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Amidst the general clamor of making foodstuff for Oscar dinner tonight, the kids visiting (they've been in Florida all week) and so on, I am finally finding time to do my annual Oscar post (if you feel like it, you could read the rest here with a little digging.

There are weak years and strong years. This year had a couple of really awesome movies, some that I felt were good but not exceptional, and a couple that were, in my humble, really overblown. Let's get to it!

Oh, and one thing: My predictions this year might be a little off the mark, because I haven't been paying attention to buzz. So let's see if I'm as good at predicting this as I think I am!

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I got this from [personal profile] nagaina. It's your basic leave a comment and I'll tell you shit I want you to blog about, but honestly I don't promise I will because I'm lazy like that. But hell, if you want interview questions, comment and I'll see what I can do. At least I'll give you one question.

1. Your favorite published project to date?

Ooh. Rokea has a spot in my heart because it was my first solo project. Keys to the Supernal Tarot, too, was one I enjoyed both because it was mine and because I got to write about Tarot in Awakening, which was fun. The Promethean books, Magnum Opus in particular, were awesome because they were so much in line with my own brand of humanism.

But I gotta go with Innocents. That was a real labor of love for me, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

2. What do you like most about being a teacher?

The students, of course. I like being able to help people communicate. That's not something you see happen on any given day, but every once in a while, you notice that a kid is starting to get it. And then there's ongoing stuff like being a safe place for the kids that need it, which is awesome.

3. What do you dislike most about being a teacher?

It'd be tempting to say that the worst part is what my kids go through, and having to do things like go to CPS sit-downs with abusive parents and not, like, strangle them. But honestly, that shit happens everywhere and I'm just glad I can help when I can. No, I think what I hate about this job is the bureaucracy. It's having a bunch of idiots in Columbus who have never seen a classroom and have no idea what I really do set the rules for how I do my job. That's frustrating, but that's management.

4. What made you decide to embrace atheism?

Oddly phrased question, this. :) Atheism isn't a belief system. Sorry, but it isn't. I have a belief system, and it's probably best described as humanism. I probably always had bits of humanist in my philosophy and was trying to make them fit with a strong desire for magic to be real and for there to be some kind of divine order to the world. Because wouldn't that be cool?

But there isn't. And the more I learn about people and the way our brains work, the less sense that really makes. I didn't so much embrace atheism as stop kidding myself - there's no magic, no gods, no divinity and no purpose. And that's OK. That doesn't make life not worth living, that means we, as people, decide what life is worth. I choose to see life and precious and people as awesome and worthwhile. And it saddens me when they prove me wrong, but at least when that happens I don't have to make excuses for why, if there is a divine order, it includes such horrible things.

5. GenCon or Origins?

Oh, y'know. Either's good. :) I think I like Origins more, just because it's closer and it's all in one building. I like GenCon, but walking around Indy in August kind of sucks. Also it's much more expensive.

6. Best game you've ever run?

Ooh. Hard to say. I gotta say, though, my current Changeling game is pretty amazing. We're in the last story, and I'm hoping it goes a nice long time and provides some good closure and drama to the characters, 'cause they deserve it.

7. Favorite movie?

Not even remotely possible to say. In terms of rewatch value, emotional impact and just value as a movie, it might be Shawshank Redemption, but in terms of sheer quotability and rewatch value, Super Troopers is up there. You really need criteria to judge something like that.
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So last night we were supposed to play Leverage, but that didn't happen, so we wound up watching Midnight in Paris instead.

I'm not generally a huge Woody Allen fan. I've only seen his more recent movies, so maybe his older stuff is better, dunno. I really enjoyed Match Point, but it was nicely dark and British and stuff. I didn't like Vicky Christie Barcelona, because I think it's absurd that anyone could make a movie with that plot and not make it sexy, even by accident.

But Midnight in Paris is about time travel. Kind of.

Owen Wilson is engaged to Rachel McAdams, and they're aren't terribly happy - he wants to be a novelist and is falling love with Paris and his notion of the golden age (the 20s), while she's vapid, privileged, and thoroughly American (seriously, if I have a complaint about the movie it's that she and her family are utterly boring human beings with nothing to recommend them - a little more depth might have been nice). Wilson goes walking a night, a bit drunk, and just after midnight gets into a vintage car with some folks he doesn't know, and winds up in the 20s.

