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I own three GURPS books (plus the Basic Set, 3rd Ed, which tells you how much use I have for GURPS). I've done characters for two of those books, and since I have some time this afternoon, I figure I may as well get the last one out of the way.

The Game: GURPS Cabal
The Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I play GURPS about once a year when [personal profile] docelboze playtests his Origins games, though we seem to have skipped it this year.
Books Required: The Cabal book and the GURPS book.

So, GURPS Cabal is a book by Ken Hite about a shadowy conspiracy of supernaturally inclined folks who are divided up into lodges, a la Masons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and any other such group you'd care to name. The book is really well done, pretty Eurocentric, but that's addressed and you get several options as to why that is. There's a lot of good stuff in the book, including a section on what kinds of characters would be fun to play. And the idea that jumped out at me was "Collector."

My character is wealthy, and started collected odd trinkets when he was young. He learned to detect magical stuff when he was a teenager; it gives him a buzz to hold it, though he has no other magical talent himself. He devoted his wealth to finding stuff that made him feel good to hold, and while he was on such a hunt, a Cabal member found him and nearly killed him to prevent him from grabbing a particular artifact. They made friends, though, and my guy joined the Cabal.

Good start. Now I get 100 points to build him. Oh, his name is Joost Visser, native of South Africa.

Attributes: Four Attributes, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Health. Average is 10 (and free) and just goes up. Let's see. I picture Joost as being in pretty good shape overall. Let's keep his Intelligence average, and up his physical stats:

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 10
Health 13

For a total of...95 points. Jesus. Well, let's roll Intelligence back to 9, that gives me 85 to spend. My basic Speed is (Health + Dexterity)/4, or 6 (round fractions off).

Physical Appearance. Joost is blond, blue eyes, in good health if a little on a slim side, and well groomed. I'll spend 5 points and make him Attractive.

Wealth and Status. I know I want Joost to be rich, so I take Very Wealthy. That sets me back 30 points, but my wealth is 20 times the average, which sounds about right. I've spent 120 points.

Reputation. I don't know that I need one, really, unless I want to take a reputation amongst the Cabal. I think I'll skip it; Joost isn't a political animal. If you know him, you know him, but he's not made a name for himself.

Advantages. Well, hell, I'm already 20 points in the hole. Fuckit. I'll take Intuition (15 points) and Magical Aptitude (15 points). I'll buy Cabal Membership for 5 points (Initiate).

Disadvantages. Hell, I need a bunch. I need 55 points just to bring me even and I haven't done Skills yet. I want Public True Name (Joost Visser isn't famous, but he's wealthy and that makes him easy to research). I'll take Skinny and get five points back for that. I'll take an Addiction to handling magical items. Those are legal, but Joost is totally addictive, and he has to spend time and money acquiring said items, so this addiction is worth 15. Going along with that, I'll give him a Compulsion - he has to follow leads about magical or weird items, even if they're flimsy or obviously a trap. Sounds like 10 points.

OK, I'm at 40 points back, so I need at least 15 more. Impulsiveness is 10, and that's fun to play. Overconfident is another 10. I need the points, so I'll take a 30-point enemy. Let's say Exodus 22 tried to recruit Joost to help them hunt down and destroy "cursed objects," but Joost refused. They figure he's not with them, he's against them (which he is) and the anti-magic group has a "kill on sight" order for Joost Visser.

That puts me to 35 points on the positive. Let's keep it under control, yeah?

Quirks. I like these. Joost's quirks, each worth a point:

  • Habit: pops his collar when he's about to do something risky.
  • Dislikes fried food, can't stand the smell
  • Proud of his country and won't suffer people talking smack about it
  • Always carries a bad with three random, jewel-sized enchanted things (no effect)
  • Dislikes sweets (they make his teeth hurt)

Skills. Here we go. I have 40 points. I figure Joost is in his 30s, so there's no problem spending the rest of my points on Skills. I'll buy the Detect Magic spell, since that's really the only one I want for Joost. I want him to be good at this, so I'll burn 12 points and buy it at 15.

I'll take Jumping at 14 (1 point), Swimming at 14 (1 point), Brawling at 14 (1 point), Language (English) at 9 (2 points), Climbing at 14 (2 points), Occultism at 11 (6 points), Gambling at 9 (2 points), Savoir-Faire at 12 (6 points), Sex Appeal at 13 (2 points), Holdout at 9 (2 points), Lockpicking at 9 (2 points) and Stealth at 13 (1 point).

And, of course, normally I'd buy equipment, but eh. Looks to me like Joost is about done and ready to collect more shit. It occurs to me that I didn't take anything to represent the magical value of his collection, and I think that's because he locks all of it away once he's gotten high off it. Somewhere that collection is just collecting dust, and that'd be a fun plot hook right there.


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