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Finding Nemo is, of course, the Pixar movie about the little clown fish who goes out in the big ocean to find his son. Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres, and a lot of other awesome folks do voices.

Marlin (Brooks) and his wife Coral (Elizabeth Perkins) have their very own anemone by the dropoff, and have 400 eggs that they're eagerly waiting on hatching. But then a big ol' fish rocks up, kills Coral and all but one of the eggs, and leaves Marlin the single dad of a little fish called Nemo (Alexander Gould). A few years later, Nemo is ready to go to school, but Marlin is terrified and overprotective, which leads to Nemo getting taken by divers. Marlin, panicking, runs into a blue tang named Dory (Degeneres), and they go on a crazy adventure to find him.

This is complicated because Nemo has been added to a saltwater tank in a dentist's office. The tank includes a group of fish that readily take him in, but their leader, Gil (Willem Dafoe) has ongoing plans to escape.

Like most Pixar movies, the script is amazing (it got a Best Screenplay nomination, in fact). The way in which the ocean comes together to spread the word about Marlin searching for Nemo. I also like that there's not really any sugarcoating that animals eat each other, but it's understood to be nothing personal ("Sorry if I ever took a snap at you," says Nigel (Geoffrey Rush) the pelican). Marlin's character are is really well done, doesn't feel forced, and he starts off not only scared but actually kind of a jerk, but winds up learning to enjoy himself and displaying not only courage, but faith in his son and other people fish.

The emotional moments in the movie are genuine (the bit after Marlin thinks Nemo is dead where he tells Dory that all he wants to do is go home and forget, even though that essentially consigns Dory to losing the only home she has - with Marlin, she forgets where she is and why - tears me up every time), the laughs remain funny even though I've seen it a bunch of times, and, by the way, the amount of detail that went into making the fish swim correctly was insane. This is one of Pixar's best.

My grade: A
Rewatch value: High

Next up: Finding Neverland


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