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So, in honor of Xmas and everyone being around to play Deadlands, figure I'll do an Xmas special. This is Nikolai in the saloon, the Xmas tree being decorated, telling stories about Xmas back home in Mother Russia. He tells them the story of how Xmas was almost ruined one day by a horrible green monster that came down from the mountain and stole all the presents on the first night, all the decorations on the second night, and was coming back to steal all the children on the third night.

This is the standard holiday special in which the characters take on different characteristics of folks in the story. So Nikolai is Santa Claus, Lillie is the Whispering Witch (lives up on a hill); Suzi is Lady of the Hearth; Shortstop is Ivan, the plucky little boy; and Sheriff Mark is the Bogatyr, the mystical knight from beyond the city.

The horrible green monster, I'll just use Night Horror (p. 102) and maybe some ghouls or something as minions. Basically it's a save Christmas kind of scenario. Ho, ho ho!
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Which happens in about 25 mintues. Yiii. Read more... )
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Marvel Zombies? Nah.

I'm running Marvel Heroic Roleplaying tomorrow, and I need to design an event. Making characters in this game is really pretty simple, but making milestones (the character progressions that lead to XP) is a little trickier. So I'm gonna make the Event and then go back and do milestones for the characters.

Oh, first the characters:

  • Pink: Jolisa Anderson was on a plane on her way back from a track meet for her university when the plane was struck by a weird bolt of energy from above. She discovered that she had enhanced strength, durability and leaping ability, but her metabolism kicked up like crazy; she has to eat a lot, or she crashes.
  • Duplex: Al Argyle created his own armor, sort of like Iron Man's, but it fires lasers and allows him to fly...but not a heck of lot else, yet. It's still under construction.
  • Inferno: Steven Maxwell Lewis III was a rich kid who, while walking home from school, erupted into a pillar of fire. He can fly and control and generate fire, but is still coping with the destructive aspects of his powers.
  • Spore: A seed pod from another world crashed to Earth, and grew into a humanoid being composed of spores. This being feels something most of its race doesn't - compassion. It wants to protect humanity from its race, the Phylum.
  • Arcanix: A robot created by two supergeniuses to be this world's Sorcerer Supreme. Arcanix is largely controlled by the mystic runes on its body, but it wants to be its own man.

No read, playerz. )
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So, tomorrow is Geist, and Sunday is the final session of Snowblind. Wow.

Well, first thing's first: Geist. )

Other notes! )
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Running a Changeling/Werewolf crossover tonight, as Matt is out of town (meaning our usual Mars game is on hiatus), and this gives me a chance to run a game with Wisp before he rejoins Snowblind. So OK.

Nooooooootes. )
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The "duh" bee isn't there because I'm really thinking "duh," just because it's a bee.

OK! I got one of the scenarios for curse the darkness backers done, two more to go, but only one I can actually write right now because I'm waiting on some info from the other one.

I need to get ghost rules for curse the darkness done by Con on the Cob, because I want to use them there.

I need to get these short stories done for the God-Machine Chronicles fiction anthology. Michelle's editing, really I just need to tweak a few last things and decide on an order.

Speaking of anthologies, supposedly the deadline for the curse the darkness anthology is tomorrow. I've only received, like, four stories. I'm expecting a couple more, but I don't know if I'll wind up with enough. I'll have to figure out what to do about that - maybe I'll flip the order of release (and do the Companion first) or maybe I'll just buy the stories (if they're, y'know, good) and put them on the site for now.

And I really want to make a fucking character today. I'd like to commit to one a week, so I'm getting 50 or so done a year. I have time before the Changeling game, I think.

Oh, and Michelle and I are putting together the Kickstarter for our second game, A Tragedy in Five Acts. More on that soon.

For now, let's do the write-up from yesterday's Dresden game and then notes for Changeling and Promethean, and them maybe make a character!

Dresden! )

OK, so now I need some notes for Snowblind. )

And finally, Promethean. )
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OK! Running Dresden in a few hours, then Changeling tomorrow, then Promethean on Monday. All of these need notes, but I'm pressed for time (and there SO GODDAMN MANY PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE) so I'm just gonna do Dresden now.

Dresden! )
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I am recently returned from GenCon Indy, so again, I pop my memory card into the computer, upload some photos, and share my experiences to all and sundry! Read more... )

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OK! So! Just ran Dresden, and am running Changeling in an hour and some change.

(Monthly games, see. August is rough, what with GenCon, and we couldn't find another day to play Dresden, so we played earlier today. Oddly, there's no overlap between players except for Michelle, and she'd be here anyway.)

