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Like anyone reads these anymore.

Anyway, I'd initially figured on three acts, with the second act involving an invasion from Phylum proper and the third one being the characters chasing the things back to Inquis. I think we're pretty well poised for the second act now, only I'm only figuring on two more sessions of this game. Hmm. So I guess we merge the second two acts.

But on the other hand, if I end Act I where we are, the doom pool resets back to 2d6. Hrm. I think I want one more Action Scene. But you can run investigation scenes as Action Scenes, and so that might not be a bad idea (we kinda started that last time with Pink and Arcanix).

So tomorrow, I think that we'll start out with the Action Scene being trying to figure out what's going on, letting the characters use their powers in a more cerebral sort of way, probably discovering the dimensional gate. At some point during all this, Spore gets a weird twinge and the gateway activates, and the Phylum-infected Inquis come pouring out.

The PII hordes are:

S4, B6, T8
Infected by the Phylum
Shreds of Scientific Curiosity

  • Body Armor d8
  • Energy weapons d6
  • Hive-Mind d8

Combat Expert d8

I really want to build up the doom pool in this fight until I can end the scene with 2d12, and then have the heroes lose control of the situation and the Inquis spread into the city. The gateway remains open; that's a good end for the Act. So the doom pool starts at 4d8, 1d10, 1d6. I need to jack it up to include 2d12 so I can end the scene when I wanna. Shouldn't be a problem, especially if I run a quick Action Scene as they investigate.
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