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Yeah. Holy shit. Last one.

This game started waaaaaaaay back here. It was a one-shot with five players (Matt, Lori, Steve, Gail and Andrea). Two, Andrea and Matt, were two of my longtime gamers. Lori and Steve I'd just met on a mailing list and they'd start playing with us in our weekly games, and Gail was a friend of theirs. It was just supposed to be a taste of Changeling for them.

But as has happened many times before, the players enjoyed their characters and the situation I'd set up (in fairness, that was one of my best games, I think) and I told them if they'd be interested, I'd run this as a monthly game. And so here we are.

We lost Andrea a few months ago; she moved out of town and had some health problems, and so wasn't able to be here for the last session. We picked up Glen along the way, and also Michelle, once she moved out here and married me n' stuff.

I gotta say, this was a damned intricate game, and it feels tight. Everything that happened feels like it has some antecedent earlier in the game, and there are even some throughlines (mirrors, seasons, etc.) that give the chronicle some real identity. I'm gonna miss this one, but I don't feel like the ending was rushed. I think Snowblind went one exactly as long as it needed to, and it seeded a lot of other things in my World of Darkness that I could return to.

So, without further delay, the last chapter. )
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So, tomorrow is Geist, and Sunday is the final session of Snowblind. Wow.

Well, first thing's first: Geist. )

Other notes! )


Sep. 18th, 2012 02:06 pm
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For some reason, my fingers have gone all tingly when I try to type, so this might take me a while. But hey.

OK, so last night I ran a one-shot involving both changelings and werewolves. It went pretty well, I think, but I do want to mention a couple of things about crossover (to the, like, four people still reading this journal. I miss when LJ had lots of people in it. Fucking FB).

Anyway, crossover in WoD games has always been a somewhat fraught proposition, and I've never really been clear why. Rather, I have, I just don't agree. In OWoD, it was harder because the mechanics didn't work all that well on their own (don't bitch, you know it's true), and they weren't designed to work together. But beyond that, the games were thematically very different, to the point that, f'rex, a vampire's existence in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game was somewhat problematic. Now, in NWoD, regardless of what kind of supernatural character you're playing, the themes of the World of Darkness in general permeate, and the games are written so that they can all exist in the same world with a minimum of fuss (this makes me a little worried for Mummy, since several of the controlling creatives on that project have limited experience writing for NWoD, but I freely admit I'm talking out of my ass because I haven't seen anything for the game yet). Anyway, it makes crossover easier on the face of it.

But the other thing is, "crossover" doesn't have to mean "have these characters fight." A pack of werewolves and a motley of changelings, or even a coterie of vampires, can get along (werewolf/vampire is harder because there's a lot of OWoD baggage) just fine, mechanically and otherwise. It just helps if there's a good reason for everyone to be talking. Here, check it out.

The game. )
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Running a Changeling/Werewolf crossover tonight, as Matt is out of town (meaning our usual Mars game is on hiatus), and this gives me a chance to run a game with Wisp before he rejoins Snowblind. So OK.

Nooooooootes. )
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Exciting session today. Check it.

Remember that last time, the characters had escaped the Pit with the help of the Snowblind Beast. But in conversation outside of the Pit, Nox mentioned to Hod that she had a favor coming from Lofn.

The Beast grabbed her and shook her, roaring horribly. Lisa used her air magic to box its ears, and Nox cracked the icicle, calling up Lofn. Lofn appeared and asked Nox what she wanted, and Nox, not quite thinking clearly, told her to settle her beef with the Snowblind Beast and let the rest of them go.

The Beast lashed out at Lofn, and Lofn whistled up her "dog", a horrible, poison-tailed beast (it's in Equinox Road, it's called the Chimera). Hod got in front of Lofn to protect her and changed himself into ice (Elements 5), while Mickey, still a bird, tried to slash at the Beast's arms to free Nox. The Chimera sliced open the Beast's leg, and Hod ripped open the wound and snarled at the Beast to let Nox go. The Chimera stabbed through the open wound with its stinger, but utterly failed to poison the Beast (it has ice in is veins anyway).