Recall that Alice and Bo had left Leroy's ranch, while the other characters were scoping horses. Rusty and Opal went to the car to wait for Lou and Clive to finish up their card game and for Lou to assess the Lucredi Family's horse.

They did, all breaking even, and Lou noted that the jockey on the White Court horse (named "Veni, Vidi, Vici" - the horse, not the jockey) was Marlo Viconti, the jockey who had won a Derby a few years back. The Lucredi were going all-out for their jockey, at least. Lou used the Sight on the horse (not the jockey), and they left.

Alice texted Rusty and asked him to meet her at the library. She wanted to talk with Fitch, the gargoyle. They met up, bringing Bo (Lou needed to assess him, too). Lou, Rusty and Opal went to somewhere secluded and Lou spoke the incantation that changed Bo into a horse, and then used the Sight.

Meanwhile, Clive and Alice went up into the library, where Clive introduced her to Fitch and then let them speak alone. Alice, as it happened, wants to be pregnant and isn't above making a deal to force the issue. Fitch told her that she could make a deal with the Fae - putting the desire to procreate into an unsuspecting human (Bo) isn't by any means beyond them, but he wasn't sure what they would want. As a second option, he mentioned that there was a couple, a pair of thieves, who had come into a number of artifacts, one of which was a perfume bottle containing a love potion. A drop on a target's lips, and he would love the next person he kissed. The Valentines, the gargoyle said, was the couple, and if Alice wanted to find them, she could ask around. She ran in the same circles they did.

The characters reunited and went to get some dinner. Alice talked with Lou (when Bo wasn't around) and asked about the Valentines vs. faeries. Lou was pretty firm that the Valentines were a better bet - they wouldn't try to enslave anyone.

Lou needed to find Ian Blake's horse, and Opal (as the Keeper of the Race) concentrated for a moment and knew where it was - a little farm outside of town. She, Rusty and Lou went there, while Alice went home to Bo and Clive went to the movies.

The farm, according to the mailbox, belonged to the Berrymans. They knocked, and a slimy-looking dude with a bad combover answered. His accent was anything but Kentucky, and he introduced himself as "John." He showed the characters around to the stables, and Rusty, sniffing the air, smelled blood. Unable to let this go, he sneaked away and smelled death coming from the basement (I Can Smell Your Sins). He searched the house, and found a stack of mail by the front door - about three weeks' worth.

Meanwhile, Opal told John that she needed to talk to Ian Blake. John promised to pass along the message. Lou used the Sight on the horse ("Strigoi"), and murmured, "Well, that's disconcerting."

They left, and Rusty figured that the owners of the house were dead, probably in the basement. Lou promised that after the Race, they could burn the place.

Clive, walking out of the movie, felt a nudge from Phobos. He saw a woman, obviously afraid, walking toward a dumpster, but obviously unwillingly. He approached, and Blake stepped out of the shadows. The woman ran, and Blake snarled that Clive had cost him his lunch. Clive pointed out that he had plenty of blood, and maybe Blake should come get some?

They found. Blake slashed up Clive's chest with his claws, and Clive beat the vampire's face in. Lou, driving back from dropping Opal off at home (en route from a bar; Rusty was pretty drunk), stalled his car in front of the alleyway (Guide My Hand, basically). He came upon the scene and separated them. He told Blake to go feed elsewhere, and Blake disappeared into mist.

Lou took Clive to a doctor he knew. Alice, meanwhile, couldn't sleep, and texted Lou for the Valentines' number. She called, and got Georgina Valentine. She arranged to come see her (they were at an engagement at a restaurant, and would be there for a while yet). She asked Lou and Opal to come with her, but Opal decided that enabling her was a bad idea (You Can't Always Get What you Want) and Lou needed to clean Clive's blood of his seat. Clive, however, agreed to go.

He wasn't allowed into the reserved room at the restaurant (Very Scary). Alice talked with Tom Valentine, who sold her on the idea of the perfume (and beat her in social combat like whoa). She agreed to meet them, and to bring money.

And that's where we left that!

OK, then Changeling notes. )
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Well, here we at back at Promethean after a brief digression into Song of Ice & Fire that wound up going about a month longer than we'd originally intended. S'all good, though. Game was fun, and it's not like any of my Promethean players are going anywhere.

So at the end of the last session of Promethean, the characters had left Tucson. Grimm had answered the question ("What are the angels?") with "our weakness." The throng decided to hang together, but mostly because they didn't want to be alone again. There's still a lot of tension.

The decision was to head east, and to stop in Roswell, New Mexico. And, here we cut. )
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So here we are at one of our occasional Deadlands installments. Read more... )
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I don't always meme, but when I do, I do it far the fuck away from Memebase.