Wait, what?

Yeah. I had no idea going in that there was any kind of magical realism going on. The description for the movie from Netflix was something like "blah blah bittersweet romantic comedy blah blah Owen Wilson blah Woody Allen." I had no particular desire to see it based on that, but it's a best picture nomination. But then watching it, suddenly Wilson (who's nicely bland as our POV character - Michelle called him the "cracker" by which we we experience the "dip" that is the other characters) is transported into the 1920s and interacting with Gertrude Stein, Earnest Hemmingway, Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody, probably my favorite of the "past" roles) and the Fitzgeralds. And Wilson doesn't bother to conceal that he's from the future, but the only time he really talks about it is with Man Ray and Dali and Bunel, and, being surrealists, they just kind of take it in stride.

The movie is really about the Golden Age fallacy, the thought that things were so much better "back then." What's interesting about that, in the context of the Best Picture noms, is that all but two are set in the past (well, strictly speaking, they all are, but The Descendants and Moneyball are set in this century, at least), and they're set in the same periods - 1910-1920s and 1950s-1960s. It's easy to think that the directors here (who are, I think, mostly Boomers) are engaging in their own kind of escapism, and so I think the lesson of Midnight in Paris - every age has its glory, and it's best to love and live the one you're in, rather than trying to relive something you never really knew - is timely.

Anyway, I recommend it. One of my top three of the Best Picture noms.

Now, what dish should I make to represent it for our menu?

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Movies that get Best Picture Nominations are not, despite occasional claims to the contrary, all cut from the same cloth. A quick perusal of the nine pictures nominated this year will tell you that - yes, several are dramas, but that's a big category, and the movie I'd call the front-runner (The Aritst) I don't think you can legitimately call a drama.

But yes, there is a tendency toward topics that will elicit reactions, and that leads to hard topics. Sickness, divorce, grief, war, tragedy - we watch movies about these topics because it's cathartic, I think. To say that I enjoy these movies is more or less accurate, but it's more a matter of appreciation than pure enjoyment. I get pure enjoyment from Demon Knight, but it doesn't make me feel much. I feel very strongly watching Children of Men, but I don't necessarily want to see it again.

Anyway, yesterday we saw Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Michelle had to leave; the experience was too much for her because the protagonist reminded her of her son. I really loved the movie, but it's not one I'd want to see again. I found myself getting tearful more than once.

Some of that is because I miss my dad. I feel like I was robbed of the last few years with him because of his illness. I'm sorry he never got to meet Michelle or Sarah, both of whom I think he would have loved. I'm sorry that Teagan didn't get to spend more quality time with him, though she remembers him fondly.

But really, there was one scene in the movie that got to me. In the movie, Oscar (Thomas Horn) is a boy who's pretty clearly on the spectrum somewhere. He's high functioning but pretty obsessive and very easily overstimulated. He's also incredibly bright. His father dies, and a year later he finds a key that he suspects might have been a clue his father meant to give him (his father would frequently set up such puzzles for him). His only clue is the word "Black" written on the envelope, so he maps out everyone in the city of New York with the surname "Black" and plans to visit them all to see if they know something about his father.

This is hard for him because of his disability, but he manages. But along the way he speaks to "the Renter" (a man living with his grandmother, who turns out to be his estranged grandfather, who presumably returned after his father died). He confesses what he's doing to the Renter, and the scene is hard to watch, because it's an autistic boy trying to make sense of a world that just doesn't. He's seeing loss and grief in everyone he meets, and he's developing an empathy that just doesn't come naturally to him. He feels trapped behind his own issues and his own desire to avoid letting his father's memory slip away.

What resonates, besides the loss of the father, is feeling trapped in one's own brain. One of the main reasons I decided some years ago that I was going to like to people, that I was going to try to be kind and attentive, is that I hated feeling trapped. I hated - I do hate - feeling like I don't get people and feeling like they're wrong, because they probably aren't. Usually it's something I'm just not getting, and I find that much more palatable - the notion that may be I just don't grok - than the feeling that the people I interact with are just doing everything wrong somehow.