Meanwhile, Skin & Bones emerged from the Pit, walked up behind Lofn (no one was watching her back), touched her and said, "Tick, tack, into my sack." And she vanished, and he walked back toward the Pit.

Felix ran over to Skin & Bone and stabbed it with John Capp's knife (you know, the one that killed the Devourer). He became Skin & Bones, and now there were two. One of them picked up the sack, and walked into the Pit.

Meanwhile, Wintry Tom and Pretty Bill had arrived from different directions (I decided that the NPCs had been scattered when the Beast pushed everyone out of the Pit, so I didn't have to play multiple characters). Tom ran over to Lisa and asked who was in the sack. Lisa responded, "Lofn!"

Hod heard this and turned his head. The Beast smacked Hod with Nox, knocking him out. Mickey buried her beak in its ear, and then used Oddbody to increase her beak size into a spike. The Beast dropped Nox, and then crumbled into snow, defeated. Nox passed out.

The characters argued for a moment about finding Felix, but then decided to head to the Hollow to regroup. They did, and talked, and someone asked why Skin & Bones had grabbed Lofn. Tom answered - he'd called Skin & Bones up. He'd learned about it from the Cat (which he'd learned about from Mickey), and he'd accidentally blurted the name "Lofn" when Skin & Bones had asked for a name. He'd meant to give Skin & Bones his father's name, so that Skin & Bones could get his father from Faerie. But that didn't work out. The characters figured, correctly, that Skin & Bones had tried to use Hod to get to Lofn, and it had worked.

But now, Tom pointed out, Lofn was trapped in the Pit so now was the best time to get his father back. The characters were tired and drained, and Lisa was still concerned about getting Felix back, but they weren't sure how to do it. And, add to that, they were all worried that if Hod went to Lofn's realm, he'd be entranced and stuck there. Lisa told him he needed to decide which oath mattered more.

They all decided to meet back at the Hollow at dawn, but they needed Glamour. Since it was Christmas time, they headed to the mall to soak up some Glamour. They did (took them the rest of the day), but Lisa walked into a fitting room and saw the mirror.

"Felix, Felix, Felix," she said, trying to call him up. Nothing. She steeled herself, figuring that if she called up Skin & Bones, she could tell it to find Felix and get him back that way.

"Skin & Bones, Skin & Bones, Skin & Bones." It appeared, stepped through the mirror, and said:

Give me a name.

"Are you in there, Felix?" she said.

She watched the creature's stringy hair become fuller and black like Felix', and a lick of autumn fire blaze in its eyes. "Thank you," it said.

"Come back," said Lisa. "You don't have to do this."

"But this is all I am, now," responded Skinny Felix.

"It doesn't have to be!"

But Skinny Felix just faded into the mirror, accepting his new role, the Boogeyman.

Next session might just be the last one.
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The "duh" bee isn't there because I'm really thinking "duh," just because it's a bee.

OK! I got one of the scenarios for curse the darkness backers done, two more to go, but only one I can actually write right now because I'm waiting on some info from the other one.

I need to get ghost rules for curse the darkness done by Con on the Cob, because I want to use them there.

I need to get these short stories done for the God-Machine Chronicles fiction anthology. Michelle's editing, really I just need to tweak a few last things and decide on an order.

Speaking of anthologies, supposedly the deadline for the curse the darkness anthology is tomorrow. I've only received, like, four stories. I'm expecting a couple more, but I don't know if I'll wind up with enough. I'll have to figure out what to do about that - maybe I'll flip the order of release (and do the Companion first) or maybe I'll just buy the stories (if they're, y'know, good) and put them on the site for now.

And I really want to make a fucking character today. I'd like to commit to one a week, so I'm getting 50 or so done a year. I have time before the Changeling game, I think.

Oh, and Michelle and I are putting together the Kickstarter for our second game, A Tragedy in Five Acts. More on that soon.

For now, let's do the write-up from yesterday's Dresden game and then notes for Changeling and Promethean, and them maybe make a character!

