Nov. 4th, 2012

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Marvel Zombies? Nah.

I'm running Marvel Heroic Roleplaying tomorrow, and I need to design an event. Making characters in this game is really pretty simple, but making milestones (the character progressions that lead to XP) is a little trickier. So I'm gonna make the Event and then go back and do milestones for the characters.

Oh, first the characters:

  • Pink: Jolisa Anderson was on a plane on her way back from a track meet for her university when the plane was struck by a weird bolt of energy from above. She discovered that she had enhanced strength, durability and leaping ability, but her metabolism kicked up like crazy; she has to eat a lot, or she crashes.
  • Duplex: Al Argyle created his own armor, sort of like Iron Man's, but it fires lasers and allows him to fly...but not a heck of lot else, yet. It's still under construction.
  • Inferno: Steven Maxwell Lewis III was a rich kid who, while walking home from school, erupted into a pillar of fire. He can fly and control and generate fire, but is still coping with the destructive aspects of his powers.
  • Spore: A seed pod from another world crashed to Earth, and grew into a humanoid being composed of spores. This being feels something most of its race doesn't - compassion. It wants to protect humanity from its race, the Phylum.
  • Arcanix: A robot created by two supergeniuses to be this world's Sorcerer Supreme. Arcanix is largely controlled by the mystic runes on its body, but it wants to be its own man.

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