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Well, they weren't actually falling, but it's fall.

Shut up. What you want from me.

Dinner first!

Chicken breasts, green chiles, pumpkin butter, pasta, rainbow carrots.

Easy enough. Spiced the chicken with cumin and salt, sauteed, finished in over. Fried the chiles in a little olive oil with some allspice, then chopped them up, tossed them with the feta and used that to top the pasta. Rainbow carrots I candied with milk, butter and the pumpkin butter. All very tasty.

Da game. )
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Tonight was Promethean. As it's still fairly early, I figure I'll do the write-up before bed.

Round steak, Asiago cheese, blue potatoes, kale, sweet peppers.

Easy enough. I sliced the taters thin, roasted them with some olive oil, and then topped it with the cheese (grated). Sauteed the round steak with the thyme and salt and Worchestire sauce, topped with more cheese. Steamed the kale. Sliced up the peppers, sauteed them in a pan with some sriacha and salt, used to top the steaks. All very tasty.

Now the game! )
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OK, so Monday night we played Mars of the Century. First dinnnnnner:

Rice, chicken breasts, artichoke hearts, blue cheese, avocados.

Not a hard basket. Cut up the chicken, cooked it with chili powder and cilantro and various other spices. Put the rice in the rice cooker with tequila and more cilantro. Cut up the avocados (which were really unripe), and crumble the cheese and cut it with some cotija. Toasted some tortillas, added sour cream and salsa, and bam, burritos. Very tasty.

And then the game. )
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Anyway, I'm two game write-ups behind. What else I gotta do today? I gotta do notes for tonight's Spirit of the Century game, and I gotta do art notes for Left-Hand Path. And I should respond to some logo emails, but I'm wary of getting bogged down with too much in one day (which has been the bane of my freaking existence all summer and is why I'm still feeling overwhelmed and why I've only made a couple of characters. Although I am at least keeping up with my movie project).

Right, so, Deadlands. )

And then Saturday was Dresden:

Radishes, pork chops, couscous, smoked ale.

Actually pretty happy with this one. Coated the pork chops in a mix of bread crumbs and Parmesan, broiled. Made a sauce out of Parmesan, the beer, some veggie stock and some assorted spices, for the couscous. Cooked the couscous in the broth, too. Candied the radishes the way I normally do carrots (milk and brown sugar), and left the greens raw as a side (with the sauce it was really good).

As for the game: )
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Where do the days go?

To update:

  • Left-Hand Path will be done (from me) today and off to Michelle.
  • Going to read at least one story today.
  • Going to run Mermaid Adventures kind of soonish.
  • Ordered a proof copy of curse the darkness, which hopefully will get here this week and look perfect, which will then enable me to order several hundred more copies.

And now, Deadlands! )

So there, last night, Geist.

Chicken breasts, couscous, lavender, naan, peas.

Couldn't use my damn oven because it needed cleaning, so. Salted the chicken with a bit of lavender salt and smoked salt, sauteed in skillet. Cooked peas and couscous normally. Made a sauce with white wine, honey and the lavender. Sliced the naan into strips and toasted it in butter. Good stuff, I though.

And then, the Geist game. )
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So, exciting news! The pdfs of curse the darkness went out to people yesterday. And I've already gotten an email telling me about a mistake! I'm a real game publisher! :)

(The mistake is pretty minor, really, and we'll correct it at some point, but it doesn't affect gameplay, it's just an inconsistency in the setting timeline. If I were following the 90s White Wolf "never admit a mistake" philosophy, I'd say something about narrator bias, but the truth is I just typed "three" when I meant "five" and no one caught it.)

Anyway, the game will go on sale for download from Drive-Thru RPG on August 1st. I want to give the Kickstarter backers a little time to obtain and read (and maybe even play, gasp!) the game before it goes live for purchase. Plus I need to give Nicole some time to get our website going.

The print books...well, it's in the works. There are things going on with the pdfs that are art or layout related and therefore I don't understand them, but the people who do understand them (Michelle and Gareth and Matt) inform me that things are progressing. Hopefully, hopefully, we'll get the books by GenCon. If we get the books before GenCon, we will have books and Kits at GenCon if I have to pull all-nighters to get them assembled.

What else am I working on? Well, let's see.