Dresden! )

OK, so now I need some notes for Snowblind. )

And finally, Promethean. )
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Last night, as I mentioned yesterday, I ran two games. Second one was Changeling. So here we go!

Most of the characters (Mickey, Lisa, Hod, Felix, and Stan, as well as Pretty Bill, Sissie, August and the insensate body of Gloria) were down in the Pit, trapped by Skin & Bones. Nox, having been badly wounded and then frozen solid by the Snowblind Beast, was still, as the players put it, a Noxsicle.

She was barely conscious, and someone picked at the ice. The ice shattered, and cold, frozen hands reached around and broke the ice on her neck, allowing her to move. At first she thought it was Hod, but then she realized it was Wintry Tom.

Tom helped her out of her icy prison, and told her where she was - the Realm of the Snowblind Beast. It was barren and snow-covered, and mostly featureless. Tom told Nox that the Beast was out of the Realm, and without the Beast to define it, the place lost most of its topography. Nox also realized that she was now icy, like the muddy ice on the side of the road (she picked up the Dual Kith Merit).

Tom revealed that he was here looking for his father, who had been kidnapped by the Snowblind Beast but never turned into a changeling. But he wasn't here, and so Tom wasn't sure what was going on. He agreed to show Nox how to get out. Nox offered to use Contracts of Omens to see if he would reunite with his father (figuring it to be a pretty significant upcoming event, if it was to happen). But in her vision, she saw Tom surrounded by people, and Silas reached down and grabbed his throat. "What were you thinking?" Silas growls, before the Dragon's Fire flares up and melts Tom's throat.

Nox, aghast, told Tom that she saw Silas and he was mad at Tom, but not the particulars. And then they headed for the Hedge, which involved diving into freezing water (Nox, fortunately, signed on to Contracts of Elements (Ice) before making the plunge.)

Meanwhile, in the Pit, the other characters discussed how to escape. They had decided to use the business card of August Boykos' fetch (some basic backstory here) to get them out. Felix got to work reconfiguring the censer to follow that, and after a while managed to rig it so that it was just about ready - just needed to put the card in. But then there were visitors.

The characters noticed people surrounding them from the sides of the Pit. Lisa, taking the initiative, sang...and every single being there just stood, dumbfounded, watching her (Siren Song, plus an exceptional success).

She used Contracts of Elements (Air) to deafen Felix so that he could finish the job. She managed to keep singing until he finished, and then finally ran out of breath. She stopped singing, and the characters realized that the people sneaking up on them were changelings. They remembered, then, that according to some reports you could fight your way out of the Pit.

Meanwhile, Nox and Tom made it back into the Hedge, and some nine hours later, back to the Hollow and therefore the comic shop. But no one else was there, and the shop hadn't been opened (it was two days later than Nox remembered). Tom called Silas, stepping outside to do it (though Nox eavesdropped and heard that Silas was upset). Tom told Nox that Silas and the motley could come and find them, but it would take some time. Nox figured that the other PCs had gone into the Hedge looking for her (which isn't the case, but we'll save that conflict for a later date). Nox asked why Silas was upset, and Tom told her it was because he'd gone off on his own to look for his father. He called Silas back, and learned that they were stuck in traffic outside of Detroit.

A hunterheart leaped for Pretty Bill, and Sissie fired a bolt of sunlight at it and singed it (aggravated damage and all). It ran off, and Lisa shouted that there was no reason for them to fight - they could all escape. She succeeded, and the would-be combatants stopped and waited. Felix lit up the censer, and the smoke wafted straight up.

There was a bit of swearing, but Mickey turned into a falcon and flew up. She saw the smoke drifting into a passageway, into the Hall of Mirrors, and flew into the passageway, and out into the Hedge.

Meanwhile, Nox and Tom were in the Hedge. Nox told Tom that if they were going to go and find the others, they would need more Glamour. Tom showed her some berries in the Hedge that helped refill Glamour, but made you sad - so sad that if your Virtue is Hope (like Nox), you can't regain Willpower through it for a while. And then they saw the smoke, which Nox recognized as coming from the censer, and they ran off through the Hedge to find them.