We all live in our own heads. See from other people's perspectives is hard, because we aren't wired to do it. Some of us are better at it than others, but it's a skill you can cultivate. I try to do it every day. Sometimes I fuck it up. But watching someone on the extreme end of things try to reconcile that was hard to watch. But it was good. It's good to feel intensely. Leastways it is for me.

Oh, the father in the movie dies in 9/11. The movie gets accused to exploitation. I'm not sure I buy that. I think that if he had died in a car accident, it wouldn't have had the same weight in the story because the boy needs to be able to leverage cooperation from strangers, and I think that shared sense of loss helps. Likewise, say what you want about using 9/11 to tell stories, but the truth is it's the only event of its kind in recent American history. As a writer, I understand the need to use it, to put it in some kind of context in my own head, just so the world doesn't seem so wrong.

So it's the same thing again, really. Anyway, it's a good movie and I recommend it.

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Yesterday, Michelle and Sarah and I watched The Tree of Life, which is nominated for Best Picture, Best Editing and Best Directing. My reaction, in brief: WTF.

To let you know, the movie opens with bright light and whispered, existential questions. We then move into some footage of Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain as a married couple in the 50s in Texas, and then Sean Penn in modern day, and then back to the 50s, and then in space with life on Earth beginning, and then dinosaurs (no, seriously) and then back to Texas, and then their kids are tweens, and then a kid (not theirs) drowns, and then Sean Penn on a beach with lots of people from memories, and then the world ends.


No, actually, I get it. The movie is meant to be non-linear and have a lack of narrative, and I grok. I get that we're supposed to watch Pitt's character and his interaction with his sons as he grapples with wanting to be loving but also wanting to prepare them for the world, all the while dealing with his own issues, and how all of that affects his boy. I even get, kinda, how Sean Penn is looking back on all this (he's Brad Pitt's oldest son) and reflecting on the death of his brother (but we don't know which one) and how that's affecting him and his faith and everything. I get all that.

What I think, though, is that all the fruity editing and dinosaurs and space-footage did nothing for the movie except make it confusing. The story is simple, and that's fine. Iris was a simple story, told in traditional ways, and it was very moving. Ditto, say, Rabbit Hole. The Hours, less traditional, but still easy to follow. Ditto Blue Valentine. These are all human-condition drama. Oh, wait, couple more. In the Bedroom. 21 Grams. Some of these movies play with narrative and non-linear structure, but none of them get so downright pretentious about the story they're telling, and none of them inject fucking dinosaurs into the story for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, the characters we're asked to care about never get names. They never say them. They rarely have dialog that matches what's happening onscreen. Nothing is ever really resolved, and just when a narrative thread starts, we cut to something fruity like the wife (Chastain) hovering in midair by a tree.

The movie is really, really pretty. The cinematography is beautiful, and it's not done with computers (not all of it, at least). But I feel about this movie kinda the way I do about Lost in Translation - it utterly fails to make me care about these people, because it jars me out of the story every few minutes. And it goes on forever.

I see a lot of positive reviews talking about how it's a moving experience. I don't think it is, it certainly wasn't for me. There's a lot of prayer in the movie, and there are references to the Book of Job. The story of Job moves me, but not in the way that a lot of people probably think it should. I hate the story of Job more than most other Biblical myths, because it showcases really well what an arrogant, jealous, evil jerk the god of the Bible is. And we see that, a little, in the movie, because what happens to Job is summed up (in a sermon) with a kind of, "Well, did you think misfortune wouldn't happen to you?" This ignores that "misfortune" is bad luck, and when an all-powerful being decides to fuck with you, deliberately, just to win a bet, that's not luck.

But I suspect the message we're going for here is something like "don't take it personally, because you're just one nano-nano-second in the scheme of things" or even the more prosaic "god moves in mysterious ways." To which I respond, great. Now, is there a way you could have put that across and made it entertaining to watch? Because the song about the universe at the end of Meaning of Life was a hell of lot more watchable.

If other folks have seen it and have good things to say, please, say them. Love to hear it.

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Don't really have much to say, other than counting my points. Double feature today: The Artist and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I enjoyed The Artist much more; Dragon Tattoo felt really Americanized, and not in a good way. There were bits I liked, but the pacing was wonky. I want to see the Swedish version (don't say "the original," because that's not accurate - the American film was based on the novel, not on the Swedish film), but it'll probably have to wait until after Oscars are over.

