Apr. 23rd, 2012

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You know, I actually don't have to do a heck of a lot of prep, because my players are awesome and did most of it for me. As we start, here, Justin is incarcerated in Xenon (and he won't be doing much, since his player won't actually be there tonight), Gar, Xax and Reana are out in the wastes, and Elitza is hiding amongst the masses in Xenon. OK. So... )


Apr. 23rd, 2012 10:31 pm
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So, I haven't been especially careful about counting points lately. Kinda fell out of the habit, and then food tasted good, and then I was like, fuck it. But I weighed this morning and I'm actually down a few pounds, so I feel a renewed sense of purpose. No way am I making 200lbs by Origins, which was my original plan, but maybe I don't want to lose 20 more pounds anyway (Sarah looks kind of horrified when I suggest that). So I'll just keep counting points until Origins and see what happens. And maybe get to the gorram gym.

This week is testing week at my school, because standardized tests are, obviously, the Highest Good in the public school system (hear that sound? that's the sound of my eyes rolling back). Fortunately, I have younger students I can work with who aren't shackled to their goddamn desks.

The Kickstarter is one photograph away from going live. Sarah, Michelle and I made the video the other day (well, really, Sarah did the work and Michelle and I just offered suggestions or approval). I'm pretty darned jazzed, especially given the success of awesome projects like Mermaid Adventures and Farewell to Fear. But when it goes live, it'll get its own post (here and freaking everywhere, and I'll want you all to repost and Tweet and Chirp and Google and Doodle and Bookface and whatever the hell else kids are doing these days).

Last night we played our first session of Spirit of the Century: Armies of Mars! We got about halfway to where I wanted because my players have the attention spans of hummingbirds.

Dinner first:

Faroe Island salmon, couscous, raspberries, goat butter.

I seasoned the salmon with coriander, dried orange peel and salt and cooked it skin-side down to get all crispy and stuff. I made a brown butter with the goat butter and some garlic, and then cooked the couscous and mixed in the butter (which was really good). I sauteed some kale I had sitting around and then reduced the raspberries in some red wine for a sauce, which was intended for the kale but was tasty on everything.

And then, the game.

Hummmmm. )


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