At the entrance to the Hall of Mirrors, Mickey flew out into the Hedge and marked a nearby tree. She didn't, however, notice the Snowblind Beast sitting there like a huge pile of snow, and it grabbed her. It sniffed at her, and the sniffed at the smoke and leaned over toward the passage.

Mickey saw Skin & Bones behind the Beast. It gestured, and the Beast tumbled into the passageway. It lost its gripped on Mickey on the way down, and landed, covering everyone there in snow. It grabbed Hod, and Hod told it that it couldn't find Lofn down here. Hod bargained with the Beast, however, and said that if it got them (all of them, NPCs included) out of the Pit, he would find Lofn.

The Beast agreed, and filled the passage with snow, bursting out of the passageway at the top (and there was Nox!). Hod tried to pull the "I said I'd find Lofn, I didn't say when", but the Beast wasn't having that. "I only need you alive to find her," it said, gesturing at the other characters. He reached into his chest, and pulled out a little piece of his icy heart. "It won't burn," he said, "but it should melt well enough."

Felix started working on reconfiguring the censer, again, and Nox took Hod aside. She revealed what she had seen in her vision, and informed him that Lofn had stolen the "prize," which was probably Tom's father. Hod said that when Lofn showed up, or they found her, they would let the Beast fight her and lose and then everyone could get away safely. Nox said that that should include Hod; Hod was not committal on that point. And then Nox informed him that she had an icicle that, when broken, would grant her a favor from Lofn (this was something she obtained during her brief interaction with Lofn here). Hod is shocked by this, but doesn't have time to respond.

Because the Snowblind Beast has excellent hearing. And now it reaches for Nox...
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OK! So! Just ran Dresden, and am running Changeling in an hour and some change.

(Monthly games, see. August is rough, what with GenCon, and we couldn't find another day to play Dresden, so we played earlier today. Oddly, there's no overlap between players except for Michelle, and she'd be here anyway.)

Recall that Alice and Bo had left Leroy's ranch, while the other characters were scoping horses. Rusty and Opal went to the car to wait for Lou and Clive to finish up their card game and for Lou to assess the Lucredi Family's horse.

They did, all breaking even, and Lou noted that the jockey on the White Court horse (named "Veni, Vidi, Vici" - the horse, not the jockey) was Marlo Viconti, the jockey who had won a Derby a few years back. The Lucredi were going all-out for their jockey, at least. Lou used the Sight on the horse (not the jockey), and they left.

Alice texted Rusty and asked him to meet her at the library. She wanted to talk with Fitch, the gargoyle. They met up, bringing Bo (Lou needed to assess him, too). Lou, Rusty and Opal went to somewhere secluded and Lou spoke the incantation that changed Bo into a horse, and then used the Sight.

Meanwhile, Clive and Alice went up into the library, where Clive introduced her to Fitch and then let them speak alone. Alice, as it happened, wants to be pregnant and isn't above making a deal to force the issue. Fitch told her that she could make a deal with the Fae - putting the desire to procreate into an unsuspecting human (Bo) isn't by any means beyond them, but he wasn't sure what they would want. As a second option, he mentioned that there was a couple, a pair of thieves, who had come into a number of artifacts, one of which was a perfume bottle containing a love potion. A drop on a target's lips, and he would love the next person he kissed. The Valentines, the gargoyle said, was the couple, and if Alice wanted to find them, she could ask around. She ran in the same circles they did.

The characters reunited and went to get some dinner. Alice talked with Lou (when Bo wasn't around) and asked about the Valentines vs. faeries. Lou was pretty firm that the Valentines were a better bet - they wouldn't try to enslave anyone.

Lou needed to find Ian Blake's horse, and Opal (as the Keeper of the Race) concentrated for a moment and knew where it was - a little farm outside of town. She, Rusty and Lou went there, while Alice went home to Bo and Clive went to the movies.