Oh, and lesson learned: When I post updates to my curse the darkness blog, I need not to do it in the middle of the night. I don't get no hits that way. :)

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Los Puntos. )

Tonight we went and saw War Horse, in preparation for the Oscars. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed.

It's a Spielberg war film, and we know he knows how to do a war film. So where is the blood? Why are we seeing the battles in the Somme with dudes just falling over when they get shot, and no hint of blood or any of the real nastiness of war? It just felt tepid.

And then there's this horse. I'm not a fan of animal movies, especially not with this backdrop, because as Edmund Blackadder said, "50,000 men getting killed a week, who's going to miss a pigeon?" (Or in this case, a horse.)

I did appreciate that they didn't make the Germans soulless monsters, though they did make them all speak English (because SUBTITTLES R HARRDD).

I dunno. It's getting less buzz now, but I'm kind of thinking, shit I hope it gets nominated for something, 'cause I went and saw it and everything.
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I decided to watch every movie I own. At first I figured I could do it in a year, and then I thought, who am I kidding? I have a wall of DVDs.

So I'm going to watch them, in alphabetical order (except for sequels/series that might fall out of that order), however long it takes. During this time, I'm going to curb movie-purchasing (but I know myself well enough to know I can't abstain entirely). I'm not going to curtail my movie-going habit, though, because I loves me my movies.

Anyway, below the cut is my list. Be warned: It's 452 505 movies long as of now, and that's assuming I'm not missing any up in my daughter's room or summat. Feel free to peruse and say, "Jesus, why do you own that?" In some cases, it's due to feminine influence in my life. In others, I have no excuse and must hang my head in shame.

But just remember that your favorite movie sucks, too. :)

ETA: I'm going to review all of these movies as I go, too. Not, like, in-depth, necessarily (because how much analysis does Ghost in the Machine really need?), but just a few thoughts.

Enter the cinematorium. )</>
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Saturday! Awesome!

So, today we're going to soccer (me & the kiddos) and then I think to the zoo.

Some time ago, I made a Geist character after some inspiration from being at the zoo. I would like to take inspiration from today's visit, since I intend to make a character today. So, if you have a moment, maybe pop over here and tell me what game you think would get interesting chargen inspiration from a trip to the zoo?

ETA: You all suck, but we didn't wind up going anyway. Maybe you knew that because you're all psychic. All of you.

Last night we (Sarah and I; Michelle is chained to her computer writing a paper) went and saw Scream 4. I really enjoyed it. I think that by Scream 3, they had kind of lost the thread - not enough perspective on the state of horror to effectively reflect it the way Scream did. This one gets that mojo back, getting "meta" on remakes and reboots without succumbing to torture porn or losing what makes them feel like Scream movies.

And I love slasher movies, so it's always nice to see a good one.

So anyway! Two Chopped dinners and them I'm off!

Chicken breasts, quinoa, oranges, carrots, baby bok choy (not pictured).

Inspired by Mr. Wilson. )

And then:

Pork loin, orange juice, cheese cubes, red peppers, yams.

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03/27/11: Alien
03/28/11: Enter the Dragon
03/30/11: Alien Nation
03/31/11: Sucker Punch
04/03/11: Aliens
04/08/11: American Beauty
04/12/11: Hop
04/14/11: An American Werewolf in London
04/18/11: An American Werewolf in Paris
04/22/11: Animal House
04/24/11: Arachnophobia
04/29/11: Scream 4
04/30/11: The Aristocats
05/08/11: Thor
05/10/11: Army of Darkness
05/11/11: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
05/12/11: The Lives of Others
05/18/11: Bambi
05/18/11: BASEKetball
05/19/11: Holes
05/25/11: The Quick & The Dead
05/28/11: Zombieland
05/31/11: Basic Instinct
06/04/11: X-Men: First Class
06/05/11: Batman
06/09/11: Sherlock Holmes
06/10/11: Earth Girls are Easy
06/11/11: Charlie's Angels
06/14/11: Kung Fu Panda 2
06/21/11: Green Lantern
06/26/11: Batman Forever
06/29/11: Batman Begins
07/02/11: Be Cool
07/11/11: Beaches
07/12/11: Cars 2
07/16/11: 9
07/18/11: Bedazzled
07/19/11: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part 2
07/22/11: Captain America: The First Avenger
07/23/11: Beerfest
07/24/11: Beetlejuice
07/27/11: Beverly Hills Cop
07/29/11: Beverly Hills Ninja
07/30/11: Big Trouble in Little China
07/30/11: Black Beauty
07/31/11: Black Rain
08/06/11: Cowboys & Aliens
08/08/11: 8 Mile
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[ profile] anaka is posting the menu for tonight on her LJ. I'll be posting food photos...probably tomorrow. But for today - movie time!

