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Monday was Marvel. Notice how I'm only, what, three days later doing this write-up, rather than seven.


Anyway. )
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OK, so! I finished God-Machine Chronicle yesterday. Now Michelle just needs to get the last edits done and it's officially out of my hair for a while. What else is going on?

Well, lots of things. I gotta say, I lament the death of LJ. I really miss being able to post something and get a lot of responses and comments. I can do it on Facebook now, of course, but that's not the same. It's too public, too open, and I can't control the discussion enough (which for certain topics is necessary). But at the same time, it's too impermanent. Once something's off your timeline, you'll probably never see it.

I think sometimes about porting this over to or something, but I dunno. I like the interface here. Ah, well. It is what it is.

Stuff I gotta do:

  • Get edits back to Road to Hell on Earth authors: this week.
  • Get Demon outlined and to authors: As soon as I get the bible.
  • Get my bit of Tragedy done and to Michelle: this week.
  • Do write-up from the game last freaking Monday: momentarily.
  • Notes for tomorrow's game: today.
  • Make a character: today.

Let's get started! The Key, Part III. )
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Holy crap, I've been putting this off all week. Better do it before a full week elapses.

OK! So! Last time the characters had a little shoving match with the Federal agents, not really a fight. This week, having set up their super-lair, they split up to go searching for clues as to what was happening.

Inferno flew off by himself, while Duplex and Spore went searching for evidence of the Phylum. Duplex configured a scanner to find the spores, but was thrown off by Spore being in close proximity. He did, however, get an energy reading that was similar to the Phylum, so they followed that.

Meanwhile, Pink (in her secret identity as Jolisa Anderson) took Arcanix to Washington University to get clothes. They tried to get him to look normal, but wound up highlighting his awkward even more.

Inferno, meantime, flew to the arch - there was a crowd of people gathering and looking up. They showed him camera footage of a bird flying under it and vanishing, and he contacted the others to come have a look.

(I ran all this as an action scene, because I wanted to build up the doom pool to include 2d12. Having done that, we changed scenes - everyone assembled at the arch.)

At that point, Pink started to glow with a bright white light, much like when she was on the plane that got hit by the bolt from above. The light arched out from her and struck the space in the arch, which then opened into a portal. Arcanix pointed to Pink and declared she was the chosen one, from the prophecy (it's one of his Milestones). And then the aliens came.

They were humanoid, blue-ish, and carrying laser weapons and wearing body armor. They emerged from the portal and started shooting. Pink clotheslined a few, Spore used his spore-blast to infect some, and he realized that these folks were all infected by the Phylum.

Arcanix swooped down and grabbed Pink, and pulled her out of the fight. He figured her presence might have been keeping the portal open, which is somewhat logical, but he didn't say that. Pink struggled, and fell...into the Mississippi. She took a bunch of stress from the fall and became stressed out (one of her milestones, in fact). Inferno threw a bunch of fire at the aliens, setting stuff ablaze, and adding "Terrorized d6" as an a scene distinction for them.

They fired lasers, but Spore just absorbed it (Invulnerability SFX), and Duplex caught it with his Absorption SFX and threw it right back at the aliens. They kept fighting - taking the aliens out, putting up scene distinctions, but with folks rolling 1s and using d4s, I had enough dice in the doom pool to beat them on a lot of rolls. Everyone wound up taking some stress, the aliens streamed into the city, and the fires started to spread. Duplex wound up becoming stressed out in Mental stress, and Arcanix and Inferno took a bunch of stress in physical. But they managed to stem the tide of the aliens, fighting them to roughly a draw.

At that point, I spent the 2d12 from the doom pool, gave everyone 2XP, and said that the fires were going out but the aliens were holding fast and the portal was open. The characters fell back, Arcanix had rescued Pink from the water, and they decided to go and find the government agency that Spore had worked for so they could look into the captured/recovered aliens bodies.

The second act starts next week!
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It's been a while, after all, since we've played Spirit of the Century.

Well, last time, the apes were under attack! Gar and Elitza were heading back on the speeder while Raenna, Justin and Xax were in the monastery with Garus and the rest of the apes. Mar'ik, Praeceptor of the Fifth District, led squads of ground troops and a squad of flyers, as well as a boat with a big fuck-off ion cannon, to attack the White Ape Monastery.

Raenna and Justin tried to call up the spirits of the Green Martians to possess the reds, but it didn't work out and they abandoned that idea. Elitza and Gar zipped under the fliers, staying stealthy, but I compelled Gar's Vengeance!! Aspect and he shot at them. They turned on the skimmer and fired at it, and Elitza bailed out and scaled the wall of the monastery.