  • Left-Hand Path for Mage. I need to be done with development by 8/1. It's, what, 7/19 now? That shouldn't be a big issue. What's the weekend look like? Er, kinda choppy. Well, certainly I can get at least some of it done, and then probably finish it next week. A little extra time for Michelle to edit would be welcome, I'm sure.
  • That Fiction Thing. I have a bunch of stories to read, and a bunch more stories to read, and some more stories coming tomorrow to read. These I can do over the weekend because they're only 4000 words a pop, and that's quick reading. So let's commit to one a day, and try to do two.
  • Ghost rules for curse the darkness. I'm looking forward to it, but I never think about it when I'm at a computer. I think I can get them done by GenCon.
  • Custom scenarios for curse the darkness backers. These will take me all of an hour to do. I'd like to get them done and laid out in something resembled the book's format, but doing that before GenCon might be a stretch. I think I may have to just do it in Word and cook it down to a pdf, but that shouldn't be a big problem. I told them I'd try and get them done by GenCon, but that it might slip past that.
  • Project with Sean Fannon. Skype meeting today, deadline is in early September, I think I'm gonna have to let the real work slip to after GenCon.
  • Story for We Are Dust. Almost done. I've been saying "I'll do it today" all week and then other stuff keeps cropping up. Definitely done by Monday.
  • curse the darkness playset for Our Last Best Hope. Got the template, but I don't there's any way I'm getting it done before GenCon.
  • Oh, and I'm also a GM! I have to take notes for Deadlands tonight, Geist Saturday, Mermaid Adventures Sunday, nothing Monday because that's Michelle's GM night, but then I should take notes for Dresden next week at some point.

OK, so that's enough. For today, let's do this:

  • Light housecleaning.
  • Game notes for the weekend.
  • Make a damn character.
  • Movie write-up.
  • Game write-up.
  • Read 2 fiction pieces.
  • Start development pass.
  • Skype meeting.

Jesus. Best get to it.

Game write-up - Armies of Mars! )

Oh, right, dinner that night:

Carrots, pork chops, crab paste, white rice.

It would be a completely straightforward basket, except crab paste. And holy shit, that stuff is like the Platonic ideal of "crab" in a goddamn tube.

So, I was pressed for time. Candied the carrots with brown sugar and milk and some salt, sauteed the pork chops with some smoked salt, cooked the rice in chicken stock in my rice cooker, and made a salad from carrot tops, tomato and cucumbers with a crab paste vinegarette dressing. There!
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Geist last night. Dinner first.

Black bass, broccoli, rice noodles, eggplant, elderflower marmalade.

I know, weird, right?

I cut off the fish heads and cooked them in chicken stock (didn't have any fish stock) with some onion and the broccoli stems for a while, until it reduced down and took on the flavor of the fish. Then I strained out the fish heads and bones (but missed some, dammit) and boiled it, and then added in the noodles and the fish.

Meanwhile, I'd cut up the broccoli crowns and the eggplant and sauteed them a bit, so when the stew was ready I just added them in, along with some bok choy.

With the jelly, I made a sweet & sour sauce with some vinegar, rice wine and chili sauce.

And then topped the stew off with a poached egg. Kinda like bibimbap.

And then the game. )
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My pay was docked about $500 last paycheck. I have no idea why. Seems to have been a glitch. I called my supervisor, she mentioned that it had happened to someone else, too. I'd spoken to payroll and had them send over a correction form, which I then had to sign and send to her.

And a little voice in my head said, "print the form, sign it, then physically go to her, watch her sign it, and then take it to payroll personally."

Thing was, I had the kids, that was inconvenient, and I can do all of this via scanner and fax. So I did that. And I sent her a follow-up email asking for confirmation. Nothing, but she's not the most communicative of people anyway.

Today I emailed her again asking for a status update. I got an out-of-office reply. She's gone until the 17th of July. I called payroll. No form.

For fuck's sake. $500 is a not-inconsiderable portion of my check. The only reason I was able to deal with it was because Michelle's gone up to full time for her job for the summer and her extra income made up the difference, but if I actually lose that money I'm sort of fucked. But seriously, why would this not be something you'd resolve before you left work for three weeks?

I've got a call in to someone else in ORS, and she's really the person who knows her ass from her elbow where payroll is concerned. Next step, I guess, is call my union rep. But FFS.

Update: Called the department secretary, and she's fixing it all up. Duh. Never go to the suit. Always go to the secretary. Anyway.

In other news, I sent in an application to be on Chopped. I'm a little terrified. I mean, I have no idea if it'll happen; I don't know that I'm interesting enough to be on TV (and this is for an amateur special, of course, because I'm nothing like a trained chef). But I love the show, and I love to cook, so what the heck. I don't actually harbor any illusions that I'd win, but it'd be fun to play.