As you might know, this is the eighth time I've done this Oscar post. I'm generally at least 80% with my predictions, but then I generally pay more attention to the buzz leading up to the awards show. My buddy [ profile] arkhamhorror tells me that most of the races are forgone conclusions this year, so I'm likely to be either entirely right or mostly wrong.

But regardless! Last year was the switch to 10 movies nominated for Best Picture, and it changes the race. For one thing, we get films that wouldn't otherwise get nominated - this year, as last year. Frankly, I think it's good - more slots in that category means more exposure for movies that are awesome, but aren't usual Oscar fare. For instance, I think that if we'd had 10 Best Picture noms for the 2009 awards, The Dark Knight definitely would have gotten a nom.

Anyway, here we go! )

Movie Post

Oct. 1st, 2010 10:30 pm
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Just like the others, blah blah, ignore me.

10/01/10: Easy A
10/03/10: Metropolis
10/10/10: Rebel Without a Cause
10/12/10: Election
10/14/10: Dr. Giggles
10/17/10: Idle Hands
10/17/10: Red
10/19/10: How to Train Your Dragon
10/31/10: Something Wicked This Way Comes
11/02/10: Iron Man 2
11/03/10: Grosse Pointe Blank
11/04/10: Freaky Friday
11/05/10: Megamind
11/06/10: Brotherhood of the Wolf
11/09/10: The Story of Qiu Ju
11/16/10: Batman Begins
11/18/10: Shakespeare in Love
11/19/10: 28 Days Later...
11/20/10: Sky High
11/27/10: Beauty and the Beast
12/04/10: The Warrior's Way
12/05/10: A Knight's Tale
12/06/10: Blues Brothers
12/11/10: Schindler's List
12/11/10: Shrek Forever After
12/12/10: Tank Girl
12/20/10: Sherlock Holmes
12/21/10: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
12/22/10: White Christmas
12/27/10: Hellboy
12/28/10: Megamind
12/31/10: Crank
01/01/11: Crank 2
01/02/11: The Dark Knight
01/04/11: The King's Speech
01/06/11: Black Swan
01/07/11: Black Christmas
01/09/11: S.F.W.
01/11/11: 101 Dalmatians
01/16/11: 12 Angry Men
01/18/11: 12 Monkeys
01/22/11: The Fighter
01/22/11: 28 Days Later...
01/25/11: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1
01/26/11: An Ideal Husband
01/28/11: Alice in Wonderland
01/29/11: Rabbit Hole
01/29/11: 127 Hours
01/31/11: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
02/01/11: Animal Kingdom
02/02/11: True Grit
02/03/11: Winter's Bone
02/04/11: Biutiful
02/06/11: Blue Valentine
02/09/11: Another Year
02/14/11: Salt
02/16/11: The Green Hornet
02/18/11: The Illusionist
02/20/11: The Social Network
02/24/11: The Kids Are All Right
03/02/11: The Abyss
03/06/11: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
03/09/11: The Addams Family
03/14/11: Air Force One
03/17/11: Aladdin
03/20/11: Alice in Wonderland
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Nah. I mean, there are lots of movies that don't need to be remade, but they get remade anyway. Sometimes they're better than the originals, most times they aren't. Hell, there are some movies that had neat concepts or were based on cool IP that just sucked, for one reason or another, and we've already seen "reboots" based on those kinds of properties that were better than the "originals." So, screw it, make the movies and let's see what ya got. No, nothing is sacred.
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Well, as for the past six years, just before the Academy Awards show I make this big honkin' post about who I think should and/or is going to win. And usually, I put in a request that if you're a hater, you hate on the Oscars elsewhere, because I love 'em and that hate ain't welcome here.

