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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:Middleburg Heights, Ohio, United States of America
Well, hi there. I'm Matt.

I am:

  • A dad. I have two beautiful children, Teagan and Cael. They are the lights of my life and absolutely the most important things in the world to me.
  • An SLP. I'm a speech-language pathologist working for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. That means I see some things that make my heart heavy, but I also get to help kids learn to communicate, which is incredibly satisfying.
  • An atheist. But all that tells you is what I don't believe. I don't believe in god, and I have a lot of contempt for organized religion. I know that individual members of destructive religions (which is most of them) are generally OK people, for the most part, but I waver day-to-day on what exactly that means.
  • A humanist. This is what I do believe. I believe people have inherent worth and dignity. I believe that everyone, no matter how vile their actions, has a perspective worth knowing (even if the conclusion reached from that perspective is that they no longer need to share the world with the rest of us).
  • A geek. I love movies, table-top roleplaying games, video games (I tend toward stealth games, though I love Left 4 Dead, too), words, board games, and superheroes. Truly, though, everyone geeks about something.
  • A gamer. I used to be a developer for White Wolf Game Studio, and then I was a freelancer. I've also worked for Eden Studios, Mind Storm Labs and Green Ronin. Hire me if you want.
  • A writer. Fiction and game-stuff, mostly. Just at present I'm working on the pre-writing for an RPG called curse the darkness. Want to read it, try here.
  • A work in progress.
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