Anyway, I find myself with a bit of time (not thyme) so maybe I should do some updates on the games I'm running.

Promethean: The Created - The 7th Angel. On hiatus at the moment. Michelle is running Game of Thrones until early July, so we'll pick Promethean back up...let's see...geez, not until 7/23. OK, got a while to worry about this, then. I know the throng is headed to Roswell, anyway, and I have some ideas, but I don't want to get them cooking yet because I'll burn the sugar. (What?)

Changeling: The Lost - Snowblind. OK, I've gotta get my head back in this one. Head: In. )

Spirit of the Century - Armies of Mars. They've rescued Justin and are now escaping the city. Oooh, exciting! )

Dresden Files RPG - Let it Ride. I find myself somewhat hampered by the fact that I haven't finished the Dresden novels, and because the World of Darkness is similar but different on enough fundamental points that I worry about making the world feel too much like WoD. That said, I personally think turning Bo into a horse was a stroke of brilliance on my part (based on the players' reactions, it had the desired effect). So now they're in the Nevernever, which means I need to read up on that shit. Reading up. )

Geist: The Sin-Eaters - Johnny's Banjo. Let's just go straight to cut for this one. )
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Last week was Origins, and so we all piled into Baby Blue (Michelle's weird, she names her cars) and trundled down to Columbus to do some gaming, some hanging out, some demos of curse the darkness.

Overall impressions: Attendance seemed light this year. I don't have numbers to back that, but based on what I was seeing and hearing, the move to early June may have been a mistake. Next year it's later in the month, so we'll see if that really made a difference, but I dunno.

Professionally, though, I think it was a good con for me. I made some connections, spent a lot of time hanging with Matt McElroy in the DriveThru RPG booth and with Jonathan Lavallee and Mark Truman and talking business, pleasure, my Kickstarter, Mark's Kickstarter, game design, and so on. That was awesome. Also introduced to the joys of bibimbap, which I'm totally making as soon as I get my hands on some bowls that can handle it.

Wednesday! )

Thursday! )

Friday! )

Saturday! )

Sunday! )
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I am, generally speaking, a big fan of player agency in RPGs (by which, just for clarification, I mean real RPGs that you play around a table or [sigh] standing up wearing costumes, not the kind that require screens). I like it when players decide what their characters do, and if that fucks the plotline I've cooked up, that's cool with me. The plotline is mutable, but I want folks to have fun and, more to the point, feel like their character decisions matter.

That said, I have determined that fucking with group integrity is a slightly bigger deal. My Promethean game is off to a somewhat rocky start in that regard, not because people aren't having fun (because unless I'm misreading my group, they're really digging their characters and based on in-character discussion, they're also digging into the moral questions and issues I'm putting forward), but there are some pretty serious clashes of morality and regard for human life, here.

Basically, two of the characters are perfectly willing to kill people. One is hesitant, but ultimately is willing to let "kill the fuckers" be an option. One is not thrilled by the idea of killing, but it's really more about not being forced into killing. And the other two just aren't keen on the idea of taking human life. Which is all fine, I like these kinds of conflicts. The issue is that the characters need to be able to hang out together and go traveling, and for that to happen there needs to be some established trust.

My mistake, I think, we not making the group an established throng before introducing a plot that required a bunch of people to die. I was going for a surreal kind of "what happens in the dust storm doesn't really count" thing, but we didn't quite get there. And unfortunately, NWoD is a traditional RPG where you roll to hit your opponent this time and see how much damage you do, rather than a game where we set stakes and "winning" means "you keep narrative control."

It worked out, but at one point I told a player, "get your character back to the house. You figure out why." I normally don't do that shit, but it was late, I was tired, and more to the point, I've been gaming with said player for enough years that I trusted him with that. It wasn't so much that I was trying to dictate what his characters should do, it was more "I need help keeping this story on track, and I know you're good for it, so help me wrap this up." Like I said, I think it worked, and I think the throng has a tense, but workable, dynamic. They all have milestones relating to the throng as a whole, but in the last story, only one of those milestones was realized - Feather's to "leave the throng to help a person." That says something, I think.

Next story is going to be very different in tone. I won't say lighter, because y'know, NWoD isn't a light game, but more supernatural and less involving killing people. That said, I do want to examine the conflicts that the Created really deal with - Wasteland and Disquiet - because this story happened so fast that we kinda glossed over that part.

But anyway, I think that telling a player what the character does and having the player decide the character's thought process is an interesting thought exercise for the player, but it's not one I'd want to use much. And definitely a matter of trust between GM and player.


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