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Geist last night. Dinner first.

Black bass, broccoli, rice noodles, eggplant, elderflower marmalade.

I know, weird, right?

I cut off the fish heads and cooked them in chicken stock (didn't have any fish stock) with some onion and the broccoli stems for a while, until it reduced down and took on the flavor of the fish. Then I strained out the fish heads and bones (but missed some, dammit) and boiled it, and then added in the noodles and the fish.

Meanwhile, I'd cut up the broccoli crowns and the eggplant and sauteed them a bit, so when the stew was ready I just added them in, along with some bok choy.

With the jelly, I made a sweet & sour sauce with some vinegar, rice wine and chili sauce.

And then topped the stew off with a poached egg. Kinda like bibimbap.

And then the game. )
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Last night was Changeling, a brief little game in which we romp through the gay lands of Faerie.

If you've played Changeling, y'know that's bullshit. Anyway, I cooked for my gamers! Yay! Kind of last-minute, my players brought ingredients so I could cook them dinner.

Ribeye steak, broccoli, frozen spinach, mixed rice, red wine.

No problem. )

Right, after dinner, we had changelings to deal with. Up for air, then back into the abyss. )
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Why. The. Hell. Am. I. Awake.

Anyway. I have an assload of writing to do today, and this much little sleep just means it's going to be hard. But I can't sleep anymore, so why try.

So, before writing, I shall post a little about current events and then do the game-write up from yesterday.

Current events? By now you probably know about the dude in Oslo that set off a bomb in the city, then took advantage of the confusion to go to a youth camp on an island dressed as a cop and shoot 80 people dead, many of them teenagers. And then he turned himself in, probably because hey, there's no death penalty. His lawyer said he wanted a revolution, and now he has the world's ear, which is probably what he wanted.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a guy flips out at a birthday party at a roller rink and shoots 5 people dead, then kills himself. Police don't really know what happened there, yet.

And in England, Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday. As of now, there's no official word on what killed her, but no one is going to be surprised if it turns out to be drug-related.

I don't have any particular thoughts on any of this. I have lived long enough to see comparable tragedies, and while I still feel and grieve for the people affected, what truly makes me sad is the responses I see. And it's not just people making "Rehab" jokes (hell, we did it yesterday at the game, though I don't post mine on Facebook, because a) it makes me look like a jerk and b) EVERYONE MADE THAT JOKE THE SECOND THEY HEARD SHE DIED). What bothers me is the implication I keep seeing that because Winehouse died on the same day at the massacre in Norway, that somehow invalidates the tragedy of her death or makes it somehow less newsworthy.

I'm not a huge fan of the American media, but the death of a celebrity gets coverage. Obviously, what happened in Norway is, too, and also should be reported. Both should. It's not an either/or. Both deserve attention, maybe in differing amounts, but that's on you (and seriously, it's not like you can't choose what news you see - unless you're still getting it from TV, which is also a choice).

For my part, if I find Winehouse's death easier to talk about or think about, it's because I understand addiction more easily than I understand mass murder. I get what drives someone in a high-stress job, with the pressures that celebrity brings, to self-destruct more than I understand what drives someone angry with his government (which I get) to flat-out murder children (which I don't). That doesn't mean I think one tragedy is greater than another, because I think that's a false notion, I think that both need to be analyzed on their own scales, and we can do that. Compassion, as [ profile] oakthorne pointed out on FB, is not a finite resource.

Anyway. Misspent Youth! )

Ham steaks, broccoli, wonton wrappers, yams, chard, portabella mushrooms.

Six ingredients! Madness! This is the veggie-heavy basket my Misspent Youth players gave me. What would you do? )

And then the other night:

Grouper, sun-dried tomato, parsley root, eggplant, Mexican Coke.

"Mexican" insofar as it has real sugar rather than HFCS. So? )
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Friday night dinner for my Vampire players.

Chicken breasts, broccoli, filo dough, bacon, gouda cheese.

What would you do? )
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Oy. Completely forgot that I hadn't done these.

So, I did a few Chopped dinners before leaving town, so here they are. Hopefully I remember what the heck I did. Dinner one: Thursday, June 2nd.

Cantaloupe, pork loin, English cucumber, broccoli, pie crusts.

Pie crusts? )

Then Friday:

Kielbasa, cherries, asparagus, whole wheat orzo, butterkase.

Food for vampires! )

Onion rolls, chicken breasts, baby spinach, hot peppers, radiatore.

Peppers for Jesus! )

OK, whew. Totally not waiting two weeks on these anymore. I have one from last night, but the pictures are being gitchy, so I'll do it later.
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Today was chargen for Misspent Youth, which I'll get to in another post. My players brought ingredients for a Chopped dinner. Now, [ profile] arkhamhorror is a veggie, so dinner was meatless (that's not happening again for a while, thought I shall certainly keep the delicious animal flesh separate. Just have to remember not to reach for bacon fat).


Tofu, broccoli, green onions, udon noodles, coconut milk.

Take a wild guess. )
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Chicken, Goldfish crackers, broccoli, cheese curds, apple butter.

Goldfish crackers. Oy. )

And then tonight:

Tuna, mangos, brie, kettle chips, asparagus.

What would you do with that? )


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