Garus and the apes lobbed rocks at the fliers, and then, with Raenna leading, jumped down off the walls to engage the ground troops. Justin jumped onto the boat and took out the crew there, and fired the ion cannon at the ground troops, vaporizing a bunch.

Elitza (after a compel for Didn't Think This Through - everyone should have an Aspect like that) jumped onto a flier, tossed the pilot off, then jumped to another. The ground troops were losing and although the other fliers had done some stress to Gar, his Integer Pistol was holding them off. Mar'ik called a retreat and the fliers sped off, leaving the surviving troops as prisoners.

The characters discussed their next move. It was pretty obvious that the Master of Chains had sold them out, but maybe that was good - if they could funnel him misinformation and it would end up with the Empire? The device would create water, but also a devastating explosion, so they needed to get it to the Sea of Tranquility. Maybe they could lure the Xenon armies there, too, and use their beacon to get all of their other allies away?

Justin asked Garus is he, as a tactician, had any suggestions, and Garus was just worried because using the Master of Chains this way was risky. But if Elitza went to him and offered to join him, and if they could intercept Mar'ik before he got back and made a report...

So it was settled. Xax quickly used the capture fliers and the ion cannon to soup them up. Justin and Gar would go after Mar'ik and his squad and take them out before they reached Xenon. Elitza would go on ahead to Xenon and "join" with the Master of Chains. And Raenna and Xax would transport the device to the Sea of Tranquility. Raenna, for her part, wants to learn, there, why she's the Mother of Dragons.
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I keep thinking of "The Cold Black Key" off the Where's Neil When You Need Him? album. I used that on my soundtrack for my Werewolf game, though.

Anyway, running a little behind on this, yeah? Well, in fairness, my dishwasher's been busted this week, so naturally I've been slow doing game write-ups.


Continuing our playtest. )

System Notes: Conditions. I think they work OK, Michelle suggests that the system might need to be a little more homogeneous (like, that you choose an effect from a list, maybe?). I worry that'll make them feel more like Aspects than they already do. We didn't get to do combat; I had hoped that Mallory would catch the dude and in retrospect, I should have had him trip or something. Next time.
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So, yesterday I ran Dresden for the first time in two months. Wanna see? )
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Last Monday, our heroes reconvened.

We begin with a Transition Scene; the heroes getting interrogated by the press. Inferno holds up pretty well (but then, he's used to it, being a hometown hero and all). Duplex gets flustered and flies off, and Arcanix shies away from the cameras, eventually leaving his name in a flashy magic lights as he vanishes. Pink answers some of their questions, but then leaps away to try and rejoin her family at the ball park. This leaves Spore, stuck answering questions. He refers to himself in first person plural (since he thinks of himself as "we"), and tells the reporters that he works for the government and has a handler. Eventually he flies to the top of the arch to muse on the nature of the vine.

Duplex goes back to his lab, Inferno goes back to the office, Arcanix follows Pink to her car and waits. There, he tells her that he isn't sure where to go - he doesn't have a home, and his creators didn't program him with all of the knowledge he'd need. Pink rummages around in her car and finds him a track suit, and they start heading out, Pink mentioning that she needs to eat.

On the arch, Spore realizes that the vine is Phylum, like him, but a different stage - being cut off from the hive-mind, he doesn't know much about what the Phylum actually does. About then, a helicopter shows up and demands he get in. His handler, Carlson, tells him that the brass are concerned that he's been infecting people with those spores, and that he might be a danger, connected to the vine. Carlson pulls out a device that supposedly can stun or drain Spore, but Spore resists, escaping the copter and flying toward the ball park.

Meanwhile, Arcanix and Pink have left, going by the men in black suits checking IDs (Arcanix doesn't have one, but Pink masterfully talks her way by). And they see Spore flying in, followed by a helicopter, shooting energy beams at him. The men on the ground likewise draw guns.

Inferno, watching out the window, sees this, dismisses his employees for the day and sneaks out to the join the fray. Duplex, in his lab, hears as well, and dons his armor again. The battle is joined, with the government dudes trying to subdue Spore.

Pink pulls the car out and miraculously finds a parking space (she also puts the aspect Utter Confusion on the scene). Duplex jumps in and socks a g-man, but doesn't do any real damage (and in fact takes emotional stress from suddenly being under a lot of official notice). Inferno, however, shows up and throws a bunch of fire-walls around, telling everyone to cool it. That emotional stress on the g-men, plus some from Spore being all intimidating, ends the scene.

