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Well, they weren't actually falling, but it's fall.

Shut up. What you want from me.

Dinner first!

Chicken breasts, green chiles, pumpkin butter, pasta, rainbow carrots.

Easy enough. Spiced the chicken with cumin and salt, sauteed, finished in over. Fried the chiles in a little olive oil with some allspice, then chopped them up, tossed them with the feta and used that to top the pasta. Rainbow carrots I candied with milk, butter and the pumpkin butter. All very tasty.

Da game. )
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OK, so Monday night we played Mars of the Century. First dinnnnnner:

Rice, chicken breasts, artichoke hearts, blue cheese, avocados.

Not a hard basket. Cut up the chicken, cooked it with chili powder and cilantro and various other spices. Put the rice in the rice cooker with tequila and more cilantro. Cut up the avocados (which were really unripe), and crumble the cheese and cut it with some cotija. Toasted some tortillas, added sour cream and salsa, and bam, burritos. Very tasty.

And then the game. )
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Where do the days go?

To update:

  • Left-Hand Path will be done (from me) today and off to Michelle.
  • Going to read at least one story today.
  • Going to run Mermaid Adventures kind of soonish.
  • Ordered a proof copy of curse the darkness, which hopefully will get here this week and look perfect, which will then enable me to order several hundred more copies.

And now, Deadlands! )

So there, last night, Geist.

Chicken breasts, couscous, lavender, naan, peas.

Couldn't use my damn oven because it needed cleaning, so. Salted the chicken with a bit of lavender salt and smoked salt, sauteed in skillet. Cooked peas and couscous normally. Made a sauce with white wine, honey and the lavender. Sliced the naan into strips and toasted it in butter. Good stuff, I though.

And then, the Geist game. )
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Maybe not in that order.

Oh, and someone wanna pledge $599 and put us up to $6K so I can get working on the ghosts expansion? C'mon, you've all got money to burn, right?

(More seriously, if you could put the link to the Kickstarter somewhere conspicuous, I'd love you forever.)

So, dinner last night!

Chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, jarlsburg, tomato crackers.

Made a hash from the potatoes, including some salt, garlic salt, pepper, crumbled up crackers.

Pounded the breasts flat, rolled them up with some of the cheese and ground crackers, baked 'em. Yum.

Sauteed the carrots with salt and honey.

Very simple, very tasty.

Anyway, Promethean. )

OK, well, how about we do the Snowblind write-up while I'm thinking about it?

That's Changeling, remember. )

And then last night, Promethean. )
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So, today I made dinner for my kiddos and my girls, we watched A Bug's Life (mini-review forthcoming) and then the kiddos went to my mother's and we played Misspent Youth.

Persimmons, chicken breasts, corn mush, Gouda cheese, asparagus.

What? Asparagus again? )

Oh, so one other thing first. I took the kids roller skating on Saturday; here are some pictures.

Cael skating.

Teagan skating.

Both had fun. There were some spills, but they bounced back and both said they enjoyed it. Cael has a pretty impressive sense of balance for his age.

Right, so, Misspent Youth, then. )

Hrm. Food.

Nov. 5th, 2011 12:37 pm
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Rorshach is fine with a can of beans, uncooked. I'm slightly pickier.

OK, so, I have got to start blogging these as they happen. There are two pictures in my phone where I vaguely remember making the dinners, but buggered if I remember what I did, or, in one case, what one of the ingredients was (can't recognize it from the picture). So here's a bunch that I do remember, and I'll remember to blog tonight's dinner tonight or tomorrow.

Rainbow chard, cocoa nibs, ribeye steak, Israeli couscous, hard peach cider.

Oh, hell, what'd I do? Um. I cooked the couscous in the cider, I remember that. Ooh, I ground up the nibs with some coffee, salt, and various other spices and made a spice rub for the beef. The Sliced up, sauteed, maybe? Balls, don't remember. Let's try another one.