With that in mind, last night:

Tilapia, golden zucchini, cherries, seaweed topping, french bread.

French bread. Oy. I don't wanna make crostini.

So I scooped the middles out of the zucchini, cooked said middles in milk with the seaweed topping, added some sriacha, blended, added some of the bread because it was too thin, blended more. Roasted the hollowed-out zucchini and then added the mixture back in and roasted it some more.

The cherries I cooked in some rum with some lemon juice for a while, and then strained out the cherries and saved the sauce for the fish.

The fish I sauteed with a bit of black salt and lemon juice, and then topped with some steamed asparagus, the sauce and some of the topping.

Good stuff, all in all.
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Actually, it's been a pretty productive day and it's only 10AM. I've added the character examples from the backers to the curse the darkness drafts (those that have answered the question - looking at you [personal profile] digitalraven), I've uploaded the picture from foodstuff yesterday, and here you go:

Lamb kidneys, asparagus, dried chiles, wild rice, red onion.

Never made kidney before. Hmm.

Rice/chiles: Cooked in veggie broth, then added the chiles (chopped, seeds removed). Result: Lovely. Nice earthy rice with a touch of heat from the chiles, but they weren't hot enough to make it hurt.

Asparagus: Roasted in the oven with garlic and olive oil. Simple. Result: Yummy, but I make asparagus like this all the time.

Kidneys/onion: Soaked the kidneys in milk. Chopped the onion and sauteed them in a pan with olive oil. Coated the kidneys in bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese, which didn't stick, but mixed with the juices and made a nice gravy-like sauce. Result: I really liked them, actually. I'm totally gonna have to try to make steak and kidney pie. Offal is cheap, too, so I might experiment with other kinds. Sadly, Michelle and I might be the only ones who eat it.

And then the Dresden game. )
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OK, so. Last night. )

Actually, looking at the character sheets now, I don't actually have to do anything for the Mementos that folks have, so I'll just rejigger Sarah's power sheet and call it a day.

Oh, also cooked last night:

Beef brisket, artichokes, plums, pigeon peas, goat cheddar.

What would you do? )

  • Finish cleaning kids' rooms.
  • Do write-up from last night's Geist game, and if I get really ambitious, last week's curse the darkness game.
  • Finish mowing the lawn.
  • Work on Hunters Hunted 2 redlines. (Not done, but worked on 'em.)
  • Shoot video for curse the darkness.
  • Assemble stuff for Origins' games.
  • Play some L.A. Noire.
  • Make a character.
  • Figure out stats/mechanics for mementos for Geist characters, which I forgot to do after the last game.
  • Watch Dead Man with Michelle.
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Maybe not in that order.

Oh, and someone wanna pledge $599 and put us up to $6K so I can get working on the ghosts expansion? C'mon, you've all got money to burn, right?

(More seriously, if you could put the link to the Kickstarter somewhere conspicuous, I'd love you forever.)

So, dinner last night!

Chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, jarlsburg, tomato crackers.

Made a hash from the potatoes, including some salt, garlic salt, pepper, crumbled up crackers.

Pounded the breasts flat, rolled them up with some of the cheese and ground crackers, baked 'em. Yum.

Sauteed the carrots with salt and honey.

Very simple, very tasty.

Anyway, Promethean. )

OK, well, how about we do the Snowblind write-up while I'm thinking about it?

That's Changeling, remember. )

And then last night, Promethean. )
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Been meaning to do this all week. Haven't. Hang on.

OK. Last night we play our first session of Geist. I'd been meaning to pull out my copy of the book and the character sheets and take some notes, but I just hadn't had time, and then it was game time! Shit.

I had vague stirrings of inspiration from this song:

But only just. And then I grabbed my copy of Eureka!, and flipped it open, and there it was. My plot. Bang-ba-doo-bang.

Oh, before we get started: Our Kickstarter is, as of a couple of seconds ago, at $4739. We are $301 away from our funding goal, so I'm pretty sure we'll make that in the next 39 days, but wouldn't it be awesome to get to $6000 and have rules for ghosts in curse the darkness or to $7500 and have a fiction anthology, well, then pledge and help us boost the signal! (Some of you already have, and you're awesome.)

Oh, and!

Steak, ramps, beer, eggplant, rainbow carrots.