They meet Carlson and the others on the roof (Duplex walks, as his armor has overloaded; he activates his Limit). Apparently hospitals in the area are admitting people with spores in their systems. They aren't doing anything but wandering around, dazed, but this is apparently backlash from the attack. Also, they're picking up weird energy readings coming from Pink.

The heroes promise to figure this out, and Inferno reveals his true identity to Pink. He also buys them a building for use as a base, and they meet there. Arcanix starts telekinetically cleaning the place up, and they start forming a plan.

Meanwhile, across town, a bird flies under the arch...and vanishes in a blue-black flash of light.
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Monday night I ran a World of Darkness game using the rules revisions from the upcoming God-Machine Chronicle. So here's what we've got.

The characters are all law enforcement...but from different cities:

  • Ashton King, behavior psychology and profiler from Detroit.
  • Khandi Cochrane, medical examiner and forensic expert from Tulsa.
  • Ryan Mallory, fresh recruit and crack shot from Columbus.
  • Walt Lundy, FBI agent and the team's handler from Washington DC.

Here's what happened: Three nights ago, three murders took place (Tulsa, Columbus, Detroit). Each murder happened at the same time, in exactly the same locked or closed rooms, with no witnesses. The prevailing belief is that this has to be a group pulling some kind of trick, but the powers that be, after a lot of media exposure and talk about the "Phantom Killer" or the "Tri-State Ghost", put together a task force, one officer from each city, and put a plane at their disposal. This is mostly show for the media, and the departments have their own investigations ongoing as well.

So the characters meet up, introduce themselves (in Tulsa, which is where Cochrane's lab is, of course) and start going over data. The three victims were Rosa Kerby (Tulsa; female, 43 years old, husband was home at the time); Craig Lowder (Detroit, male, 26 years old, lives alone, multiple locks on door which weren't disturbed); and Gloria Ault (Columbus, female, 35 years old, husband was out of town, house alarm wasn't tripped but was armed).

The victims had nothing in common. They hadn't moved recently, they'd had no common cable or repair companies, and they never met each other. They were different races (Kerby was mixed Hispanic/white, Lowder was black, Ault was white), different ages, and different socio-economic status (Kerby was lower-middle, Lowder was blue collar, Ault was upper-middle). Each had been killed by a single puncture wound to the throat, piercing the carotid artery; they bled to death in seconds.

In all three crime scenes, a strange doodle was found on the wall in black marker. The actual marker was found in Columbus. Put together, the doodles resembled a key. CS teams also found a set of fingerprints at each scene, one that didn't match any of the inhabitants and (thus far) hadn't turned up in any databases).

Cochrane and Lundy went to the lab to go over data and assist with the autopsy of Kerby, while King and Mallory went to the local hospital's psych ward to interview her widower (he was still in severe PTSD and shock).

Cochrane discovered that the wound on Kerby's neck was thin and narrow; her best guess was an ice pick. There was one wound, forceful and decisive, but very precise, probably delivered while she was standing or sitting up by an assailant in front of her using his left hand or behind her using his right. There was some kind of residue in the wound, probably from the blade; analysis revealed it was rust. Blood toxicology came back negative, and her stomach contents revealed she'd eaten dinner and nothing after that.

Cochrane made some calls and found that Detroit was dragging their feet on the Lowder autopsy, so she called the airport and had them make the plane ready; she'd just go do it herself.

Meanwhile, King and Mallory were at the psych ward. They questioned Bill Kerby, Rosa's husband, and learned that he'd had trouble sleeping so he'd left the bedroom and gone to the living room to read. About midnight he heard a thud from the bedroom, rushed in (thinking she'd fallen) and discovered her on the floor, bleeding to death. He hadn't seen or heard anyone, and the door the bedroom was still closed. He had, obviously, been the first suspect, but King felt his grief was genuine. The forensics didn't match anyway.

The characters regrouped at the crime scene and studied the initial photos and the room. The doodle (the top of the key) was scribbled on the mirror next to where Rosa had fallen. Based on the blood splatter, the group concluded that she had been sitting up in bed, had thrown the covers off (maybe to get up), and had been stabbed from behind by a right-handed assailant who was slightly taller than she was. The arterial spray hit the wall, she fell right out of the bed and onto the floor...but that's where it got weird.

There was no way someone could have gotten out from behind her and out of the room without leaving footprints, and there were none, not on the bed or through the blood. The killer had, apparently, simply vanished.

At this point, the characters decided they'd head to Detroit and look into Lowder's murder. So that's where we pick up next time.

