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Yay Xmas break! OK, so, here's what I want to do over Xmas break:

  • Make a bunch of characters. I just added some games to the list, and I want to make some headway.
  • Finish the damn Edge of Midnight soundtrack. You know, for the that ended 13 months ago.
  • Work on curse the darkness some more.
  • Run some games! (Running Low Life tonight, actually, and I'm going to run Cat for Teagan at some point.
  • Snuggle kids, hang with family, give gifts, eat food, etc.

There ya have it. Now let's kick things off with the write from last night's Changeling game! )
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I know, remember this chronicle? The one that finished up in...Jesus, November? I'm finally getting around to working on the soundtrack. Yes, I'd love some suggestions.

But here's the thing: I'm not doing songs for characters like I usually do. I'm doing songs for scenes, one per episode (I always envisioned this game as a TV show, probably on HBO or something). I've got 12, I think. I need 9 more.

So below the cut, I've got the episodes and the scenes I want to illustrate, with songs for the 12 I've filled in. Any help would be appreciated. Cliiiiiiicky. )
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I'm home from work today. Hear that? That's about as a loud as I can talk. As an SLP, I place myself on vocal rest today.

Anyway, last night was the last session of Edge of Midnight (running a game might have contributed to why I can't talk today, but it was already going that way), so the write-up is below. But first, thoughts.

There's a thread over on complaining about how the "big truth" in EoM isn't anything to write home about. I defended it, a bit, but the truth is that I used what was in the book as a springboard to tell the story I wanted to. I used the info in the books mostly as written, but added a lot of my own tweaks. The Goodnight Announcer's weird relationship with his brother, for instance, was all mine, as was the odd trifecta of Miroir/Valmont/Chaviteau (more on that anon). None of this was out of left field, if you read the books, it's just that I improvise a lot when I run games and sometimes the stuff I come up with in-game doesn't easily jibe with what's in the books. But I like using a synthesis of printed material and what happens in play anyway.

Anyway, I think EoM works just fine as written. Whether the "truth" is neat enough for you is up to you and your own sensibilities; yes, it leans heavily on Dark City, but that's a good enough inspiration. I think it's worth noting that you could remove that element of the game, flesh out the bits of world that don't get explained (like other countries) and run a weird "noir-game-with-magic" for years, based on how much info is provided even in one city write-up in Naked City.

The system: I like it. Nice and simple. Combat takes some planning and some getting used to, but guns and explosions will fuck you up, and that's good (taking a fifth point in Build seems to make a lot of difference, as you'll see). Magic, we discovered, is awesome if you keep your spells small, but go for the big stuff and you will eventually fuck yourself up. Seriously, every time we had magic combat, the loser wasn't determined by who did better, but who screwed up first.

Oh, also, having now run 21 sessions of Edge of Midnight, I can safely say that the character I made sometime back is perfectly viable.

OK, enough rambling. Fade in. )
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See, I could go to sleep. I should, really. But I'm feeling awake, and I'd rather do this game write-up now while it's fresh in my mind than wait until tomorrow afternoon.

So here we go. Incidentally, if for any reason you don't want to be spoiled on the Big Truth from Edge of Midnight, don't click. )
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You might note the lack of a Goodnight Announcer voice post. That wasn't an accident. :)

On we go. )
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Same drill. Voice now, game update later.

And the music in question:

Here's the update. )
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Usual drill. Here's the Goodnight Announcer, previewing tonight's game. Actual write-up to follow.

And here's the story. )
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I'll post the actual game write-up tomorrow. For now, just listen to the voiceover. Consider a teaser.

OK, it's tomorrow. I'm editing!

Because it's Midnite! )
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No point in pleasantries, not this late. I will say, though, that this session has some spoilers for Edge of Midnight in general. Be warned.

Gunshots! )
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So! We got to get all noir-y for the first time in a few weeks, and we're actually doing it again next week (and then taking a little hiatus, and then playing a one-shot of Necessary Evil, but I'm getting ahead of myself).

The explosions continue, almost. )
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OK, let's start slow. I have this habit of getting too many goals on my plate (mmm, tasty goals) and then not getting enough done and my leisure time/family time suffers.

So, goals for this weekend:

1) Game (Geist tomorrow, Changeling Sunday).
2) Do game writeups (Edge of Midnight in this post, the rest as they happen).
3) Clean something. Office or living room, not sure which yet.
4) Do one character. Not sure what game.
5) Get budget for Origins in order (which is already partly done).

That looks pretty safe. Now, into that are family stuffs and a picnic on Sunday with the lovely [ profile] jennhen11 and family, so while it might seem minimal, it actually is enough that I won't feel lazy. :)

Let's get started!

Noir turns bright and burning. )
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Seriously, what the fuck?

Money shot: To put it simply this is a publicity stunt. The blood bathers section includes accurate detail on how to dispose of a body. Most people would not think of these without having had, at least, an undergraduate course in forensics or police procedure. It also includes advice on how to minimalize the chance of detection and federal involvement while engaging in serial murder. This goes well beyond simply role a d10 and see if you succeed. Non US based retailers may want to check their countries laws before stocking this book.

