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Monday was Marvel. Notice how I'm only, what, three days later doing this write-up, rather than seven.


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(But before I began, I was bored before I ever began, shoplifters of the world...)

Anyway. I haven't made a character...well, it hasn't been six months, but over four. My initial plan was two a week. As the kids say these days, LOL. Maybe try one a week going forward? See how that does? Sundays are generally a pretty good day for it.

OK, well, with the rabbit in the oven and another half-hour to go, I think I can do a quick character. That means not something I'm terribly unfamiliar with. The next few on my list, if we were to go in that order, are a bunch that I don't know, so I'm gonna skip down a bit.

The Game: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
The Publisher Margaret Weis Productions
Degree of Familiarity: Getting better. I'm running it currently and it's a lot of fun.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, I have, of course a lot of supers games, and even one from Marvel. This one, though, is nice in that you assemble your dice pool by looking down the sheet. You're usually rolling against an opponent, but sometimes against the doom pool, which grows as shit gets real. This is one of those systems that doesn't work for loosey-goosey, fake-the-system GMs. Like NWoD, FATE and curse the darkness, it's a game that only works when you let it.

But here's the thing I don't dig: There's no chargen system. It's designed for playing existing Marvel characters, which is balls. Who wants to play other people's characters? (I know some people do, I've just never understood the fascination.)

So what I'm gonna do is recreate the first character I remember making when I picked up the old TSR Marvel game. I'm doing this from memory, and the memory is...geez, 27 years old at this point? (OMG. I have literally been running games long than some of my gamers have been alive.)

OK, so what do I remember? His name was Shapeshifter. He was a mutant. He had a kickass black outfit with red accents. He had multiple limbs (yeah, weird, I rolled him up randomly), he could turn invisible, and I'm sure he had other shape-shifty powers, too. I don't for the life of my remember his real name, so let's call him Miles Farley. Seems a moderately dorky name.

That's a really weird power set. Let's work it! I'll make up the details I don't remember.

Affiliation: In the game, you roll an Affiliation die based on whether you're solo, with a buddy, or on a team. I think Shapeshifter would work best with a buddy. He's not trusting enough to be a true team player, but his powers are good support. I'll take Solo d8, Buddy d10, Team d6.

Distinctions: I get three of these, and they need to be potentially a help or hindrance. OK, well. As I recall, Shapeshifter manifested his powers when he was young and awkward and tweeny (much like me when I rolled him up), but I played him as an adult. So I'll split the difference and say he's in high school now, and give him the Distinction: High School Nobody.

For my next one, I'll need to make something up, because I'm drawing a blank. We'll say Shapeshifter is really self-conscious about his powers (the extra limbs, especially) so I'll take Desperate to Fit In.

Finally, since I need something that ties into my super-identity a little more, I'll take Hero or Freak?

OK, now Power Sets! I think I need two, because there's not a Power Set for "extra limbs" specifically. I'll take "Extra Limbs" as one set and "Unstable Form" as my other one.

For "Extra Limbs," I want Enhanced Strength d8 and Climbing d6 (he can use his extra hands to grab hold and steady himself). For SFX, I'll take Afflict (for Grappling). I'll also take the Limit for being a mutant (basically I'm vulnerable to certain attacks because I'm a mutie).

So then my Unstable Form set. I take Invisibility d10 (I want to be good at that) and Stretching d8 (allowing him to reach down an elevator shaft). I debate taking Shapeshifting, but it really only lets me mimic people unless I take it at d12, which I don't think is appropriate. Hmm. OK, well, how about we take it at d8 so I can hide my arms, and then I'll play with SFX and Limit.

I want Shapeshifter to be able to knock people back with his arms, and I think the Extra Arms combined with Stretching means he can hit multiple people at once, so I'll take Area Attack. I like Counterattack, too.

But I want a Limit to reflect Shapeshifter's low self-confidence, so I'll make one up. I'll say he's Freakish. I'll just use the system for Uncontrollable; same idea. His powers can go a little bonkers sometimes, or people just make fun of the arms.

OK, now Specialities, which are like skills. You only use them if you're really badass at something. I would like to take Combat Expert, but I don't see him being that good at combat. I will take Covert at Expert (he's stealthy as hell) and, what the hell, Acrobatics at Expert.

And finally, Milestones. These are kind of plot progressions for my character. I know I want one to be "Who Am I, Really?" He's suffering from an identity crisis because he's ashamed of who and what he is. So we'll say

  • Gain 1XP when someone makes anti-mutant jokes or rhetoric around you.
  • Gain 3XP when you choose not to accept credit (or blame) for heroic actions (that is, I bugger off invisible).
  • Gain 10XP when you come out to your family as a mutant.

Good, that's one. Need one more. Hmm. I think it'd be fun to play with the notion that his powers haven't really solidified yet. How about "This Isn't My Final Form?"

