Jun. 17th, 2012

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Demolition Man is a late-90s action flick starring Sly Stallone and, in (TMK) his only role as a villain, Wesley Snipes. Co-starring Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt.

Stallone is John Spartan (c'mon, with a name like that you know he's a badass), a cop who's squaring off against Simon Phoenix (Snipes, and again, how badass!). Phoenix is a terrorist/mass murderer/all around bad guy, and Spartan tracks him to, like, some warehouse or something after he's taken a bunch of people hostage. They fight, the building blows up, and Phoenix and Spartan are both put in cryo-prison (frozen, naked and rather undignified, in big blocks of ice).

Fast forward to 2032. The world has become a polite, saccharine nightmare. The man who orchestrated it (Nigel Hawthorne) has only one thorn in his side - a resistance led by Edgar Friendly (Denis Leary, in an awesome supporting role). All they want is to live freely, even if that means swearing, eating meat, drinking coffee and maybe choosing for themselves what's good or bad for them. The rest of the world, though, has grown so "safe" that sex - even kissing! - is disallowed. Everything is automated and even swearing gives you a fine.

Bullock is Nina Huxley (see what they did, there?), a cop who is something of an action junkie and has made historical study of the 20th century. When Phoenix is resurrected, he is more than a match for anything this time has to throw at him - there hasn't even been a murder in something like 16 years, and he kills three people in his first few minutes of freedom. Huxley suggests thawing out John Spartan to catch Phoenix, and of course the city gets wrecked in the process. But more important, Spartan helps Friendly find the gumption to lead his people to the surface and demand their freedom (which Phoenix murders the benevolent overlord, who of course was the one who freed Phoenix in the first place; he creepily muses that with the fear Phoenix will cause, he'll have carte blanche to make his society exactly what he wants - an ant colony).

The movie is almost mindless 90s action, but then it's pretty darned self-aware. Huxley finds herself trying to figure out what archetype Spartan fits into. It would be easy to think that their nightmarish society stems from some kind political correctness run wild, but if you look at the motives of its architect, it's pretty clearly conservative (ain't the liberals who don't want you to swear, after all - see also this), and, based on what Huxley tells us, the result of rampant crime and the citywide destruction from a quake in 2010. The ending and the implied fall of society is a little too pat, but you can't have everything. And although Stallone is a little boring in the role (I think what a better actor could have done with this), Snipes looks like he's having a lot of fun.

Bullock and Bratt also really sell their joy-joy in listening to commercials...which is apparently now a thing, too. Holy hell. Maybe the quake is just late? I'm gonna go eat meat while I can.

My Grade: B+
Rewatch value: Medium high

Next up: Descent.
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I don't always meme, but when I do, I do it far the fuck away from Memebase.

Anyway, I find myself with a bit of time (not thyme) so maybe I should do some updates on the games I'm running.

Promethean: The Created - The 7th Angel. On hiatus at the moment. Michelle is running Game of Thrones until early July, so we'll pick Promethean back up...let's see...geez, not until 7/23. OK, got a while to worry about this, then. I know the throng is headed to Roswell, anyway, and I have some ideas, but I don't want to get them cooking yet because I'll burn the sugar. (What?)

Changeling: The Lost - Snowblind. OK, I've gotta get my head back in this one. Head: In. )

Spirit of the Century - Armies of Mars. They've rescued Justin and are now escaping the city. Oooh, exciting! )

Dresden Files RPG - Let it Ride. I find myself somewhat hampered by the fact that I haven't finished the Dresden novels, and because the World of Darkness is similar but different on enough fundamental points that I worry about making the world feel too much like WoD. That said, I personally think turning Bo into a horse was a stroke of brilliance on my part (based on the players' reactions, it had the desired effect). So now they're in the Nevernever, which means I need to read up on that shit. Reading up. )

Geist: The Sin-Eaters - Johnny's Banjo. Let's just go straight to cut for this one. )


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