The farm, according to the mailbox, belonged to the Berrymans. They knocked, and a slimy-looking dude with a bad combover answered. His accent was anything but Kentucky, and he introduced himself as "John." He showed the characters around to the stables, and Rusty, sniffing the air, smelled blood. Unable to let this go, he sneaked away and smelled death coming from the basement (I Can Smell Your Sins). He searched the house, and found a stack of mail by the front door - about three weeks' worth.

Meanwhile, Opal told John that she needed to talk to Ian Blake. John promised to pass along the message. Lou used the Sight on the horse ("Strigoi"), and murmured, "Well, that's disconcerting."

They left, and Rusty figured that the owners of the house were dead, probably in the basement. Lou promised that after the Race, they could burn the place.

Clive, walking out of the movie, felt a nudge from Phobos. He saw a woman, obviously afraid, walking toward a dumpster, but obviously unwillingly. He approached, and Blake stepped out of the shadows. The woman ran, and Blake snarled that Clive had cost him his lunch. Clive pointed out that he had plenty of blood, and maybe Blake should come get some?

They found. Blake slashed up Clive's chest with his claws, and Clive beat the vampire's face in. Lou, driving back from dropping Opal off at home (en route from a bar; Rusty was pretty drunk), stalled his car in front of the alleyway (Guide My Hand, basically). He came upon the scene and separated them. He told Blake to go feed elsewhere, and Blake disappeared into mist.

Lou took Clive to a doctor he knew. Alice, meanwhile, couldn't sleep, and texted Lou for the Valentines' number. She called, and got Georgina Valentine. She arranged to come see her (they were at an engagement at a restaurant, and would be there for a while yet). She asked Lou and Opal to come with her, but Opal decided that enabling her was a bad idea (You Can't Always Get What you Want) and Lou needed to clean Clive's blood of his seat. Clive, however, agreed to go.

He wasn't allowed into the reserved room at the restaurant (Very Scary). Alice talked with Tom Valentine, who sold her on the idea of the perfume (and beat her in social combat like whoa). She agreed to meet them, and to bring money.

And that's where we left that!

OK, then Changeling notes. )
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Changeling happened Saturday night. More specifically: read on. )
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Right, so. Lots to do. Check it out:

House of Cards. )

And then last night, I ran Changeling.

changeling! )
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Wow, Changeling twice in as many weeks. That doesn't happen often. So, last time... )
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Maybe not in that order.

Oh, and someone wanna pledge $599 and put us up to $6K so I can get working on the ghosts expansion? C'mon, you've all got money to burn, right?

(More seriously, if you could put the link to the Kickstarter somewhere conspicuous, I'd love you forever.)

So, dinner last night!

Chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, jarlsburg, tomato crackers.

Made a hash from the potatoes, including some salt, garlic salt, pepper, crumbled up crackers.

Pounded the breasts flat, rolled them up with some of the cheese and ground crackers, baked 'em. Yum.

Sauteed the carrots with salt and honey.

Very simple, very tasty.

Anyway, Promethean. )

OK, well, how about we do the Snowblind write-up while I'm thinking about it?

That's Changeling, remember. )

And then last night, Promethean. )
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Oy. OK, so, where the hell has Matt been?

I've been sick. Caught a flu from my son, I think, and I have been functionally dead for the last few days. As such, these game notes started Saturday when I thought I was running Changeling on Sunday and Leverage on Monday, but now things have changed a bit since both games were cancelled.

Changeling, obviously, continues, once we set a date for the next game. Leverage, I think we're calling the last session our cliffhanger finale, and I'll post a bit on my thoughts on the game at large at a later point. For now, though, I do want to have some notes on Snowblind, and then points and weight stuff.

OK, now for Snowblind. )

OK, now for points and weight. )
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Wait, what?

No, it's just I ran Changeling last night, and I want to do the write-up real quick while Michelle is using the kitchen to make delicious cake.


Changelings! )
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Points, first. )

Been trying to do this for, like, three days and I always get too busy. Now I have a couple of hours before I take the kiddos over to my mom's, but they're happily watching Peter Pan and decompressing after friends visited. This also gives me a chance to find my bearings for the final story of Snowblind.

