Aug. 15th, 2012

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So, I'm at GenCon. I had really meant to do this game write-up Tuesday, and then I got really ill Monday night and spent most of Tuesday laminating sheets for the curse the darkness Kits and generally going "oog." I couldn't muster up enough brain to type.

We're in the JW Marriott, which is quite a nice hotel. Except they don't have free in-room wifi (seriously, guys? In 2012? Should be standard. Just fold it into room cost!), so I'm downstairs with Michelle as she works on her panels and I do this. Yay!

Next Monday I go back to work. Doing all of the work at the end of last school year and over the summer on gaming stuff has really, really made me miss being a game designer fulltime. I have enough ideas to do it, I have stuff in my head that I think would sell, but it doesn't pay nearly enough, especially when you factor in little things like health insurance. Maybe in a few years Michelle will get a tenure job and I'll take early retirement, open a private practice just to keep my hand in speech therapy, and do games full time.

Or maybe I'll go back to school next week and get really enthused about it again. Out of sight, out of brain, after all.

Anywhichway, Mars. )


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