System notes: Honestly nothing to report. We used the new system for extended actions, but since the new stuff only comes into play when you fail or exceptionally succeed (neither of which happened), that didn't really change much. The group wasn't crazy about Aspirations, but that was mostly because it was the first session and they're hard to set until you've played the character once or twice (which I've amended the text to reflect).
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So, Monday we had our first session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it.

We only did one Action Scene, because I took some time at the beginning of the session to explain the rules and put everybody's datafiles in context for everyone. I was worried as we started that it was going to be a big cakewalk for the players; my doom pool started at 2d6, and while the big plant monster they were fighting (see below) had some d8s to throw around, I found myself thinking, "they're gonna stomp all over it in nothing flat."

Well, that's not really what happened. Kinda, but read on.

First of all, go back one post and meet the characters. All good? OK, then.

We're in St. Louis, and Inferno, in his everyday guise as Steven Lewis III, is in his family's office building listening to a presentation. Arcanix is in the top of the Gateway Arch, using his magic to blend in, watching over people. Pink is at the nearby baseball stadium watching the Cardinals play, Duplex is over the river at the Cahokia Mound searching for rumored alien technology, and Spore is with his handler in the park near the Arch soaking up sunshine.

Arcanix feels the Arch shake, and the lights flicker. The security staff start evacuation procedure and people panic; Arcanix magics himself into a security guard so he can stay behind and sees what looks like a huge tendril wrapped around the Arch.

Inferno sees this as well. As the people in his office crowd to the window to watch as a huge plant erupts from the ground and wraps around the Arch, he sneaks out of the building, dons his costume, and flies for the Arch to cheering civilians.

At the baseball game, the footage of the Arch pops up on the Jumbotron, and Pink sneaks off, jumps out of the stadium and changes clothes. Spore and Duplex, likewise, upon hearing the ruckus, head for the disruption.

Arcanix uses his magic to stabilize the Arch, while Inferno blasts the plant with fire. The plant grows tendrils and plucks people off the street, and flings one at Inferno. He tries to catch it, but misses, and watches in horror as the victim flies toward the ground. But Pink leaps, bounding off the sides of buildings, and catches the hapless dude! She lands and a cheer goes up, and she leaps back into the fray.

Duplex arrives and blasts the thing with his lasers, and Spore flies to the top and slides down, ripping out the tendrils with people. He lands at the bottom, and then grabs the base of the plant and rips it out. Inferno fire-blasts it again, and Duplex lasers it...but now it releases a huge cloud of spores. Arcanix teleports out of the Arch and conjures a net to grab the spores, and Pink grabs the end of the plant, runs up a building, and flips around the Arch, unraveling the vine ("Wheee!"). She lands, and the plant crashes dead to the ground. Arcanix flings the spores into the Mississippi, and the press crowds in on the heroes. They want to get a shot of Inferno, of course, but also Pink, since she kind of did some highly visible stuff. "What's your name?" they ask.

"I'm Pink!" she exclaims. End of issue one.

The doom pool now stands at 6d6, 1d8, 1d10. Inferno has a d6 of emotional stress. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.
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Last night, I ran the end of my Geist: The Sin-Eaters story, Johnny's Banjo. So check it out:

Last time, the characters had a fight in a restaurant, and then fled to meet Carl at the marina, on Nixie's boat. There, safe from any chaos happening in the city, they tried to go over what they knew.

They knew that the One-Who-Gazes wanted Johnny Mac, but had taken Johnny Jackson instead, almost out of spite. Carl revealed that he'd run across the One-Who-Gazes before, in New Orleans, when his wife had been the sacrifice demanded by the demon (specifically, the person had to kill someone in sight of the victim's loved one). The characters tried to consider how they might break a bargain with a demon, but such bargains are too varied to have general breaking conditions. They also tried to suss out the demon's motives - why try to end the world? Unless the song was only meant to end the world in a smaller area? They weren't sure.

Sam Nguyen called Cassie and revealed that Johnny Jackson had vanished from prison, and there were videos of him at the restaurant circulating...but that some government agency starting with a V (which Johnny Mac recognized as "VASCU") was asking questions. Why had Johnny been so over this time? Carl's hypothesis was that the characters had changed something, and since the biggest change they'd made was in the Sound (back here), they decided to head out.

As they did, Nixie noted that her geist was paying attention (never a safe position to be in). the weather started getting choppier. The waves pitched against the Rusty Bucket, and Carl, Cassie and Alistair were swept overboard. Carl teleported back to the deck, and the others threw flotation devices to Cassie and Alistair, but the weather was getting worse. Nixie reached out to her geist and asked it to help them get where they were going...

And then everything went dark, there was a sudden pressure, and they found themselves in the Underworld, the boat floating on the River Lethe. They got the others back in the boat and started heading downstream (but not before Ian took a flask and filled it with the waters of Lethe).

