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Monday night was the end of the second story in my Promethean chronicle, The 7th Angel. Let's get to it?

Last time, the characters had decided to watch the serial adventures of Brick Bradford, and then let Trent McKean, the local sheriff, take them to the military base. I found the first episode of Brick Bradford on Youtube (here), so we watched a bit, just to show the players what we were looking at. They were surprised to learn that I hadn't just made the whole thing up.

So they watched it, and then left weapons (and Fluffy) behind and got in Trent's truck. They got there, and the characters felt Azoth call to Azoth - another Promethean was near.

They drove to a garage-looking building, and soldiers in black hazmats and gas masks came out with guns. They ordered Trent out, and then the characters. Everything was going more or less OK until the characters realized they were going to be cuffed. And Feather refused.

Grimm was already cuffed at this point, but when the soldier stepped forward to cuff Feather, she turned on Might and fought back. That was enough to convince the others to follow her lead (which earned her a milestone: Make a Decision that the Throng Follows). They fought, and the soldiers, well-trained, called "Code Bradford", and fell back to cover the characters with their weapons. They eventually calmed things down and herded the characters willing to be cuffed over to the side, but Enoch, after being ordered around without being told why, refused to cooperate and stood with Feather. One of the soldiers tossed a flashbang, and it stunned them both long enough for the soldiers to cuff them.

Feather, thinking quickly, activated Autonomic Control and played dead. The others were taken down in an elevator (Avalon chattering the whole way) and locked in individual cells. Feather, supposedly dead, was taken to a medical bay.

Two doctors there discussed whether to dissect her or burn her. They jokingly talked about using a de-fib unit on her, but their tone made it clear they knew that it would heal her. One of them leaned over to cut off her clothes, but moved her head and said to his colleague, "Hey, come here and look at this."

She opened her eyes and used Fixed Stare. She then grabbed him and took them both hostage, knocking them out with the de-fib (and healing herself). Now free, she noted that the boy - the one they'd seen around town - was here, hooked up to machinery. He was in a vegetative state, and the machinery was breathing for him.

Feather crept out, and found a staircase going up and an elevator. The elevator went down, but it required a key card. Feather went up, and saw guards - she needed a diversion.

In the cells, the unseen controllers used intercoms to talk with Avalon and Enoch. They asked Avalon to identify the others; she refused. Instead she started drawing, just to screw with them.

Enoch, meanwhile, found the slot in the wall that probably allowed them to put food into the room, and used Procrustean Shape to slither into the walls. Skip, meanwhile, activated Might and started punching his way through the door, while Grimm did the same and punched a hole in the ceiling.

Matt, meantime, was drawing angelic script on the walls. The angel - the boy - appeared to him, and he told it that he would do as it asked, if it would give him a mission. It told him to find Trent and draw a symbol on his hand, and then walked through the door.

At this point, Skip succeeded in punching through the door. The alarms went off, and Feather used this as her distraction. She pulled a key card off one of the doctors and went downstairs. Enoch, slipping through the vents, was headed that way, too.

In the hallway with the cells, Skip, now free, engaged the soldiers. One of the soldiers, dazed, opened Matt's cell, and another opened Avalon's. She used Suggestion on him and got an exceptional success, and told him to open all the cells. He did, and now Trent was free as well.

Grim dropped down through the ceiling and disarmed a soldier, took away his machine gun, and shot him (fulfilling the milestone of Fire an Automatic Weapon). Matt, seeing Trent, grabbed his hand and drew the symbol.

At this point, the angel reappeared, six wings folding out of its back. Its head split in two, and the two heads because dog heads, and it stood there, a Seraph, the Living Creature. It told the characters to bring Trent to the prisoner, and Trent's hand flared up in flame. The guards stood dumbstruck, and Skip rounded up their guns and tossed them in a cell, and the characters headed downstairs to the medical wing.

Meanwhile, downstairs, two guards pointed guns at Feather...but didn't see Enoch slip up next to them until his glove was already off and his hand on the guard's neck (milestone: Ambush an enemy). They found a Promethean there, strapped to the wall with metal bars. They freed him, and he picked himself up. He told them his name was Brick Bradford, and that the soldiers had given him that 1947. They took him back to the elevator and headed up.

In the medical bay, the characters had paused to enjoy the de-fib, and found the comatose boy. And then the argument started. Opinions differed on what to do with him. Grimm, since he had some medical knowledge, realized the boy was done for, and recommended leaving him. Skip recommended disconnecting him, but Avalon was adamant that they return for him. The others knew this was impractical, but the argument strayed from that and focused on Grimm vs. Avalon and how they communicated. About then, Enoch and Feather appeared with Brick, and Trent realized that he now possessed the power to take one person away from here. Based on what the angel said, it was probably meant to be Brick.

