Apr. 25th, 2012

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So check it out. Dad of an autistic 10-year-old boy was wondering why he was getting reports of his son hitting teachers, but when a behaviorist was called in to observe and tried to deliberately set up a situation that would set the boy off, nothing happened.

So dad stood up.

He didn't get violent. He didn't reach for a gun like some moron I could mention. He put a wire on the boy, and recorded 6.5 hours of audio footage. In it, the teacher and the aide bully the kid, talk about sex and booze, and (though I didn't hear this clip) colluded to fuck with an IEP meeting, which is, by the way, against federal law.

The aide was fired, the teacher was not. Now, I suspect that's because of union regs. It's actually pretty hard to fire a teacher (it's not at all hard to lay them off, most places). And to a certain extent, that's good, because the last thing we need is our notoriously teacher-averse culture firing teachers at the drop of a hat. But this woman needs to go. There's no debate about it, presuming what's on the tape is accurate.

But I'm not really thinking about that. I'm thinking about the dad, and what he as a single parent must be going through. I understand the need to protect your kids - hell, to protect kids in general. To send your kids to school at all is an act of trust, and these people violated his trust in a really heinous way. And for him to do what he did - to call them out, but to make clear it's about dignity, not money - speaks to someone who's on the right side.

I listened to the whole video. It's hard. Do it anyway.
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That is, our Kickstarter. This thing. GO PLEDGE.

(Please. But even if you can't, spread the word, huh?)


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