The water grew rougher, and the river split into two tunnels ahead. Nixie threw the boat left, and the waters were white and churning, and in an immense, dark tunnel they heard music. Ian used the Pyre-Flame Shroud to light the place up, and they saw ghosts on the side of the tunnel, standing on a small ledge, singing, each with the tell-tale throat wound marking them as Johnny Jackson's victims.

Except...Johnny Jackson was one of them. And Ian noted that some of these people were obviously much older than the modern era, some by centuries.

Johnny Mac stood at the bow of the boat and asked the demon what was going on. The demon spoke, and requested, smugly, that the characters keep their eyes open on the way down.

Johnny Mac finished off his bottle of Cutty Sark, had Ian pour him a bit from the flask, and drank the "The man who first discovered music, first stretched a piece of leather or gut and strummed it, and heard the first note...I was the man standing next to him, watching him do it." The demon wanted the song to end, wanted the finality and wanted to watch the world drown. But by ending the song, the characters could prevent the damage, stop the world from ending.

Sadly, drinking the Water of Lethe saps a dot of Intelligence...and Johnny Mac only had one. As his memory and personality faded away, he turned to his friends and said, "Stop the song."

A howl went up from somewhere - the demon, outraged that Johnny wouldn't be able to see the demon's victory. One of the ghosts, possessed now by the demon, jumped from the ledge and landed on the boat. It threw Carl off and started for Johnny, but Ian slashed at it with his Memento sword, stunning it. Alistair used Stigmata Marionette to control the ghost. Strands of control shot out from the ghost's neck-wound to all of the other ghosts, and Cassie strummed them, trying to control the song, help the ghosts to pass on.

The note was deafening. The White Dog, still self-aware, took control, turning into the Phantasmal Marionette, ready to leap at the demon. But Nixie asked her geist for help again - could it save them? It could, it responded, keep the core of them intact, but that was all it could do. Nixie agreed, and the Rusty Bucket went over a waterfall, dragging an untold myriad of ghosts behind by the strings playing the song, down into the Ocean of Fragments.

For the characters, everything went white for a moment...and we'll catch up to the them later.

For the ghosts, they immediately lose their most tenuous identifier: "I am possessed by a demon."

The song ended. The rain stopped.

Epilogue: A man pulls his boat into the marina, thanks God he was able to navigate the storm, and then clutches his chest and falls dead. Carl, nearby, pulls himself out of the water, and curses his geist for killing a man so that they can live. He looks back at the calming sea, and starts walking toward the city, the song finally gone from his head.
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Monday night was the end of the second story in my Promethean chronicle, The 7th Angel. Let's get to it?

Last time, the characters had decided to watch the serial adventures of Brick Bradford, and then let Trent McKean, the local sheriff, take them to the military base. I found the first episode of Brick Bradford on Youtube (here), so we watched a bit, just to show the players what we were looking at. They were surprised to learn that I hadn't just made the whole thing up.

So they watched it, and then left weapons (and Fluffy) behind and got in Trent's truck. They got there, and the characters felt Azoth call to Azoth - another Promethean was near.

They drove to a garage-looking building, and soldiers in black hazmats and gas masks came out with guns. They ordered Trent out, and then the characters. Everything was going more or less OK until the characters realized they were going to be cuffed. And Feather refused.

Grimm was already cuffed at this point, but when the soldier stepped forward to cuff Feather, she turned on Might and fought back. That was enough to convince the others to follow her lead (which earned her a milestone: Make a Decision that the Throng Follows). They fought, and the soldiers, well-trained, called "Code Bradford", and fell back to cover the characters with their weapons. They eventually calmed things down and herded the characters willing to be cuffed over to the side, but Enoch, after being ordered around without being told why, refused to cooperate and stood with Feather. One of the soldiers tossed a flashbang, and it stunned them both long enough for the soldiers to cuff them.

Feather, thinking quickly, activated Autonomic Control and played dead. The others were taken down in an elevator (Avalon chattering the whole way) and locked in individual cells. Feather, supposedly dead, was taken to a medical bay.

Two doctors there discussed whether to dissect her or burn her. They jokingly talked about using a de-fib unit on her, but their tone made it clear they knew that it would heal her. One of them leaned over to cut off her clothes, but moved her head and said to his colleague, "Hey, come here and look at this."

She opened her eyes and used Fixed Stare. She then grabbed him and took them both hostage, knocking them out with the de-fib (and healing herself). Now free, she noted that the boy - the one they'd seen around town - was here, hooked up to machinery. He was in a vegetative state, and the machinery was breathing for him.