The characters told him that's what he should do, so they shook hands, and vanished in a flash of light. Feather told the others to go, and she'd catch up (Matt stayed behind to help her with equipment). She pumped the kid full of enough morphine to kill him (and made another milestone: Kill a human being). She caught up with the others, and they left through the chaos, took the truck back to town, got their stuff, got their van, and headed out.

They stopped for gas somewhere out of town, and the attendant, a familiar light in his eye, asked Feather: "What are the angels?" She responded, "They're what we have to do. Our missions."
He appeared to accept this, smiled, and the light faded.

The throng headed away from Corona, and toward Truth or Consequences. But that's the next story, and we're taking a break to play a supers game for a while.
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Well, they weren't actually falling, but it's fall.

Shut up. What you want from me.

Dinner first!

Chicken breasts, green chiles, pumpkin butter, pasta, rainbow carrots.

Easy enough. Spiced the chicken with cumin and salt, sauteed, finished in over. Fried the chiles in a little olive oil with some allspice, then chopped them up, tossed them with the feta and used that to top the pasta. Rainbow carrots I candied with milk, butter and the pumpkin butter. All very tasty.

Da game. )
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Tonight was Promethean. As it's still fairly early, I figure I'll do the write-up before bed.

Round steak, Asiago cheese, blue potatoes, kale, sweet peppers.

Easy enough. I sliced the taters thin, roasted them with some olive oil, and then topped it with the cheese (grated). Sauteed the round steak with the thyme and salt and Worchestire sauce, topped with more cheese. Steamed the kale. Sliced up the peppers, sauteed them in a pan with some sriacha and salt, used to top the steaks. All very tasty.

Now the game! )
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The "duh" bee isn't there because I'm really thinking "duh," just because it's a bee.

OK! I got one of the scenarios for curse the darkness backers done, two more to go, but only one I can actually write right now because I'm waiting on some info from the other one.

I need to get ghost rules for curse the darkness done by Con on the Cob, because I want to use them there.

I need to get these short stories done for the God-Machine Chronicles fiction anthology. Michelle's editing, really I just need to tweak a few last things and decide on an order.

Speaking of anthologies, supposedly the deadline for the curse the darkness anthology is tomorrow. I've only received, like, four stories. I'm expecting a couple more, but I don't know if I'll wind up with enough. I'll have to figure out what to do about that - maybe I'll flip the order of release (and do the Companion first) or maybe I'll just buy the stories (if they're, y'know, good) and put them on the site for now.

And I really want to make a fucking character today. I'd like to commit to one a week, so I'm getting 50 or so done a year. I have time before the Changeling game, I think.

Oh, and Michelle and I are putting together the Kickstarter for our second game, A Tragedy in Five Acts. More on that soon.

For now, let's do the write-up from yesterday's Dresden game and then notes for Changeling and Promethean, and them maybe make a character!

Dresden! )

OK, so now I need some notes for Snowblind. )

And finally, Promethean. )


Aug. 7th, 2012 08:18 am
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This is story that Cael told Heather and Teagan the other day, as transcribed by Heather:

Reggie Elephant has a regular gun. And he also has an egg gun. And for example he has a rocket gun that blasts him off in space. And also he has an airplane gun. It also transforms him into a stinky elephant which turns him into gas. Reggie Elephant is listening to his whole story because he has his listening wheels on. Reggie Elephant says he is going to turn into an egg which means he has to take off his listening wheels and put on his big wheels and electrocute himself. He can also have no wheels! He has a collection of guns. He is getting built by Cael. Also his trunk is being built by me, Cael. If he shoots three times he can destroy any shield, even a mama shield. I am putting on his protecting wheels so he can put up his own shield. Now he put on his shrinking wheels to shrink. He can shoot fire balls. Reggie Elephant is awesome! The End.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Cael is very into shooting and various kinds of guns and superpowers and so on. If we could just get him to stop randomly using his powers on people at the market, we'd be in business.

Anyway, last night was Promethean. Yep. )
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Well, here we at back at Promethean after a brief digression into Song of Ice & Fire that wound up going about a month longer than we'd originally intended. S'all good, though. Game was fun, and it's not like any of my Promethean players are going anywhere.

So at the end of the last session of Promethean, the characters had left Tucson. Grimm had answered the question ("What are the angels?") with "our weakness." The throng decided to hang together, but mostly because they didn't want to be alone again. There's still a lot of tension.

The decision was to head east, and to stop in Roswell, New Mexico. And, here we cut. )
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I don't always meme, but when I do, I do it far the fuck away from Memebase.

Anyway, I find myself with a bit of time (not thyme) so maybe I should do some updates on the games I'm running.