Wow. This chronicle has been pretty satisfying, in part because it's stayed pretty focused. Yes, we've had some storylines with big implications (the Devourer and the demon in Trinity Cathedral, for instance), but for the most part the stories have focused on these characters and their movements through the year. We've seen lots of ancillary characters come and go, and the lineup for the last story isn't the same as for the first, but I feel like we've had some good resolutions to the plotlines thus far. And I also feel like we're going into the last story with a good sense of where we (like, the whole group) wants to go. And that's all I'm saying out loud. )
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OK, so, I need to count my points, it's easy to do it here, and I want to blog more anyway. So I'm going to put up my points every day, which you are cordially invited to ignore, and then something hopefully of interest, which you MUST READ. (Or not. I'm easy.)

I weighed myself yesterday. I'm at 240.4, which is more than I've weighed in a decade. Part of the issue is that I didn't go back to counting points in September like I should have, part of the issue is that I drank too much pop. Blargh. But anyway, I usually lose about 10 pounds a month, and I'm falling fairly naturally back into the swing of things, so when you see me in summer spring for Origins, I'm gonna look all svelte and stuff. I want to get down to about 200. 205 would be fine. Anyway:

My points from yesterday and today. )

OK, then. Now, Hunter/Mage (it's not really fair to say it's just a Hunter game anymore, as you'll see. Read on, dear reader. )
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Wait, first this. Michelle made me a mix CD for Xmas, and this was on it:

On we go! )

And I promised you a Tactic:

Blind Man's Bluff

Prerequisites: All: Wits 2, Composure 2. Partial (secondary): Brawl or Weaponry 2, (primary) Wits or Composure 3

Requires: 3. 5 or more bestows a -1 to all primary actors' roll

Dice Pool: Secondary: Wits+Composure. Primary: Strength + Weaponry or Brawl - Defense.

Action: Instant

Description: It's an unfortunate, but sadly not uncommon, situation for hunters to find themselves unable to see, but fighting a monster that has no problem navigating in the dark. This Tactic, developed by a cell in Erie in response to an insane mage with a penchant for Forces magic and assassination, works somewhat like Disappear (p. 221 of Hunter: The Vigil) in that it has one secondary actor supplying successes to a number of primary actors.

The secondary actor remains back from the combat, using some method of seeing in the dark (night vision goggles, an appropriate Endowment, or just a keen situational awareness and guesswork) to keep tabs on the target. She then calls out a series of coded directions, indicating where the primary actors should strike. The primary actors keep in contact with a series of taps and touches to avoid hitting each other in the melee. If all goes well, the target gets punched or struck. Obviously, though, this Tactic has a rather dangerous margin for error.

Organizations: At present, only one cell of hunters uses this Tactic, and they're not affiliated with any Compact or Conspiracy.

Potential Modifiers: Darkness (-3 to all rolls; this can be mitigated for the secondary actor if she has night-sight goggles or some other method of seeing the dark)

Roll Results:

Dramatic Failure: The secondary actor calls out the wrong codes, and everyone gets muddled. All primary actors' rolls suffer a -4, in addition to darkness penalties. If a primary actor rolls a dramatic failure, he positions himself in exactly the wrong place and the next primary actor to attack targets him instead.

Success: Successes on the secondary actor's roll are applied to all primary actors' rolls. Successes primary actors' rolls, of course, are applied as damage to the target.

Exceptional Success: No effect for primary actors other than the additional damage. An exceptional success on the secondary actor's roll, in addition to the dice pool bonus for the primary actors, allows the hunters to surround the target. The target loses its Defense for the rest of the turn.

To Purchase: 14 Practical Experience
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I'm in a meeting just at present. Well, not true, it hasn't started yet. But soon, and for the rest of the sodding afternoon. There are a thousand places I'd rather be, and that's without trying. Worst part is there are no outlets, so I can't plug my computer in, which means it's gonna die sometime before meeting's end.

I will, of course, listen dutifully to the meeting's contents. I'm sure it will be riveting.

Anyway. Changeling. )


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