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No, no one did an RPG based on this song. It's a post-apocalyptic game in which, overnight, a huge forest covers most of the world. Most people feel a pull called the Call, which drags them into the forest where they are (presumably) eaten by monsters. Some folks are immune, but it's because they're psychologically damaged enough to make it through the Sea of Leaves (which I think is a cool title). They're called drifters.

This looks like fun! Let's do a character.

The Game: Summerland
The Publisher: Fire Ruby Studios, but they don't seem to have a web page.
Degree of Familiarity: Just reading it now.
Books Required: Just the one.

The book recommends that the group figure out their themes and tone of the game - are we doing horror? Hope for humanity? Survivalist? I will, as usual, go with the example of play provided. In that, hope-horror-magic is the order of theme, while survivalist-action-investigation is the style of play. I can get behind that.

OK, so, Step One is Imagine your character. Basically, concept first. Keen. My character is in his 40s, balding, five-o-clock shadow at 10 in the morning, but going salt-and-pepper. Used to be pretty large, has become pretty lean in the aftermath of the world ending. Missing his ring and pinky fingers on his ring hand, and favors his right leg. Not sure why yet, some kind of accident.

I picture him in jeans, a vest jacket, and a silver teardrop necklace on a leather cord. His ears are both pierced, but he doesn't wear earrings anymore (since the Event, metal makes him itch). His name is George Swinton.

Let's move on to Qualities. I get 20 points to split between four of them, with 5 being average (bravo, guys). I figure Finesse will be lower for George; he's fit, but not really fast or dextrous due to his injuries. I'll put Finesse at 3, Mind at 7, Body at 4 and Empathy at 6.

Tags. Each Quality has descriptors attached. If you've been reading, you know I like these; Slasher Flick does something similar. I get two per Quality, and one of them has to be negative. So I'll put "lame" under Body, since George walks with a limp. I'll also put "tireless" there - he moves slow, but he can go forever.

Oh, wait, no, I get one Tag per Quality, except my highest (Mind) gets two. OK. I'll leave "tireless," because I want a negative Tag under Finesse. I'll put "lame" there - George is slow. Those are both descriptive tag. I'll put "good memory" and "horticulturist" under Mind - one's descriptive, the other is specialized skill. And finally, under Empathy I'll put "kind."

They each get a value equal to half the Quality, rounded down.

Trauma: Drifters are psychologically scarred, and obviously the accident was important to George. Maybe it wasn't an accident? I don't know, and actually I don't have to figure it out now - it comes out in play (again, I like this). I just note "the accident" for now. My Trauma and Stress both start at 5, and go down in play. The goal is to get to 0 Trauma.

Stuff: I get a couple of possessions that define George. This is in addition to clothes and camping gear, which I'm assumed to have. George has that teardrop necklace around his neck, which is special to him for some reason. He also has a pill bottle with five Vicodin in it. He doesn't take them, but he knows he could if his leg ever got really bad. I also decide that George was a carpenter/landscaper until the injury, and he left his community because he felt ashamed of his injuries and that he couldn't do his job anymore.

And that's it! That was easy. I may have to run this game, this looks cool.

Date: 2012-01-04 07:47 pm (UTC)
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I always thought Summerland sounded like a neat book, but I have to admit that I was never quite sure what the heck I'd do with it. It sounds like a Summerland game would run out of steam pretty quickly.


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