Promethean: The Created - The 7th Angel. On hiatus at the moment. Michelle is running Game of Thrones until early July, so we'll pick Promethean back up...let's see...geez, not until 7/23. OK, got a while to worry about this, then. I know the throng is headed to Roswell, anyway, and I have some ideas, but I don't want to get them cooking yet because I'll burn the sugar. (What?)

Changeling: The Lost - Snowblind. OK, I've gotta get my head back in this one. Head: In. )

Spirit of the Century - Armies of Mars. They've rescued Justin and are now escaping the city. Oooh, exciting! )

Dresden Files RPG - Let it Ride. I find myself somewhat hampered by the fact that I haven't finished the Dresden novels, and because the World of Darkness is similar but different on enough fundamental points that I worry about making the world feel too much like WoD. That said, I personally think turning Bo into a horse was a stroke of brilliance on my part (based on the players' reactions, it had the desired effect). So now they're in the Nevernever, which means I need to read up on that shit. Reading up. )

Geist: The Sin-Eaters - Johnny's Banjo. Let's just go straight to cut for this one. )
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I am, generally speaking, a big fan of player agency in RPGs (by which, just for clarification, I mean real RPGs that you play around a table or [sigh] standing up wearing costumes, not the kind that require screens). I like it when players decide what their characters do, and if that fucks the plotline I've cooked up, that's cool with me. The plotline is mutable, but I want folks to have fun and, more to the point, feel like their character decisions matter.

That said, I have determined that fucking with group integrity is a slightly bigger deal. My Promethean game is off to a somewhat rocky start in that regard, not because people aren't having fun (because unless I'm misreading my group, they're really digging their characters and based on in-character discussion, they're also digging into the moral questions and issues I'm putting forward), but there are some pretty serious clashes of morality and regard for human life, here.

Basically, two of the characters are perfectly willing to kill people. One is hesitant, but ultimately is willing to let "kill the fuckers" be an option. One is not thrilled by the idea of killing, but it's really more about not being forced into killing. And the other two just aren't keen on the idea of taking human life. Which is all fine, I like these kinds of conflicts. The issue is that the characters need to be able to hang out together and go traveling, and for that to happen there needs to be some established trust.

My mistake, I think, we not making the group an established throng before introducing a plot that required a bunch of people to die. I was going for a surreal kind of "what happens in the dust storm doesn't really count" thing, but we didn't quite get there. And unfortunately, NWoD is a traditional RPG where you roll to hit your opponent this time and see how much damage you do, rather than a game where we set stakes and "winning" means "you keep narrative control."

It worked out, but at one point I told a player, "get your character back to the house. You figure out why." I normally don't do that shit, but it was late, I was tired, and more to the point, I've been gaming with said player for enough years that I trusted him with that. It wasn't so much that I was trying to dictate what his characters should do, it was more "I need help keeping this story on track, and I know you're good for it, so help me wrap this up." Like I said, I think it worked, and I think the throng has a tense, but workable, dynamic. They all have milestones relating to the throng as a whole, but in the last story, only one of those milestones was realized - Feather's to "leave the throng to help a person." That says something, I think.

Next story is going to be very different in tone. I won't say lighter, because y'know, NWoD isn't a light game, but more supernatural and less involving killing people. That said, I do want to examine the conflicts that the Created really deal with - Wasteland and Disquiet - because this story happened so fast that we kinda glossed over that part.

But anyway, I think that telling a player what the character does and having the player decide the character's thought process is an interesting thought exercise for the player, but it's not one I'd want to use much. And definitely a matter of trust between GM and player.
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So, what's new?

Well! Michelle has finished her MA. Now begins the long slow to getting herself a PhD (though you could argue that actually started when she started Case). But mostly I think she's just thrilled to be done with classwork for a short while.

The Kickstarter continues to kick ass. We've got the rest of the artwork back, and it's amazing (a new piece should be going in an update on the Kickstarter sometime soon, I hope). We've still got a few weeks, so I figure we should be able to hit $10K and do the curse the darkness companion, but honestly even if we ended today, we've done pretty damned well for ourselves.

In unrelated news, I had a job interview last week for my local school district. I really hope I get the position, and it's causing me a little bit of angst. I love my job. I love my kids. This district is driving me crazy. My caseload is too big, the bureaucracy is too stupid, and Ohio doesn't give a shit about poor people so they don't give a shit about the people who teach poor people's kids (that'd be me). I can afford to keep making what I make, for a little while. I cannot afford a pay cut, and that's what the district wants. I can't do it. I need to get somewhere that I'm not expected to make less every year, and it's bothering me, because I feel like I'm quitting on my kids. But it's an untenable situation, and I have my family to consider.