Yeah, because I've totally had extensive schooling in forensics and police procedures. Or maybe I just did a little digging online and made shit up, the way I always do when I'm writing WW stuff. Fuck me, they really will let anybody review for RPG.Net, won't they?

Anyway. Last night was the beginning of "season two" of Edge of Midnight, if you will. I did a voiceover, but I didn't record it, so we'll just go straight into the write-up. )
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I was going to include a little rant about something I got over email today (not personal, just not a cool email), but I think I'll do that in a different entry since I want to f'lock it.

As such, I've got nothing of great importance to say. It's been a strange week in the world (lots of shootings, and then today in Arkansas a day care provider accidentally served windshield wiper fluid to 10 kids in lieu of Kool-Aid - no, really), but not so much for me. For me it's been a more or less standard, even good, week. Yeah, I'd like to be done with this SAS (which I suspect is going to run over word count - sorry, [ profile] eddyfate!), because I'd like to have my evenings free for Assassin's Creed, movies, family time, sleep, etc. But really, I've got nothing to complain about.

Tell ya what: Here's what I've been doing in therapy lately. I've got this awesome book of stories, mostly fairy tales, with some good illustrations (there's a version of "The Little Mermaid" in which the pictures look kinda Vince Locke-ish, which is neat) and pre-made worksheets in the back. The worksheets work a variety of skills, which is awesome because it means I can use the same story for most of my kiddos and then work on everything from phonological awareness to vocab to inference/prediction to articulation etc. The story of the week is "The Three Wishes," in which a woodcutter and his wife get three wishes from a fairy (in return for sparing her tree). The man inadvertently wishes for sausages for dinner, the wife gets mad and wishes them to hang from his nose, and of course they have to use the last wish to get the sausages off (whereupon they eat them and are glad to have dinner that night, which is more than they had going in).

The kids like it, not least because the picture of the dude with sausage on his nose is funny. But I always lead into it by asking the kids what they would wish for. Mostly it's to be rich, one kid wanted to live forever because he's afraid to die, sometimes a kid wants to stay healthy or something, but mostly it's riches, cars, big house, etc.

So, while there are things I'd wish for, I'm happy to be eating tonight (though not sausages, more's the pity, but they're a lot of points).

And now, the final chapter in this particular story of Edge of Midnight. )
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Using my Rorschach icon in honor of the movie tonight. Which I'm planning on enjoying thoroughly. I'll post a review later.

Anyway, last night was Edge of Midnight, so here...comes...the update!

Off to jail! )

Just realized I never changed the security settings on this post. I'm a doofus.
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Into the black (well, noir) once again. Complete with voice-over.

And away we go. )
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Oscar week, y'know, and we watched Wanted the other night. The first third or so was pretty, if not especially compelling. And then, by the end, we had descended into such self-entitled wankery that I couldn't wait to turn it off. For me to say that about an action movie is significant, because usually I couldn't give a shit about things like that as long as the action scenes are good (witness: I love Equilibrium, even though it makes no goddamn sense).

This movie, though, wasn't even good popcorn. The violence was gratuitous. The plot was soup. And you only get one, too-brief shot of Angelina Jolie's ass.

No, seriously, my complaint about her was that she was a waste of money. She brought nothing interesting to the role because the role was fluff. They should have gotten some new, fresh-off-the-bus actress to do the role. Instead, they stocked the movie with talented sucked.

Ah, well. It was nominated for the right categories.

And now, Edge of Midnight! )
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Still sick. Bloody sore throat (not literally bloody, just sore). Worse, though, is that I somehow pulled my back yesterday, and it's flaring up like a motherfucker today.

Heather asked earlier if I was planning to push through today and pay for it tomorrow, meaning run my Mage game anyway, even though I feel like hell. Answer: Heck yes. I always recover during the middle of the day, the game should be done by 7 or so, giving me enough time to crash out quite early (I went to bed at 9:45 last night) and rise-n-shine for school tomorrow.

Mind, if I still feel like this tomorrow, I'd be very tempted to take the day off. I'm horribly behind on writing; I finished Underwear, yeah, but I just can't get rolling on this other project, and my SAS is looming. What I may do is try and figure out the SAS at least in spirit for next week's one-shot. That'll mean I might not make the log of it public right away, but ya never know.

Speaking of game write-ups, I've been too fried the last couple of days to do the write-up from Thursday's Edge of Midnight game, so let's us do that now, and then get set for murder, mayhem, and mages! Yee-ha!

No voiceover today. Saving my voice. )
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It's snowing. Again. Which probably means I'm going to have to plow my driveway when I get back from running around with Teagan today. Plowing my driveway isn't as much fun as you might think.

Anyway, Thursday we played Edge of Midnight, and then yesterday between working on The Boy Can Sing and having an absolutely yummy dinner with Teagan, [ profile] ladycoyote and [ profile] hot493, I didn't get to doing the writeup. So here we go.

Also, a general question for the movie buff: Mad Max - WTF?

The plot thickens. )


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