Nov. 7th, 2012

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So, Monday we had our first session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it.

We only did one Action Scene, because I took some time at the beginning of the session to explain the rules and put everybody's datafiles in context for everyone. I was worried as we started that it was going to be a big cakewalk for the players; my doom pool started at 2d6, and while the big plant monster they were fighting (see below) had some d8s to throw around, I found myself thinking, "they're gonna stomp all over it in nothing flat."

Well, that's not really what happened. Kinda, but read on.

First of all, go back one post and meet the characters. All good? OK, then.

We're in St. Louis, and Inferno, in his everyday guise as Steven Lewis III, is in his family's office building listening to a presentation. Arcanix is in the top of the Gateway Arch, using his magic to blend in, watching over people. Pink is at the nearby baseball stadium watching the Cardinals play, Duplex is over the river at the Cahokia Mound searching for rumored alien technology, and Spore is with his handler in the park near the Arch soaking up sunshine.

Arcanix feels the Arch shake, and the lights flicker. The security staff start evacuation procedure and people panic; Arcanix magics himself into a security guard so he can stay behind and sees what looks like a huge tendril wrapped around the Arch.

Inferno sees this as well. As the people in his office crowd to the window to watch as a huge plant erupts from the ground and wraps around the Arch, he sneaks out of the building, dons his costume, and flies for the Arch to cheering civilians.

At the baseball game, the footage of the Arch pops up on the Jumbotron, and Pink sneaks off, jumps out of the stadium and changes clothes. Spore and Duplex, likewise, upon hearing the ruckus, head for the disruption.

Arcanix uses his magic to stabilize the Arch, while Inferno blasts the plant with fire. The plant grows tendrils and plucks people off the street, and flings one at Inferno. He tries to catch it, but misses, and watches in horror as the victim flies toward the ground. But Pink leaps, bounding off the sides of buildings, and catches the hapless dude! She lands and a cheer goes up, and she leaps back into the fray.

Duplex arrives and blasts the thing with his lasers, and Spore flies to the top and slides down, ripping out the tendrils with people. He lands at the bottom, and then grabs the base of the plant and rips it out. Inferno fire-blasts it again, and Duplex lasers it...but now it releases a huge cloud of spores. Arcanix teleports out of the Arch and conjures a net to grab the spores, and Pink grabs the end of the plant, runs up a building, and flips around the Arch, unraveling the vine ("Wheee!"). She lands, and the plant crashes dead to the ground. Arcanix flings the spores into the Mississippi, and the press crowds in on the heroes. They want to get a shot of Inferno, of course, but also Pink, since she kind of did some highly visible stuff. "What's your name?" they ask.

"I'm Pink!" she exclaims. End of issue one.

The doom pool now stands at 6d6, 1d8, 1d10. Inferno has a d6 of emotional stress. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.


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