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So today I need ("need" is a strong word, but y'know) to blue book for my Exalted character and my AU character. Also, I shall include a brief summary of last night's Forsaken game, just to keep it straight in mine own head (and for the edification of anybody who gives a crap).

First, the AU stuff, because I know Pammit is waiting with baited breath.

Dog's Head Blues )

And now, hot Jale-on-River God action! )

And, finally, a quick run-down of last night's game.

Ah-ooo, werewolves of Philly. )
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This is huge, but if you like, Check out the blue-bookin' madness. )
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Exalted Geekery )
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So [ profile] hobbesthetiger started up his Exalted game a couple of weeks ago. I've been meaning to do a little blue bookin' about my character, but parental and writing comittments have prevented it.

But just at the moment, I find myself with a little bit of time. So, meet Jale.

Jale's a Twilight Solar Exalted, hailing originally from an island in the west called Milash (yes, I made it up). Milash is interesting in that during Ascending Water, it floods completely. All the buildings are constructed with tall supports, so during the flood season you get around with boats (the ground isn't visible again until Descending Water).

Anyway, that's pretty much moot, because the civilization's been pretty much wiped out. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Warning: The fiction ahead contains sex. It ain't porn, but if you don't wish to read that sort of thing, skip it. Read more... )

Coming next, Fusi and Isis, statted as Cat characters.
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Hound's stats and character stuff, for anyone who cares. Under here )


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