Salted/peppered the steaks, cooked 'em in the skillet, flipped 'em, added a gratin made of manchego, bread crumbs and garlic salt. Into oven to melt and finished.

Carrots: Sauteed to a light sear in the pan with some olive oil and salt.

Ramps: Used the bulbs to make the sauce, sauteed the greens.

Beer: Made a sauce with the ramp bulbs, beef stock, manchego, mozzarella, Parmesan.

Eggplant: Sliced thin and boiled, used as a kind of a base.

Verdict: Steak was awesome, sauce was awesome, carrots were awesome. Eggplant was kinda boring; should've grilled it but I didn't have a spare burner.

Ok, then, game. )

Players, don't read this next bit.

This bit. )
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So, first off, I made dinner last night. I usually cook for my gamers, I just haven't been writing up Chopped dinners of late because I'm lazy. But I'll do this one. FOR YOOOOOOUUUU.

Papaya, steak, rock shrimp, rainbow carrots, yucca.

What would you do? )

And the we played our final session in The Severed Bridge. Last time, the characters were on Dwight's boat headed out into Lake Erie. They figured they'd go to Kelly's Island, not far from Cedar Point, and see if anyone was there. As they headed out, Ichiro was in the cabin, seasick (his player got held up at the hospital getting insulin). As they got closer to the island, they got a radio contact. Someone on Kelly's Island asked if someone named "Ee-Chy-Ro" was on board. Dwight said there was, and the man said that this guy had shot his friend.

Dwight asked Ichiro about this, but Ichiro claimed the only one he'd ever shot was Jack (last session). Dwight said that maybe there had been a mistake, but then the guy on the radio said that he'd heard Ichiro was shipping out with someone called Dwight...and Trey heard a motor. And then they saw the helicopter coming in.

Cherie went into the cabin (her player had to go pick Ichiro's player up, and she didn't have enough cards in her bank to be part of a Removal Challenge anyway). One guy was leaning out of the chopper with a gun. Dwight took a shot at the rotor and missed (which gave him enough cards in his bank to be part of the Removal Challenge).

Trey and Dwight both took shots at the rotor, while Darla (who had experience hunting with her father) shot at the guy with the gun. All three of these actions were lighting a candle. Darla's player drew Fail/Stay, meaning she missed and I would normally get three Between Points. But seeing as how I already had two, her player didn't want that to happen, so she decided to curse the darkness, making her essential choice. That means her character can't light a candle in subsequent Removal Challenges, but I don't get my Between Points.

Meanwhile, though, both Trey and Dwight drew Succeed/Stay, meaning they immediately gain a section of Wick. That was three for both of them, which allowed them both to make the essential choice and light a candle.

The rotors shredded themselves and the chopper went down. And here we paused and played Rock Band while the other players returned.

OK, then, they got back. Everyone made Stamina Challenges to avoid flying shrapnel. Dwight and Ichiro were hit and wounded (card-capped in Stamina). Trye patched them up and Exhausted himself in both Stamina and Focus, so he sat down for a while to rest. Darla saw that the pilot of the chopper was trapped and beating on the glass. Not wishing to let the guy drown, she turned the boat around and pulled up next to him. The characters broke the glass and hauled him to safety.

His name was Bert, and he claimed that he wasn't told anything about what he was meant to do, only to fly out to the boat. Dwight took his gun and had a little powwow with the others. Ichiro favored throwing him in the drink, maybe with a plank of wood, since the folks from Kelly's would likely be here soon. Cherie didn't disagree, but Dwight and Darla weren't comfortable with that. Darla said: "Meredith would have let him stay," which sparked a nice Memory Conversation about Meredith that resulted in some Memory Points getting tossed around, which was welcome.

In the end, they put the choice to Bert: Float here and wait for rescue or come with us. Bert said that he didn't figure he'd be in demand on Kelly's now that the chopper was gone, so he came with the characters.

They decided to head to North Bass Island, skipping by Kelly's Island. They could see the rides from Cedar Point in the distance (and Dwight mentioned that he'd gone through there, just to see an abandoned amusement park). As they headed north, a speedboat zipped up. A man in it asked if they were heading toward North Bass. Dwight said they were, and the man said they were welcome - there were about 100 people there, they had electricity and so on, and were happy to have other people around. Just one thing - no guns.