  • Gain 1XP when you use the Freakish Limit in an action scene.
  • Gain 3XP when you use Shapeshifting to change your body in a new way.
  • Gain 10XP when you alter a Power or Limit.

And that's me done!

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Holy crap, I've been putting this off all week. Better do it before a full week elapses.

OK! So! Last time the characters had a little shoving match with the Federal agents, not really a fight. This week, having set up their super-lair, they split up to go searching for clues as to what was happening.

Inferno flew off by himself, while Duplex and Spore went searching for evidence of the Phylum. Duplex configured a scanner to find the spores, but was thrown off by Spore being in close proximity. He did, however, get an energy reading that was similar to the Phylum, so they followed that.

Meanwhile, Pink (in her secret identity as Jolisa Anderson) took Arcanix to Washington University to get clothes. They tried to get him to look normal, but wound up highlighting his awkward even more.

Inferno, meantime, flew to the arch - there was a crowd of people gathering and looking up. They showed him camera footage of a bird flying under it and vanishing, and he contacted the others to come have a look.

(I ran all this as an action scene, because I wanted to build up the doom pool to include 2d12. Having done that, we changed scenes - everyone assembled at the arch.)

At that point, Pink started to glow with a bright white light, much like when she was on the plane that got hit by the bolt from above. The light arched out from her and struck the space in the arch, which then opened into a portal. Arcanix pointed to Pink and declared she was the chosen one, from the prophecy (it's one of his Milestones). And then the aliens came.

They were humanoid, blue-ish, and carrying laser weapons and wearing body armor. They emerged from the portal and started shooting. Pink clotheslined a few, Spore used his spore-blast to infect some, and he realized that these folks were all infected by the Phylum.

Arcanix swooped down and grabbed Pink, and pulled her out of the fight. He figured her presence might have been keeping the portal open, which is somewhat logical, but he didn't say that. Pink struggled, and fell...into the Mississippi. She took a bunch of stress from the fall and became stressed out (one of her milestones, in fact). Inferno threw a bunch of fire at the aliens, setting stuff ablaze, and adding "Terrorized d6" as an a scene distinction for them.

They fired lasers, but Spore just absorbed it (Invulnerability SFX), and Duplex caught it with his Absorption SFX and threw it right back at the aliens. They kept fighting - taking the aliens out, putting up scene distinctions, but with folks rolling 1s and using d4s, I had enough dice in the doom pool to beat them on a lot of rolls. Everyone wound up taking some stress, the aliens streamed into the city, and the fires started to spread. Duplex wound up becoming stressed out in Mental stress, and Arcanix and Inferno took a bunch of stress in physical. But they managed to stem the tide of the aliens, fighting them to roughly a draw.

At that point, I spent the 2d12 from the doom pool, gave everyone 2XP, and said that the fires were going out but the aliens were holding fast and the portal was open. The characters fell back, Arcanix had rescued Pink from the water, and they decided to go and find the government agency that Spore had worked for so they could look into the captured/recovered aliens bodies.

The second act starts next week!
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Last Monday, our heroes reconvened.

We begin with a Transition Scene; the heroes getting interrogated by the press. Inferno holds up pretty well (but then, he's used to it, being a hometown hero and all). Duplex gets flustered and flies off, and Arcanix shies away from the cameras, eventually leaving his name in a flashy magic lights as he vanishes. Pink answers some of their questions, but then leaps away to try and rejoin her family at the ball park. This leaves Spore, stuck answering questions. He refers to himself in first person plural (since he thinks of himself as "we"), and tells the reporters that he works for the government and has a handler. Eventually he flies to the top of the arch to muse on the nature of the vine.

Duplex goes back to his lab, Inferno goes back to the office, Arcanix follows Pink to her car and waits. There, he tells her that he isn't sure where to go - he doesn't have a home, and his creators didn't program him with all of the knowledge he'd need. Pink rummages around in her car and finds him a track suit, and they start heading out, Pink mentioning that she needs to eat.

On the arch, Spore realizes that the vine is Phylum, like him, but a different stage - being cut off from the hive-mind, he doesn't know much about what the Phylum actually does. About then, a helicopter shows up and demands he get in. His handler, Carlson, tells him that the brass are concerned that he's been infecting people with those spores, and that he might be a danger, connected to the vine. Carlson pulls out a device that supposedly can stun or drain Spore, but Spore resists, escaping the copter and flying toward the ball park.

Meanwhile, Arcanix and Pink have left, going by the men in black suits checking IDs (Arcanix doesn't have one, but Pink masterfully talks her way by). And they see Spore flying in, followed by a helicopter, shooting energy beams at him. The men on the ground likewise draw guns.

Inferno, watching out the window, sees this, dismisses his employees for the day and sneaks out to the join the fray. Duplex, in his lab, hears as well, and dons his armor again. The battle is joined, with the government dudes trying to subdue Spore.