Feather crept out, and found a staircase going up and an elevator. The elevator went down, but it required a key card. Feather went up, and saw guards - she needed a diversion.

In the cells, the unseen controllers used intercoms to talk with Avalon and Enoch. They asked Avalon to identify the others; she refused. Instead she started drawing, just to screw with them.

Enoch, meanwhile, found the slot in the wall that probably allowed them to put food into the room, and used Procrustean Shape to slither into the walls. Skip, meanwhile, activated Might and started punching his way through the door, while Grimm did the same and punched a hole in the ceiling.

Matt, meantime, was drawing angelic script on the walls. The angel - the boy - appeared to him, and he told it that he would do as it asked, if it would give him a mission. It told him to find Trent and draw a symbol on his hand, and then walked through the door.

At this point, Skip succeeded in punching through the door. The alarms went off, and Feather used this as her distraction. She pulled a key card off one of the doctors and went downstairs. Enoch, slipping through the vents, was headed that way, too.

In the hallway with the cells, Skip, now free, engaged the soldiers. One of the soldiers, dazed, opened Matt's cell, and another opened Avalon's. She used Suggestion on him and got an exceptional success, and told him to open all the cells. He did, and now Trent was free as well.

Grim dropped down through the ceiling and disarmed a soldier, took away his machine gun, and shot him (fulfilling the milestone of Fire an Automatic Weapon). Matt, seeing Trent, grabbed his hand and drew the symbol.

At this point, the angel reappeared, six wings folding out of its back. Its head split in two, and the two heads because dog heads, and it stood there, a Seraph, the Living Creature. It told the characters to bring Trent to the prisoner, and Trent's hand flared up in flame. The guards stood dumbstruck, and Skip rounded up their guns and tossed them in a cell, and the characters headed downstairs to the medical wing.

Meanwhile, downstairs, two guards pointed guns at Feather...but didn't see Enoch slip up next to them until his glove was already off and his hand on the guard's neck (milestone: Ambush an enemy). They found a Promethean there, strapped to the wall with metal bars. They freed him, and he picked himself up. He told them his name was Brick Bradford, and that the soldiers had given him that 1947. They took him back to the elevator and headed up.

In the medical bay, the characters had paused to enjoy the de-fib, and found the comatose boy. And then the argument started. Opinions differed on what to do with him. Grimm, since he had some medical knowledge, realized the boy was done for, and recommended leaving him. Skip recommended disconnecting him, but Avalon was adamant that they return for him. The others knew this was impractical, but the argument strayed from that and focused on Grimm vs. Avalon and how they communicated. About then, Enoch and Feather appeared with Brick, and Trent realized that he now possessed the power to take one person away from here. Based on what the angel said, it was probably meant to be Brick.

The characters told him that's what he should do, so they shook hands, and vanished in a flash of light. Feather told the others to go, and she'd catch up (Matt stayed behind to help her with equipment). She pumped the kid full of enough morphine to kill him (and made another milestone: Kill a human being). She caught up with the others, and they left through the chaos, took the truck back to town, got their stuff, got their van, and headed out.

They stopped for gas somewhere out of town, and the attendant, a familiar light in his eye, asked Feather: "What are the angels?" She responded, "They're what we have to do. Our missions."
He appeared to accept this, smiled, and the light faded.

The throng headed away from Corona, and toward Truth or Consequences. But that's the next story, and we're taking a break to play a supers game for a while.
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Another of my occasional to-do lists.

  • Write-up from Mars game last night.
  • Thing for FirstFable.
  • Redlines, redlines, redlines.
  • Ghost rules for curse the darkness.
  • Read stories for the anthology.
  • Make characters for Saturday's game.
  • Write a story for the God-Machine Chronicle.
  • Write a story for this here Kickstarter. I don't know if it'll get funded, but I like writing erotica and this is a good excuse. Go back the Kickstarter.

Geez. Enough. Get to work, Matt!

Mars! )
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Yeah. Holy shit. Last one.

This game started waaaaaaaay back here. It was a one-shot with five players (Matt, Lori, Steve, Gail and Andrea). Two, Andrea and Matt, were two of my longtime gamers. Lori and Steve I'd just met on a mailing list and they'd start playing with us in our weekly games, and Gail was a friend of theirs. It was just supposed to be a taste of Changeling for them.

But as has happened many times before, the players enjoyed their characters and the situation I'd set up (in fairness, that was one of my best games, I think) and I told them if they'd be interested, I'd run this as a monthly game. And so here we are.