This sparked some conflict with the characters, because they'd already seen that folks were still quite willing to shoot each other. But the man was adamant - they'd had gunplay before and it had called down Them, so they instituted a no-gun rule. The characters eventually agreed to lock their guns in a lock-box on the boat and leave it moored here for the time being, and the man was amenable to that. Ichiro tried to conceal a gun, but Dwight noticed and relieved him of it before they got on the raft, left the boat moored, and the speedboat towed them in.

When they got there, though (and by now everyone had three cards in the bank again), there was smoke in the distance. They ran into the island and found a house burning...which started our last Removal Challenge. They also saw hulking shapes in the trees...Them.

Cherie grabbed for a stick to use as a weapon. Ichiro raced into the building to find anyone still alive. Trey joined the bucket brigade, and Dwight grabbed a fire extinguisher to use on Them (all of these actions light a candle). Darla, who had to curse the darkness, just waited for instructions.

Darla drew Succeed/Stay, Dwight and Ichiro drew Succeed/Leave, Trey and Cherie drew Fail/Stay. Cherie and Dwight decided to swap, as did Darla and Ichiro.

So Ichiro ran into the house and found a woman under a table, yelling for help. He picked her up and headed for the door, but his leg wounded, he yelled for Darla. Darla ran in and helped them get out, but then the house collapsed, killing her.

Dwight fumbled with his extinguisher as one of The loomed over him. Cherie grabbed a stick and smacked the monster, and It simply turned, grabbed her, and retreated into the Between. Dwight never had a chance to react.

Trey, and the rest of the bucket brigade, did their best but simply weren't successful. The house burned.

Now, at this point, Ichiro lit a candle because he filled in his last section of Wick. Succeed/Leave strips me of five Between Points, while Fail/Stay gives me three, so I net -4, or zero. So Cherie's player is the only one who hadn't made the essential choice. It was late, and we didn't feel like doing a whole other session for that, so we took the ensuing Memory Conversations as read and let her light a candle so we could resolve the game. She did write Bert into memory, though, so she would have someone to play during the last scene.

The man they talked to earlier said that he wasn't sure what had called down Them (something else we'd have explored with more time), but that the characters were welcome to stay. Trey, the only character left who'd seen the bridge fall in Cleveland, said he was tired of running anyway, and Dwight agreed that this would be a fine place to hang around. They went back out to the boat to collect their supplies, achieving their goal - to find a place to stay that's safe, or as safe as possible.

And that's it for that story! Next up (with this group), we're playing Geist: The Sin-Eaters.

Points. )
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I really like the LJ format, and I'm not quite ready to give that up, especially since I use it so much. But LJ itself is a little too teetery for me. So we're giving this a go. This, therefore, is my test case.

I was going to make a Fae Noir character, but importing my LJ took fucking forever (can't imagine why, it's only, what, 10 years old with 2000+ entries), so instead I'm going to get caught up on Chopped dinners. That'll give me a chance to see how well this journal handles importing pictures, anyway.

Oh, wait, balls, it doesn't. Gotta upload it to LJ and then link it here. Hrmph.

Oyster mushrooms, coconut flake, tofu, rice noodles, bamboo shoots.

This was last night (reverse chronological order, why not). This looks like stir fry, yeah? So I cut up the tofu and fried it with the coconut and some curry. I stir-fried the bamboo shoots with some water chestnuts and then added some veggies I'd cooked the night before (needed to use 'em). Make a sauce with beef broth, fish sauce, soy sauce and the mushrooms, and then cut up the mushrooms for inclusion in the stir fry. Oh, and cooked the noodles to mix in, obviously.

This was really good. I don't normally like mushrooms, but these were tasty. Maybe I've just been eating the wrong kind.

Lemons, kupa, pork chops, chard, grapes.

This was for the Changeling game the other night (this one. I put some sesame oil on the grapes and popped them in to oven. I soaked the chops in lemon juice (from the lemons, doy), salt, soy sauce, and then sauteed 'em. I just boiled the chard because I was running out of time by then, but I made some jasmine rice, too. Oh, also sauteed the kupa with some butter and salt.

Pineapple juice, peppers, perch, pretzel rods, parsley root.

It's a theme, get it? Or rather a ptheme.

Anyway, I pickled the ppeppers (red wine, cider vinegar). I made a puree of the parsley root and added in a potato for to cut the flavor a bit. I fried the perch in some olive oil, I'm sure I seasoned it with something, but buggered if I can remember right now. Oh, right, then made a sauce with the pineapple juice, some ginger, some soy sauce.

