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Holy crap, I've been putting this off all week. Better do it before a full week elapses.

OK! So! Last time the characters had a little shoving match with the Federal agents, not really a fight. This week, having set up their super-lair, they split up to go searching for clues as to what was happening.

Inferno flew off by himself, while Duplex and Spore went searching for evidence of the Phylum. Duplex configured a scanner to find the spores, but was thrown off by Spore being in close proximity. He did, however, get an energy reading that was similar to the Phylum, so they followed that.

Meanwhile, Pink (in her secret identity as Jolisa Anderson) took Arcanix to Washington University to get clothes. They tried to get him to look normal, but wound up highlighting his awkward even more.

Inferno, meantime, flew to the arch - there was a crowd of people gathering and looking up. They showed him camera footage of a bird flying under it and vanishing, and he contacted the others to come have a look.

(I ran all this as an action scene, because I wanted to build up the doom pool to include 2d12. Having done that, we changed scenes - everyone assembled at the arch.)

At that point, Pink started to glow with a bright white light, much like when she was on the plane that got hit by the bolt from above. The light arched out from her and struck the space in the arch, which then opened into a portal. Arcanix pointed to Pink and declared she was the chosen one, from the prophecy (it's one of his Milestones). And then the aliens came.

They were humanoid, blue-ish, and carrying laser weapons and wearing body armor. They emerged from the portal and started shooting. Pink clotheslined a few, Spore used his spore-blast to infect some, and he realized that these folks were all infected by the Phylum.

Arcanix swooped down and grabbed Pink, and pulled her out of the fight. He figured her presence might have been keeping the portal open, which is somewhat logical, but he didn't say that. Pink struggled, and fell...into the Mississippi. She took a bunch of stress from the fall and became stressed out (one of her milestones, in fact). Inferno threw a bunch of fire at the aliens, setting stuff ablaze, and adding "Terrorized d6" as an a scene distinction for them.

They fired lasers, but Spore just absorbed it (Invulnerability SFX), and Duplex caught it with his Absorption SFX and threw it right back at the aliens. They kept fighting - taking the aliens out, putting up scene distinctions, but with folks rolling 1s and using d4s, I had enough dice in the doom pool to beat them on a lot of rolls. Everyone wound up taking some stress, the aliens streamed into the city, and the fires started to spread. Duplex wound up becoming stressed out in Mental stress, and Arcanix and Inferno took a bunch of stress in physical. But they managed to stem the tide of the aliens, fighting them to roughly a draw.

At that point, I spent the 2d12 from the doom pool, gave everyone 2XP, and said that the fires were going out but the aliens were holding fast and the portal was open. The characters fell back, Arcanix had rescued Pink from the water, and they decided to go and find the government agency that Spore had worked for so they could look into the captured/recovered aliens bodies.

The second act starts next week!


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