We lost Andrea a few months ago; she moved out of town and had some health problems, and so wasn't able to be here for the last session. We picked up Glen along the way, and also Michelle, once she moved out here and married me n' stuff.

I gotta say, this was a damned intricate game, and it feels tight. Everything that happened feels like it has some antecedent earlier in the game, and there are even some throughlines (mirrors, seasons, etc.) that give the chronicle some real identity. I'm gonna miss this one, but I don't feel like the ending was rushed. I think Snowblind went one exactly as long as it needed to, and it seeded a lot of other things in my World of Darkness that I could return to.

So, without further delay, the last chapter. )
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Last night during the Geist game, I did something I haven't done in a while. I used music for mood-setting.

Now, it helped that a lot of the game took place in a club, but I used to do this a lot more often. The scores to Silence of the Lambs and Nightbreed were favorites, but Se7en has some good stuff, too. And then for a while I couldn't be arsed to buy CDs, but now it isn't necessary and I have a lot of good stuff available on Youtube and so on, so maybe I'll start using music more often.

Anyway, I want to do the game write-up before folks arrive for Changeling (which might end up not being the last session after all), so, gulp, here we go!

Geist. )
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Well, they weren't actually falling, but it's fall.

Shut up. What you want from me.

Dinner first!

Chicken breasts, green chiles, pumpkin butter, pasta, rainbow carrots.

Easy enough. Spiced the chicken with cumin and salt, sauteed, finished in over. Fried the chiles in a little olive oil with some allspice, then chopped them up, tossed them with the feta and used that to top the pasta. Rainbow carrots I candied with milk, butter and the pumpkin butter. All very tasty.

Da game. )


Sep. 18th, 2012 02:06 pm
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For some reason, my fingers have gone all tingly when I try to type, so this might take me a while. But hey.

OK, so last night I ran a one-shot involving both changelings and werewolves. It went pretty well, I think, but I do want to mention a couple of things about crossover (to the, like, four people still reading this journal. I miss when LJ had lots of people in it. Fucking FB).

Anyway, crossover in WoD games has always been a somewhat fraught proposition, and I've never really been clear why. Rather, I have, I just don't agree. In OWoD, it was harder because the mechanics didn't work all that well on their own (don't bitch, you know it's true), and they weren't designed to work together. But beyond that, the games were thematically very different, to the point that, f'rex, a vampire's existence in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game was somewhat problematic. Now, in NWoD, regardless of what kind of supernatural character you're playing, the themes of the World of Darkness in general permeate, and the games are written so that they can all exist in the same world with a minimum of fuss (this makes me a little worried for Mummy, since several of the controlling creatives on that project have limited experience writing for NWoD, but I freely admit I'm talking out of my ass because I haven't seen anything for the game yet). Anyway, it makes crossover easier on the face of it.

But the other thing is, "crossover" doesn't have to mean "have these characters fight." A pack of werewolves and a motley of changelings, or even a coterie of vampires, can get along (werewolf/vampire is harder because there's a lot of OWoD baggage) just fine, mechanically and otherwise. It just helps if there's a good reason for everyone to be talking. Here, check it out.

The game. )
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Tonight was Promethean. As it's still fairly early, I figure I'll do the write-up before bed.

Round steak, Asiago cheese, blue potatoes, kale, sweet peppers.

Easy enough. I sliced the taters thin, roasted them with some olive oil, and then topped it with the cheese (grated). Sauteed the round steak with the thyme and salt and Worchestire sauce, topped with more cheese. Steamed the kale. Sliced up the peppers, sauteed them in a pan with some sriacha and salt, used to top the steaks. All very tasty.

Now the game! )
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Exciting session today. Check it.

Remember that last time, the characters had escaped the Pit with the help of the Snowblind Beast. But in conversation outside of the Pit, Nox mentioned to Hod that she had a favor coming from Lofn.

The Beast grabbed her and shook her, roaring horribly. Lisa used her air magic to box its ears, and Nox cracked the icicle, calling up Lofn. Lofn appeared and asked Nox what she wanted, and Nox, not quite thinking clearly, told her to settle her beef with the Snowblind Beast and let the rest of them go.

The Beast lashed out at Lofn, and Lofn whistled up her "dog", a horrible, poison-tailed beast (it's in Equinox Road, it's called the Chimera). Hod got in front of Lofn to protect her and changed himself into ice (Elements 5), while Mickey, still a bird, tried to slash at the Beast's arms to free Nox. The Chimera sliced open the Beast's leg, and Hod ripped open the wound and snarled at the Beast to let Nox go. The Chimera stabbed through the open wound with its stinger, but utterly failed to poison the Beast (it has ice in is veins anyway).