Oh, wait, I remember! I crusted the perch with the crumbled-up pretzel rods! Makes sense.

And there ya have it!
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Not doing as many Chopped dinners lately. This kind of makes me sad.

Tilapia, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, biscuit dough.

Lots of produce. So, roasted veggies, yes please. Sliced the taters and carrots into chunks, rubbed with olive oil, garlic and rosemary, into a baking dish, into the oven, boom.

Biscuits, too. Didn't know what else to do with the dough other than make biscuits.

I made a bacon gravy with (duh) bacon fat, broth, salt, milk. Put that on the biscuits. I breaded the fish with bread crumbs and herbs, and sauteed.

Fish turned out really well, actually, as did the gravy.
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Saturday's Misspent Youth game was down a player, as [ profile] arkhamhorror was dying of space pigs, but we soldiered on. Hut, two, three, etc. )

And then, dinner:

Bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, corn meal, pomegranates.

We were down a player, and therefore missing an ingredient. So I decided sammiches sounded good. First, actually, I made a polenta from the corn meal, and added some fresh basil. Good starchy side.

Then made grilled sandwiches with the cheese, bacon, some onions sauteed with the bacon, and some shredded carrots. Topped with a fried egg, and then I made a pomegranate aioli. All in all, good stuff, and I totally subscribe to the "top the sandwich with a fried egg" philosophy. Mmm, yolk.
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Last night, I ran Hunter. Oh, I also cooked:

Rump roast, white cheddar, beets, angel hair pasta.

Cut the beef into medallions (no way it'd cook in the time I had any other way), seasoned it, made a gratin with the grated cheese, some rosemary and other herbs.

Pickled the beets in cider vinegar and red wine. Made a red wine sauce for the pasta. Done and done! Oh, wait, sauteed the beet greens in some sesame oil.

And then, Hunter. )
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Last night was the last session in my Autumn story in Snowblind. I'll have more thoughts on the chronicle as a whole later on, but right now I just want to get the write-up done before I have to go coordinate today's photo shoot for curse the darkness.

Oh, and if you're not following @play_attention on Twitter, you're missing out on all the funny things my gamers say! Here, I'll link to make it easier.

Tilapia, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, quinoa.

Not the hardest basket I've ever had. Cooked in the quinoa in broth, that's easy enough. Steamed and then salt-roasted the cauliflower, and make a sauce with the cheese and some goat's milk.

The tilapia, I took a suggestion from one of the players and cooked it en papillote, which is French for "in Dad's pills" or something. Wrapped the fillets in parchment paper with some lemon juice, fresh thyme, salt and some orange segments. They came out perfect - soft and flaky and tasty. Totally using that preparation for other stuff. Thanks, French!

Anyway, Changeling. )
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So, today I made dinner for my kiddos and my girls, we watched A Bug's Life (mini-review forthcoming) and then the kiddos went to my mother's and we played Misspent Youth.

Persimmons, chicken breasts, corn mush, Gouda cheese, asparagus.

What? Asparagus again? )

Oh, so one other thing first. I took the kids roller skating on Saturday; here are some pictures.

Cael skating.

Teagan skating.

Both had fun. There were some spills, but they bounced back and both said they enjoyed it. Cael has a pretty impressive sense of balance for his age.

Right, so, Misspent Youth, then. )
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I'm very seriously considering porting this journal over to Dreamwidth. Anyone have opinions? I know several folks have already made that switch.

Last Tuesday, the country pulled its head out of its ass just a bit. Hopefully, this continues for, oh, the rest of my life at least. As I've said a couple of times, now, when you screw the poor long enough, what generally happens is that they rise up and eat you. I'd like not to have to raise my kids during a societal collapse, as much as I enjoy post-apocalyptic games.

On that subject, work continues on curse the darkness. Nothing really new to report; another photo shoot next weekend, which I'm greatly looking forward to, and we're looking for someone to do graphic design for the book.

Misspent Youth Sunday, Hunter Monday (which will need some prep), and Changeling next Saturday (also need some prep). I'm happy we got to play Leverage last week, 'cause I was getting shaky there. :)

OK! Heather and Aaron are out of town this weekend, so I'm taking the kiddos swimming tonight and roller skating tomorrow. So must wrap up here, wake the boy, go fetch the girl, and hit the pool.

Skate, mandarin oranges, Israeli couscous, asparagus, cinnamon-apple white cheddar.

That's a weird cheese, yes. What would you do? )


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