice of the Deeps, and it kind of wears the pants in this relationship (fortunately it's not very demanding, at least not yet). Prey/Gatekeeper.
  • Jonathan "Jonny Mac" MacNeil. Jonny Mac could see the White Dog from the time he was a boy. The White Dog sits outside houses in the American South and howls when someone is about to die, and Jonny Mac would follow that dog - meaning folks knew that if that boy was around, tragedy followed. He accidentally hanged himself working on a car when he was grown, but the White Dog was there for him, and made him the Bargain. Forgotten/Celebrant.
  • Ian Sawyer. Ian was a mythology prof at a community college in the Seattle area (Capitol Hill), and was working late in the library one night when the bookshelves tipped over onto him. If anyone had been there, he'd have been saved, but the only one there was the Librarian, a geist reading over his shoulder. Since his Bargain, Ian has become...a bit more aggressive. Forgotten/Reaper.

So obviously one thing we'll do is figure how these guys got together. Cassie and Nixie know each other, but Alistair's from Cleveland (most recently) and the others are strangers. But they have a group Haunt - a coffee shop called Whips & Sprinkles. It's a little hole in the wall kind of place, was once cutsie (pink walls, frills), but it's never been redone. Now it gives off ectoplasm at night, and the Sin-Eaters use it as a hangout and meeting point. Utility: 2, Fluidity: 1, Residue: 4

I need to reread parts of Geist, but I think I want this game to be character focused. And I don't mind taking inspiration from more humorous sources; it's appropriate for Geist to have a kind of gallows-humor edge to it. The coffe-shop Haunt is called "Whips & Sprinkes", for cryin' out loud. Hanging out at a coffee shop doesn't make for an interesting game, but I think the characters are interesting enough that I can springboard off of them for stories.

Points. )


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