Meanwhile, Skin & Bones emerged from the Pit, walked up behind Lofn (no one was watching her back), touched her and said, "Tick, tack, into my sack." And she vanished, and he walked back toward the Pit.

Felix ran over to Skin & Bone and stabbed it with John Capp's knife (you know, the one that killed the Devourer). He became Skin & Bones, and now there were two. One of them picked up the sack, and walked into the Pit.

Meanwhile, Wintry Tom and Pretty Bill had arrived from different directions (I decided that the NPCs had been scattered when the Beast pushed everyone out of the Pit, so I didn't have to play multiple characters). Tom ran over to Lisa and asked who was in the sack. Lisa responded, "Lofn!"

Hod heard this and turned his head. The Beast smacked Hod with Nox, knocking him out. Mickey buried her beak in its ear, and then used Oddbody to increase her beak size into a spike. The Beast dropped Nox, and then crumbled into snow, defeated. Nox passed out.

The characters argued for a moment about finding Felix, but then decided to head to the Hollow to regroup. They did, and talked, and someone asked why Skin & Bones had grabbed Lofn. Tom answered - he'd called Skin & Bones up. He'd learned about it from the Cat (which he'd learned about from Mickey), and he'd accidentally blurted the name "Lofn" when Skin & Bones had asked for a name. He'd meant to give Skin & Bones his father's name, so that Skin & Bones could get his father from Faerie. But that didn't work out. The characters figured, correctly, that Skin & Bones had tried to use Hod to get to Lofn, and it had worked.

But now, Tom pointed out, Lofn was trapped in the Pit so now was the best time to get his father back. The characters were tired and drained, and Lisa was still concerned about getting Felix back, but they weren't sure how to do it. And, add to that, they were all worried that if Hod went to Lofn's realm, he'd be entranced and stuck there. Lisa told him he needed to decide which oath mattered more.

They all decided to meet back at the Hollow at dawn, but they needed Glamour. Since it was Christmas time, they headed to the mall to soak up some Glamour. They did (took them the rest of the day), but Lisa walked into a fitting room and saw the mirror.

"Felix, Felix, Felix," she said, trying to call him up. Nothing. She steeled herself, figuring that if she called up Skin & Bones, she could tell it to find Felix and get him back that way.

"Skin & Bones, Skin & Bones, Skin & Bones." It appeared, stepped through the mirror, and said:

Give me a name.

"Are you in there, Felix?" she said.

She watched the creature's stringy hair become fuller and black like Felix', and a lick of autumn fire blaze in its eyes. "Thank you," it said.

"Come back," said Lisa. "You don't have to do this."

"But this is all I am, now," responded Skinny Felix.

"It doesn't have to be!"

But Skinny Felix just faded into the mirror, accepting his new role, the Boogeyman.

Next session might just be the last one.
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The "duh" bee isn't there because I'm really thinking "duh," just because it's a bee.

OK! I got one of the scenarios for curse the darkness backers done, two more to go, but only one I can actually write right now because I'm waiting on some info from the other one.

I need to get ghost rules for curse the darkness done by Con on the Cob, because I want to use them there.

I need to get these short stories done for the God-Machine Chronicles fiction anthology. Michelle's editing, really I just need to tweak a few last things and decide on an order.

Speaking of anthologies, supposedly the deadline for the curse the darkness anthology is tomorrow. I've only received, like, four stories. I'm expecting a couple more, but I don't know if I'll wind up with enough. I'll have to figure out what to do about that - maybe I'll flip the order of release (and do the Companion first) or maybe I'll just buy the stories (if they're, y'know, good) and put them on the site for now.

And I really want to make a fucking character today. I'd like to commit to one a week, so I'm getting 50 or so done a year. I have time before the Changeling game, I think.

Oh, and Michelle and I are putting together the Kickstarter for our second game, A Tragedy in Five Acts. More on that soon.

For now, let's do the write-up from yesterday's Dresden game and then notes for Changeling and Promethean, and them maybe make a character!

Dresden! )

OK, so now I need some notes for Snowblind. )

And finally, Promethean. )
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OK, so Monday night we played Mars of the Century. First dinnnnnner:

Rice, chicken breasts, artichoke hearts, blue cheese, avocados.

Not a hard basket. Cut up the chicken, cooked it with chili powder and cilantro and various other spices. Put the rice in the rice cooker with tequila and more cilantro. Cut up the avocados (which were really unripe), and crumble the cheese and cut it with some cotija. Toasted some tortillas, added sour cream and salsa, and bam, burritos. Very tasty.

And then the game. )


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