But this year, I feel the need to link to a site I really enjoy and point out this video on If you don't want to click it, it's "A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever", and it's actually very funny, and you should watch it. I am going to carry on typing as though you have, in fact.

OK, I get the joke. I'm an Oscar junkie, and so the fact that heavy dramas tend to win is not lost on me. But the video is deliberately lampooning movies in a particular style, and although the video certainly has a point, I have two quibbles.

First of all, y'know, if you cast a wide enough net, everything is a fish (you can feel free to start saying that and attribute it to Mark Twain). Yeah, this is the trailer for all the winners...except that they're grabbing, what, five or six different kinds of movies there? And yes, they're all the kind of thing that the Academy generally nominates, but to me there's a pretty big difference between, say Dances With Wolves-style movies and Rain Man-style movies.

Second, watch your goddamned superlatives. Every Winner Ever? Really? Let's have shufty at that.

Where in that trailer do you see Slumdog Millionaire? How about No Country for Old Men? I see The Departed, a little, definitely Crash and Million Dollar Baby (in a very general sense), but not Lord of the Rings or Chicago. To me, the movie they're advertising in that trailer is, for the most part, the movies that either get nominated for Best Picture but don't win, or star actors that have already won their Oscars and are using that star power to prop up an otherwise workaday drama. And that's not what the Academy has chosen as Best Picture for (hang on) let's say at least seven years (A Beautiful Mind was kinda that kind of movie; maybe Crash, though it was such an ensemble piece that it's hard to see it fitting into that mold. And I still think Brokeback Mountain got robbed).

All I'm saying is, there are some truly awesome movies that have won Oscars. And there have been some that shouldn't have been nominated. And what we have to remember is that there is no "Oscar" out there choosing the winners, there's just the Academy, which is made up of people in the profession. It would be like an award in gaming chosen by people in the gaming industry. Hell, you'd probably see some blatant politicking, some games that shouldn't even be eligible winning...

Ahem. Moving on. Tomorrow I shall watch the Award show, having a yummy dinner of coffee-marinated steak and goat-cheese mashed taters, and then stumble into work on Monday bleary-eyed as all hell, but hey. That's showbiz.

Grab ya popcorn. )


Feb. 27th, 2010 03:29 pm
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OK, anyone out there seen A Serious Man and would be interested in engaging in some discussion? Because I'm having some pretty significant "wtf" going on, here. Seeing it as a retelling of the Book of Job in the same way that O Brother Where Art Thou is a retelling of the Odyssey helps, but I'd love to hear other folks' thoughts.

Anyway, obviously I didn't get to do a character yesterday, so I'll do one today.

The Game: Dawg the RPG, 2nd Ed.
The Publisher: Kenzer & Co.
Degree of Familiarity: None. Read the PDF, that's it.
Books Required: Just the PDF.

Arf? )

Dec. 26th, 2009 01:13 pm
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OK, hands up if this hurts your brain:

Not that they're remaking Karate Kid. Hollywood ran out of ideas long ago, I'm fine with that. I'm also fine with the notion that, as I get older, the movies I loved as a kid are going to get remade and maybe, just maybe, the remakes will be better (it happens).

What weirds me about this is that he goes to China and learns kung fu (movie-style, it looks like) from Jackie Chan and they're calling it The Karate Kid.

OK? Just me?
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Don't mind me.