Anyway, something else. Umm. Oh, right, poo. See, here's the thing. I run this Clay-o-Rama game every year (most years) at Origins and/or GenCon. Clay-o-Rama is awesome; you make a monster out of Play-Doh and the monsters fight. I occasionally get a guy playing at Origins who wants to make a big piece of poo for his monster. And he's, like 40+. And there are kids playing. He should know better, but he apparently doesn't.

I'm not willing to just sign his ticket and tell him to piss off. I could, apparently, under Origins rules, since a GM can kick anyone out of a game for any reason (which I fully support). But I work with people who are emotionally stunted or behaviorally challenged, and the other thing is, I've never talked to him about it (last time because it just caught me off guard). This year, I'll make the rules clear up front - no scatological humor. And if he can't handle that, I'll excuse him (and anyone else that can't play by the rules), but I can't just jump directly to "go away."

Shit, when did I become patient?

Anyway, Promethean. )
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Maybe not in that order.

Oh, and someone wanna pledge $599 and put us up to $6K so I can get working on the ghosts expansion? C'mon, you've all got money to burn, right?

(More seriously, if you could put the link to the Kickstarter somewhere conspicuous, I'd love you forever.)

So, dinner last night!

Chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, jarlsburg, tomato crackers.

Made a hash from the potatoes, including some salt, garlic salt, pepper, crumbled up crackers.

Pounded the breasts flat, rolled them up with some of the cheese and ground crackers, baked 'em. Yum.

Sauteed the carrots with salt and honey.

Very simple, very tasty.

Anyway, Promethean. )

OK, well, how about we do the Snowblind write-up while I'm thinking about it?

That's Changeling, remember. )

And then last night, Promethean. )
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First, dinner:

Beets, chicken tenders, honey roasted soy nuts, pierogies, blueberry fayre cheese.

Ah, now that's a Chopped basket. What would you do? )

Sometimes, the characters that should be bad-ass in combat just aren't. Dice don't like ya. Y'know how it is. Why, yes, I did run Promethean last night. )
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Last night was the first session of my Promethean chronicle, The 7th Angel. Let's watch, shall we? )

And, points. )
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I've been lax on counting points of late. I haven't been eating horribly, though I certainly haven't been as strict as I should be. I'll be strict tomorrow and try to eat to my minimum this week so that next weekend when I got to MarCon I can disregard points and not feel bad about it.

Today I clean! And take Promethean notes. Hence, cut. )
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Wow. Behind on keeping track of points, lately. OK, let's do that. Points. )

OK, now I would like to do some notes for my Promethean game. This may involve buying some songs whilst I'm at it. Let me make a pot of coffee and I'll 'splain. Right, back now.

See, I told the players each to choose a song for their characters with the word "angel" in the title or the lyrics. Let the song inspire the character or make the character and then choose a song to fit, I don't care which. Here's what people came up with:

  • Grimm, Frankenstein/Cuprum. Made from spare parts out near Mexico, took two guns from a guy that tried to kill him and became a gunslinger. Doesn't have any memory of his creator. Song: "Angels Love Bad Men", by The Highwaymen.
  • Feather, Tammuz/Aurum. Created to be a protector for a child, she wandered through (or out of) New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and never found her young charge again. Still very protective. Song: "Just One Angel", by Electric Bonsai Band (can't link it, can't find it).
  • Skip, Ulgan/Ferrum. Created by a crazy religious-fanatical demiurge in a a reenactment of the whole "sacrifice to God but God sends an angel to stop it". No one stopped it; instead we got Skip. Song: "Broken Angel," Stryped Assed Ape. (Can't link it because it's the player's uncle's song, and it's not anywhere online I can find.)
  • Enoch Valentin Head, Osiran/Cuprum. Enoch has been around for a while as a Promethean, and has amassed a great deal of alchemical knowledge. He even spent some time as a Centimani, and absorbed a tree frog (with the result that he has poison skin). Song: "Dark Angel", by Blue Rodeo.
  • Avalon, Unflesh/Aurum. Avalon was created in Switzerland to be a companion and lover to her lonely creator. But she didn't have that nameless something that her would-be companion wanted, and she turned Avalon out. Avalon is trying to make herself be what Ysolte wanted her to be. Song: "Angel", by Dave Matthews Band.
  • Matt, Extempore/Tin. Matt was created by Lurch way back here. He left town with a couple of other characters, but has since split and is following his own path (until now, when he gets hooked up with these guys). Song: Don't know yet. His player is still working on it.

I'm thinking the game will start off in the southwest, Tuscon (since a. I've been there and b. I set a one-shot there). Promethean chronicles feel like they should be mobile, and besides which, I've got an idea. The idea is under the cut, so if you're a player, this is where you stop reading. I mean it. Don't click. )


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