Squid ink pasta, chicken breasts, plums, apple cider, Nila wafers.

OK, this one I remember. Michelle's kids were in town, and they picked most of the ingredients (the pasta I had already decided on). So I ground up the Nila wafers with an equal amount of bread crumbs to offset the sweet (having learned this lesson with graham crackers), breaded the chicken with that and some herbs, and cooked 'em off in some olive oil. Pasta, duh, just cooked, but then I made a sauce with the cider reduced down, chopped up the plums, added some spices n' stuff. Tossed the pasta in that. Very tasty. Squid ink pasta is naturally salty, so having a sweeter sauce worked.

Bok choy, catfish, canned chicken (seriously, Michelle?), cranberries, spring roll wrappers.

Double meat. OK, then. I cut the leaves off the bok choy, sauteed with some onions, cooked off the cranberries in some wine, mixed all that with the chicken, blended it, used it to stuff the spring rolls and friend 'em in some oil. Catfish I just cooked off in the pan with some salt and other seasonings (sorry to be vague, I don't remember!). Bok choy I know I did simply; cut up into strips and sauteed in bacon fat, maybe?

Black tip shark, mangoes, purple potatoes, ginger, brussel sprouts.

Ooh! Shark! I don't normally buy shark on ethical grounds, but it was cheap and I wasn't sure about the sustainability of black tip (which aren't as big, as I recall). Anyway.

So, I'm not a fan of mangoes, but I'm warming to them. I made a mango salso (tomato, onion, lemon juice, mango) for the fish. I grilled the fish (marinaded: soy sauce, shredded ginger, salt). I made mashed purple potatoes with goat's milk (so as not to kill Michelle), and pickled the ginger in wine and mixed it in to the potatoes. In retrospect, I wish I'd have blended the ginger, but it was tasty.

Brussel sprouts, I sauteed in olive oil with some liquid smoke, which worked out nicely. First time I've made them without bacon.

Lobster, lemons, white rice, shallots, sun-dried tomatoes.

Originally it was applesauce rather than rice, but then I discovered I didn't have applesauce (I thought I had some handy). Which was good, because that was annoying me. Anyway, stir fry! Boiled the lobster with some lemon juice, thyme and butter, then took out the meat. Meanwhile, I made a stir fry with the tomatoes, shallots, some bamboo shoots and some water chestnuts, then mixed in the rice and the lobster. I made a sauce with lemon juice, soy sauce and some ginger and tossed that in. Good stuff.

OK, last one, but no damn picture because I was too busy cooking. Last night we had: Yams! Chicken breast! Cabbage! Pickles! Plum wine!

I poached the chicken in the wine, with some chicken broth and curry. I sliced the yams up into thin discs, and then made a mix of goat's milk and goat cheese, layered the discs with that, topped with white cheddar, pop into oven! I sliced up the pickles and the cabbage, added apples and carrots, and made a slaw (vinegar, sugar, oil) that turned out really nice.

Phew. I'm finally caught up.
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OK, it's been a while since I did this sort of write-up, except for the two I bundled with game write-ups. I've actually got a bit of a backlog. Since my routine is disrupted by my power being half-out (obviously not entirely out, else I wouldn't be able to write this), I shall show you what I've been cooking with this month:

Steak, raspberries, chiles in adobo, acorn squash, tapioca.

OK, what'd I do here? I know I cooked the steak with the chiles. Or rather, like, one of the chiles, so as to avoid making it too hot (because damn). Oh, right! I cut the acorn squash into wedges, boiled them to soften them, then fried them in a pan. Soaked the tapioca, boiled it, mixed in raspberries, probably some other stuff. Been a while.

Rum, salmon, chickpeas, coffee, celery.

Michelle gives me celery because she doesn't like it and wants to challenge me. Hmph. The answer is butter. I chopped up the celery, cooked in butter with onion and garlic, and it came out creamy and yummy and tender. I crusted the fish with the coffee (ground, of course). I soaked the chickpeas overnight, boiled them in stock, then roasted them with herbs in the oven. Used the rum with the fish, I think.