Pink pulls the car out and miraculously finds a parking space (she also puts the aspect Utter Confusion on the scene). Duplex jumps in and socks a g-man, but doesn't do any real damage (and in fact takes emotional stress from suddenly being under a lot of official notice). Inferno, however, shows up and throws a bunch of fire-walls around, telling everyone to cool it. That emotional stress on the g-men, plus some from Spore being all intimidating, ends the scene.

They meet Carlson and the others on the roof (Duplex walks, as his armor has overloaded; he activates his Limit). Apparently hospitals in the area are admitting people with spores in their systems. They aren't doing anything but wandering around, dazed, but this is apparently backlash from the attack. Also, they're picking up weird energy readings coming from Pink.

The heroes promise to figure this out, and Inferno reveals his true identity to Pink. He also buys them a building for use as a base, and they meet there. Arcanix starts telekinetically cleaning the place up, and they start forming a plan.

Meanwhile, across town, a bird flies under the arch...and vanishes in a blue-black flash of light.
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So, Monday we had our first session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it.

We only did one Action Scene, because I took some time at the beginning of the session to explain the rules and put everybody's datafiles in context for everyone. I was worried as we started that it was going to be a big cakewalk for the players; my doom pool started at 2d6, and while the big plant monster they were fighting (see below) had some d8s to throw around, I found myself thinking, "they're gonna stomp all over it in nothing flat."

Well, that's not really what happened. Kinda, but read on.

First of all, go back one post and meet the characters. All good? OK, then.

We're in St. Louis, and Inferno, in his everyday guise as Steven Lewis III, is in his family's office building listening to a presentation. Arcanix is in the top of the Gateway Arch, using his magic to blend in, watching over people. Pink is at the nearby baseball stadium watching the Cardinals play, Duplex is over the river at the Cahokia Mound searching for rumored alien technology, and Spore is with his handler in the park near the Arch soaking up sunshine.

Arcanix feels the Arch shake, and the lights flicker. The security staff start evacuation procedure and people panic; Arcanix magics himself into a security guard so he can stay behind and sees what looks like a huge tendril wrapped around the Arch.

Inferno sees this as well. As the people in his office crowd to the window to watch as a huge plant erupts from the ground and wraps around the Arch, he sneaks out of the building, dons his costume, and flies for the Arch to cheering civilians.

At the baseball game, the footage of the Arch pops up on the Jumbotron, and Pink sneaks off, jumps out of the stadium and changes clothes. Spore and Duplex, likewise, upon hearing the ruckus, head for the disruption.

Arcanix uses his magic to stabilize the Arch, while Inferno blasts the plant with fire. The plant grows tendrils and plucks people off the street, and flings one at Inferno. He tries to catch it, but misses, and watches in horror as the victim flies toward the ground. But Pink leaps, bounding off the sides of buildings, and catches the hapless dude! She lands and a cheer goes up, and she leaps back into the fray.

Duplex arrives and blasts the thing with his lasers, and Spore flies to the top and slides down, ripping out the tendrils with people. He lands at the bottom, and then grabs the base of the plant and rips it out. Inferno fire-blasts it again, and Duplex lasers it...but now it releases a huge cloud of spores. Arcanix teleports out of the Arch and conjures a net to grab the spores, and Pink grabs the end of the plant, runs up a building, and flips around the Arch, unraveling the vine ("Wheee!"). She lands, and the plant crashes dead to the ground. Arcanix flings the spores into the Mississippi, and the press crowds in on the heroes. They want to get a shot of Inferno, of course, but also Pink, since she kind of did some highly visible stuff. "What's your name?" they ask.

"I'm Pink!" she exclaims. End of issue one.

The doom pool now stands at 6d6, 1d8, 1d10. Inferno has a d6 of emotional stress. We'll see what happens in a couple of weeks.
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Marvel Zombies? Nah.

I'm running Marvel Heroic Roleplaying tomorrow, and I need to design an event. Making characters in this game is really pretty simple, but making milestones (the character progressions that lead to XP) is a little trickier. So I'm gonna make the Event and then go back and do milestones for the characters.

Oh, first the characters:

  • Pink: Jolisa Anderson was on a plane on her way back from a track meet for her university when the plane was struck by a weird bolt of energy from above. She discovered that she had enhanced strength, durability and leaping ability, but her metabolism kicked up like crazy; she has to eat a lot, or she crashes.
  • Duplex: Al Argyle created his own armor, sort of like Iron Man's, but it fires lasers and allows him to fly...but not a heck of lot else, yet. It's still under construction.
  • Inferno: Steven Maxwell Lewis III was a rich kid who, while walking home from school, erupted into a pillar of fire. He can fly and control and generate fire, but is still coping with the destructive aspects of his powers.
  • Spore: A seed pod from another world crashed to Earth, and grew into a humanoid being composed of spores. This being feels something most of its race doesn't - compassion. It wants to protect humanity from its race, the Phylum.
  • Arcanix: A robot created by two supergeniuses to be this world's Sorcerer Supreme. Arcanix is largely controlled by the mystic runes on its body, but it wants to be its own man.

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