May. 12th, 2012

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Dave is a light-hearted comedy directed by Ivan Reitman and starring one of my favorite actors, Kevin Kline. Kline plays the president, a stern, evil Republican type named Bill Mitchel who reminds me a little of Bush the First, and also Dave, a nice, normal fella who runs a temp agency and looked just like the president. Dave is tapped to impersonate the president so that said president can go bang his secretary, but Mitchell has a massive stroke and Dave continues the charade at the request of the chief of staff (Frank Langella) and the communications officer (Kevin Dunn).

It's a nice enough plan (get rid of the VP, get Dave to nominate the Chief of Staff as the new one, then get rid of Dave), but it doesn't account for Dave actually being kinda good at the job. No, he's not a politician, but he's charismatic and he gets the country fired up. And then he figures out a way to save a homeless shelter funding bill (rather, the portion of a bill "he" just vetoed that was earmarked for homeless shelters), befriends the First Lady, and suddenly, holy shit, he's the president, because no one who knows can admit it without going to prison.

It's a fun movie. The premise is silly (there are some plot holes, not least is the fact that far too many people knew the truth for someone not to want to get rich telling the story), but we all kind of have this fantasy that being the president can't be that hard, right? If we got into that office, why, we'd just [whatever], and that would be simple, because [like a balloon, and something bad happens].

This kind of thinking is, of course, bullshit, and in fairness, when confronted with the budget Dave calls his friend the accountant (Charles Grodin). Dave has ideas about what to improve and is willing to push them, but the movie neatly dodges giving us any details. The fun part is watching Kline enjoy himself and Langella being an absolute jerk. And, of course, all the D.C. cameos we get.

I do think it's a little dated. I mean, the "scandal" that just about sinks Dave's "presidency" has to do with influencing Federal election laws. Meanwhile, Bush the Second stole the election in plain sight, and the Supreme Court backed him. We've made lost some ground since 1993?

My grade: B+
Rewatch Value: Medium-high

Next up: Dawn of the Dead


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