Salmon (again?), pasta shells, dried apricots, balsamic vinegar, tomatillos.

More salmon. Oh, right, I poached it in olive oil (saw that on Chopped, though it might worth a try. Cooked the pasta shells and stuffed them with a mixture of ricotta and the apricots (which I rehydrated in some white wine). Made a salad with tomatillo, onion, balsamic and goat cheese.

Clams, eggplant, dijon mustard, spaghetti, split peas.

Now we're getting to stuff I did recently (this was Tuesday). Soaked the clams, scrubbed 'em, soaked 'em again. Cooked the spaghetti. Cooked the split peas in stock and wine, made a cream sauce with the dijon mustard and goat milk (which doesn't kill Michelle). Tossed the noodles in the sauce, added the split peas, grilled the eggplant with the smoked salt and some olive oil, chopped that up, added that, steamed the clams, added those. Yum.

Leek, cauliflower, kale, white bass, saltines.

Looks like Michelle needs some vitamins! I sauteed the kale in some olive oil and added some balsamic vinegar and salt. That's really all that needed. Caramelized the leeks with some roasted garlic, then picked out the garlic and mixed it with some goat cheese. Boiled the cauliflower to get it tender, then topped it with the garlic'd cheese and put it in the oven. Salted and spiced the fish, cooked it skin-side down to get it cripsy. Good stuff.

Chicken breasts, green chiles, cheddar cheese, egg noodles, green apples.

Whew! Last one (this was last night). Shredded the apples with a potato and made potato/apple pancakes. Made a cheese/chile sauce (cheese, green chiles, goat milk, butter) for the noodles. Made some broccoli as well, since broccoli plays nice with cheddar. Put salt, mace and bread crumbs on the chicken and pan-fried it. Yum!
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Two Chopped posts. So, hey, let's cook!

Tilapia, barbecue sauce, broccoli rabe, Life cereal, canned oysters.

Not THE weirdest things I've ever used, but still. )

And then tonight:

Chicken breasts, Hershey chocolate syrup, oranges, carrots, eggs.

Much easier. )
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Friday night dinner for my Vampire players.

Chicken breasts, broccoli, filo dough, bacon, gouda cheese.

What would you do? )
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I have lots of posts to do today! Let's start low-impact, with Chopped.


Salmon, celery root, manchego, fingerling potatoes, quinoa.

What... )

Chicken breasts, carrots, rainbow chard, couscous, challah bread.

...would you... )

Red potatoes, potatoes, round steak, canned artichoke hearts, candied lemon peel stilton.!? )

OK, one down!
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Carrots, chicken breasts, black garlic, udon noodles, spring roll wrappers.

So, whatcha think? )
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Saturday! Awesome!

So, today we're going to soccer (me & the kiddos) and then I think to the zoo.

Some time ago, I made a Geist character after some inspiration from being at the zoo. I would like to take inspiration from today's visit, since I intend to make a character today. So, if you have a moment, maybe pop over here and tell me what game you think would get interesting chargen inspiration from a trip to the zoo?

ETA: You all suck, but we didn't wind up going anyway. Maybe you knew that because you're all psychic. All of you.

Last night we (Sarah and I; Michelle is chained to her computer writing a paper) went and saw Scream 4. I really enjoyed it. I think that by Scream 3, they had kind of lost the thread - not enough perspective on the state of horror to effectively reflect it the way Scream did. This one gets that mojo back, getting "meta" on remakes and reboots without succumbing to torture porn or losing what makes them feel like Scream movies.

And I love slasher movies, so it's always nice to see a good one.

So anyway! Two Chopped dinners and them I'm off!

Chicken breasts, quinoa, oranges, carrots, baby bok choy (not pictured).

Inspired by Mr. Wilson. )

And then:

Pork loin, orange juice, cheese cubes, red peppers, yams.

What would you do? )


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