09/29/09: The Informant!
10/02/09: Labyrinth
10/09/09: Bolt
10/12/09: Kingdom of the Spiders
10/18/09: Grandma's Boy
10/21/09: FernGully: The Last Rainforest
10/23/09: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
10/26/09: Hot Fuzz
10/30/09: Lake Placid
11/02/09: Beerfest
11/04/09: Astro Boy
11/15/09: Bound
11/18/09: Up
11/22/09: Night at the Museum
11/26/09: Young Frankenstein
11/28/09: Planet 51
11/28/09: Let the Right One In
12/01/09: The Men Who Stare At Goats
12/04/09: Monsters Vs. Aliens
12/05/09: Bride of Chucky
12/14/09: Chinatown
12/19/09: Three Amigos
12/24/09: A Christmas Story
12/27/09: Sherlock Holmes
12/27/09: Creature from the Black Lagoon
12/28/09: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
01/01/10: Over the Hedge
01/01/10: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
01/05/10: Up in the Air
01/18/10: Hoodwinked!
01/24/10: Nanny McPhee
01/24/10: Club Dread
01/31/10: Avatar
02/02/10: The Blind Side
02/02/10: High Noon
02/06/10: Jumanji
02/07/10: The Princess and the Frog
02/07/10: Batman Begins
02/09/10: Crazy Heart
02/10/10: Julie & Julia
02/14/10: The Lovely Bones
02/15/10: A Single Man
02/15/10: Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
02/15/10: Nine
02/17/10: Inglourious Basterds
02/20/10: Big Trouble in Little China
02/21/10: The Last Station
02/22/10: Fantastic Mr. Fox
02/23/10: The Hurt Locker
02/24/10: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
02/26/10: An Education
02/26/10: The Italian Job
02/27/10: A Serious Man
02/28/10: Invictus
03/02/10: In the Loop
03/03/10: The Messenger
03/04/10: The Young Victoria
03/05/10: The White Ribbon
03/06/10: The Secret of Kells
03/14/10: Up
03/14/10: Sherlock Holmes/I>
03/14/10: Tropic Thunder
03/17/10: The Boondock Saints
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I don't even know why I'm doing this anymore.

09/26/08: Corpse Bride
09/30/08: Monsters, Inc.
10/01/08: Monster House
10/05/08: Iron Man
10/12/08: Wayne's World 2
10/13/08: Shrek 2
10/18/08: Beverly Hills Ninja
10/24/08: Gone in 60 Seconds
10/30/08: Over the Hedge
10/31/08: Snakes on a Plane
11/09/08: Hoodwinked
11/11/08: Over the Hedge
11/12/08: The Incredibles
11/14/08: Slither
11/14/08: The Hunger
11/15/08: Casino Royale
11/15/08: Quantum of Solace
11/16/08: Dead Alive
11/18/08: W.
11/21/08: Wall-E
11/25/08: The Jerk
11/30/08: Shrek 2
11/30/08: An American Werewolf in Paris
12/02/08: Bug
12/05/08: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
12/07/08: Dark City
12/08/08: Shrek the Third
12/08/08: A Christmas Story
12/10/08: Tropic Thunder
12/12/08: Tank Girl
12/14/08: Dogville
12/14/08: Blazing Saddles
12/15/08: End of Days
12/20/08: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
12/21/08: The Santa Clause
12/21/08: Fletch
12/25/08: Ghostbusters II
12/26/08: A Simple Plan
12/27/08: Australia
12/27/08: The School of Rock
12/29/08: Hudson Hawk
01/03/09: Bolt
01/04/09: Hollywoodland
01/09/09: Kenny
01/10/09: A Knight's Tale
01/11/09: Doubt
01/18/09: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
01/19/09: Slumdog Millionaire
01/23/09: Mad Max
01/24/09: Kung Fu Panda
01/25/09: Rachel Getting Married
01/25/09: Airplane!
01/28/09: Charlie's Angels
01/29/09: Tropic Thunder
01/31/09: The Reader
01/31/09: Milk
02/01/09: Hot Fuzz
02/04/09: In Bruges
02/06/09: Grandma's Boy
02/07/09: The Wrestler
02/07/09: Revolutionary Road
02/08/09: Kung Fu Panda
02/09/09: The Visitor
02/11/09: Frost/Nixon
02/13/09: Shaun of the Dead
02/15/09: Coraline
02/16/09: Vicky Cristina Barcelona
02/19/09: Wanted
02/20/09: Frozen River
02/21/09: Happy-Go-Lucky
02/21/09: Changeling
02/22/09: The Duchess
02/25/09: BASEketball
03/01/09: Iron Man
03/06/09: Watchmen
03/11/09: Earth Girls Are Easy
03/20/09: Coraline
03/21/09: Kung Fu Panda
03/23/09: Beerfest
03/24/09: Over the Hedge
03/25/09: The Order


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