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Actually, it's been a pretty productive day and it's only 10AM. I've added the character examples from the backers to the curse the darkness drafts (those that have answered the question - looking at you [personal profile] digitalraven), I've uploaded the picture from foodstuff yesterday, and here you go:

Lamb kidneys, asparagus, dried chiles, wild rice, red onion.

Never made kidney before. Hmm.

Rice/chiles: Cooked in veggie broth, then added the chiles (chopped, seeds removed). Result: Lovely. Nice earthy rice with a touch of heat from the chiles, but they weren't hot enough to make it hurt.

Asparagus: Roasted in the oven with garlic and olive oil. Simple. Result: Yummy, but I make asparagus like this all the time.

Kidneys/onion: Soaked the kidneys in milk. Chopped the onion and sauteed them in a pan with olive oil. Coated the kidneys in bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese, which didn't stick, but mixed with the juices and made a nice gravy-like sauce. Result: I really liked them, actually. I'm totally gonna have to try to make steak and kidney pie. Offal is cheap, too, so I might experiment with other kinds. Sadly, Michelle and I might be the only ones who eat it.

And then the Dresden game. )
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So, today I made dinner for my kiddos and my girls, we watched A Bug's Life (mini-review forthcoming) and then the kiddos went to my mother's and we played Misspent Youth.

Persimmons, chicken breasts, corn mush, Gouda cheese, asparagus.

What? Asparagus again? )

Oh, so one other thing first. I took the kids roller skating on Saturday; here are some pictures.

Cael skating.

Teagan skating.

Both had fun. There were some spills, but they bounced back and both said they enjoyed it. Cael has a pretty impressive sense of balance for his age.

Right, so, Misspent Youth, then. )
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I'm very seriously considering porting this journal over to Dreamwidth. Anyone have opinions? I know several folks have already made that switch.

Last Tuesday, the country pulled its head out of its ass just a bit. Hopefully, this continues for, oh, the rest of my life at least. As I've said a couple of times, now, when you screw the poor long enough, what generally happens is that they rise up and eat you. I'd like not to have to raise my kids during a societal collapse, as much as I enjoy post-apocalyptic games.

On that subject, work continues on curse the darkness. Nothing really new to report; another photo shoot next weekend, which I'm greatly looking forward to, and we're looking for someone to do graphic design for the book.

Misspent Youth Sunday, Hunter Monday (which will need some prep), and Changeling next Saturday (also need some prep). I'm happy we got to play Leverage last week, 'cause I was getting shaky there. :)

OK! Heather and Aaron are out of town this weekend, so I'm taking the kiddos swimming tonight and roller skating tomorrow. So must wrap up here, wake the boy, go fetch the girl, and hit the pool.

Skate, mandarin oranges, Israeli couscous, asparagus, cinnamon-apple white cheddar.

That's a weird cheese, yes. What would you do? )
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Summer is here! That means I'm off school and high on life. Let's make a quick list of shit that I need to do:

  • Write. I have a contract due 7/25, 24K words, and I don't want to try and do it all last minute. Need to do some outlining on that.
  • Clean. Holy god, my house is cluttered. Some of this will be resolved next month, of course, but the basement needs to get done before [ profile] anaka's boys get here in early July.
  • Yardwork. Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Need to get out the weedwhacker, like, today.

Not bad. Totally possible to approach all of this on a day to day basis.

In a related matter, I think I'll call a halt on video gaming during the day. I have a hard time getting up once I sit down, and during the day I need to watch the kiddos. Sure, they can play without my supervision (which is actually good for them, of course), but again, I'm totally a sucker for that "just let me beat this level!" problem. At night, I'm limited by fatigue, but I can still play enough to have fun. Let's try that for now - until Origins, let's say, no video games until Heather gets home and can be with the kids.

So there's that. I'd like to get back on my chargen exercise, too. And would like to do some walking while the weather is nice (seriously, it's gorgeous here). So for today, let's do this Chopped write-up, and then do some game planning for Changeling this weekend, and then see where we are.

Ready? Break!

Sirloin, asparagus, quinoa, lemon stilton, cocoa nibs.

Happy Birthday to Sarah! )
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Oy. Completely forgot that I hadn't done these.

So, I did a few Chopped dinners before leaving town, so here they are. Hopefully I remember what the heck I did. Dinner one: Thursday, June 2nd.

Cantaloupe, pork loin, English cucumber, broccoli, pie crusts.

Pie crusts? )

Then Friday:

Kielbasa, cherries, asparagus, whole wheat orzo, butterkase.

Food for vampires! )

Onion rolls, chicken breasts, baby spinach, hot peppers, radiatore.

Peppers for Jesus! )

OK, whew. Totally not waiting two weeks on these anymore. I have one from last night, but the pictures are being gitchy, so I'll do it later.
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Chicken, Goldfish crackers, broccoli, cheese curds, apple butter.

Goldfish crackers. Oy. )

And then tonight:

Tuna, mangos, brie, kettle chips, asparagus.

What would you do with that? )
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Last night's ingredients, courtesy of [ profile] affectionsedge:

Pomegranates, canned crab meat, asparagus, jalapeno crackers and brie.

What would you make? )


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