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But only because we don't get to see the trials. Doink-doink. )

Overall, fun game. I was afraid there would be no room for super-powered action, but there was, it just wasn't nonstop. It's a low-powered supers setting, but it does marry two genres I really love (police procedurals and supers games) nicely. We might pick these characters up again.

For a few weeks, though, we're going to play curse the darkness, because I want to see how it stands up to multiple sessions. Stay tuned.
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So, I ran Changeling on Sunday and Mutant City Blues yesterday, and I haven't had a chance to do the updates before now. But here we are. So let's do Changeling first. )

Woo! And now, Mutant City Blues, now with more spit! )
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Well, I thought we might have a fourth player for this game, but then the guy who said he was interested didn't show and didn't call, so fnah. I'm fine with three players, and if when we finish this investigation we want to add in a fourth, I'll see what I can do about finding someone.

Anyway. )
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Had some trouble getting a player to the game last time, so we played Fiasco instead. Same thing happened this week (and no knock to the player in question intended at all; I'm sure she'd rather have been here with us), so we went ahead and played.

Doink-doink. )
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So, between cranky chilluns and just general first-session establishment, we didn't get very far last night. But we did set up the situation and get some direction for the investigation, so that's good.

The episode starts on 4/2/2020, 10 years to the day after Tammy Graves took flight during a softball game and became the first mutant to visibly manifest heightened ability. Houston, home of the Quade Institute, is home to the annual Mutant Rights Parade, and a lot of heightened individuals are in the city. The characters are all at the parade. Neve and Liberty are in uniform, while Jeanne and Robert are plainclothes, but they're all watching the parade and on duty.

And at 2:35PM, from the rear of the parade, there's an explosion.

Neve is close enough that it knocks her off her feet. She and Robert, since they have Spatial Awareness, immediately figure on the center of the blast and start headed there. Liberty does crowd control, while Jeanne, as a healer gets her ass to the wounded people. Fliers take to the skies, and mutants with X-Ray Vision, like Robert, scan for survivors. It's hours before the chaos calms a bit, and the police are assembled to talk about what happened.

Police Commissioner Deakins (have I mentioned how much I love having a good assortment of NPCs in the book? 'Cause I do) informs the officers that this was the work of a mutant with the Self-Detonation power. There are seven mutants registered with that power in the city, but four are accounted for (and since a blast of that magnitude would take a week to recover from, if they can find the suspect, he's no longer a suspect). 27 people are dead and another 50 or so wounded. The perp drove up to the parade in a 2011 Prius and then blew it (and himself) up. The Commissioner names the PCs as the lead investigators. The Chief of Detectives, Dennis Stockley, reminds everyone that the press is going to want swift action, the people demand justice, and so on.

The characters meet with Deakins and get the information that's been collected so far. The car's VIN number was recovered in the wreckage, and it's registered to one Arturo Grenada. He's not the perp, though, as he's a b-category mutant (and they never manifest powers). The characters go to work running down the other detonators. One, Kelli Washington, discovered her powers after manifesting the Secrete Acid power and getting the PCID test. To everyone's knowledge, she's never manifested the Self-Det power at all. She works in Houston and the police haven't been able to find her. The other, Ward Huffman, blew up in a bar a few years back - that was his first manifestation of his power. No one was killed, and his lawyer was very successful in playing the "Did you have or someone you know have ghost flu? Then this could just as easily have happened to you or them" card, and Huffman got probation. He's become a kind of annoying fixture in mutants' rights movements (Neve knows him to say hi, since she's involved in mutants' rights, too).

They also look at who died - mostly the protesters at the rear of the parade. That was mostly NPL, the Neutral Parity League, who are violently (or at least vehemently) opposed to mutants having any rights at all. Conrad Priestly is the local face of the organization, so they're going to interview him (he wasn't among the dead, though he was wounded).

The characters have their work cut out for them. They need to find a suspect that they literally cannot physically find. They have a week to do it before he reforms, fresh as a daisy. And if he's a zealot, he might just zip across town and explode again, if they don't find him in time.

The characters are splitting up. Neve and Robert are going to the lab to check out what data the tech guys have found on the blast, and Neve's going to check her contacts for any word on what happened to Ward. Jeanne and Liberty are going to look for Kelli Washington, and then to interview the Prius' owner.

We'll pick up in two weeks.
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I need a Law & Order icon.

Anyway, I'm running a Mutant City Blues game. I made a character for this game a while back, and I do like running GUMSHOE, so here we are.

In a process of city selection much less detailed than the one we did for Dresden (which [ profile] anaka better get round to posting one of these days, or else I'm gonna do it), the players decided on Houston as the site for Mutant City. That means that the Quade Institute is there, along with all of the other stuff that the setting requires (and which I'll need to reread).

So, for now, meet the characters! (We'll actually be played this after GenCon.)

  • Detective Liberty Rae Spurlock (played by [ profile] anaka). Liberty is a Texas native. She was a star gymnast and took two silver medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio (this game is set in 2020). Her powers manifested as she was training; she'd find that she'd suddenly lose momentum in the middle of a routine, and eventually they figured that she'd become heightened. Powers: Kinetic Energy Disperal, High-Energy Dispersal, Gravity Control, Lightning.
  • Detective Neve Desayaro (played by [ profile] affectionsedge). Neve owns a club in Houston, or did, anyway. She was a socialite, and was working her club one night when armed robbers burst in. She stood up to them, and suddenly the thug's gun yanked itself out of his hand and flew to hers. Powers: Spatial Awareness, Magnetism, Telekinesis, Night Vision.
  • Detective Jeanne Lawson (played by [ profile] hot493). Jeanne was an employee of the Quade Institute, doing research in anamorphology (study of mutant powers). She was fighting with a locked filing cabinet one day and then it...disintegrated. She was fast-tracked through Academy to become a member of the HCIU, and doesn't quite have the same grip on being a cop as she should. Powers: Disintegration, Transmutation, Healing, Phase.
  • Detective Robert VanDervall (played by [ profile] docelboze). Robert was a CI (police informant) and small-time bookie. He got busted and was sleeping in the county jail...and when he woke up, he was outside the jail, nekkid. To his credit, he didn't run, and some wheels were greased enough that he was able to go through Academy (he had nothing violent on his record, and a good history as a CI). Powers: X-Ray Vision, Thermal Vision, Spatial Awareness, Teleportation, Light Control, Invisibility, Light Blast.

So there ya go. Their sub-plots mention IAB a couple of times, so I'm going to have to create an IA officer who's got some anti-mutant bias (which will dovetail nicely with another of Neve's subplots; she's a mutant's rights activist). Beyond that, I've got some ideas for the first case, and for how a defense attorney might cross-examine them.
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I'm on vacation, which means I don't have the day-to-day drudgery of my job.

(Everyone who doesn't work in education just went, "Fuck you, Matt." I bask in it.)

Anyway, one of the things I want to do this week is some game prep, seeing as how I've got a bunch of awesome gaming coming down the pike. Let's review.

When I get back, I'm running It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show for [ profile] affectionsedge, [ profile] anaka, [ profile] hellgirl5, and some other people who aren't women (fine, fine, [ profile] docelboze and [ profile] danieltallon). I've already decided that the movie is going to be Snakes on a Plane 2: Bears on a Boat, but that's as far as I've gotten. I've got some ideas, but that'll be a separate post.

And then I'm running Trail of Cthulhu, which is ongoing, but mostly I have my notes for that. I may need to stat the XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX, but not just yet.

And then we're making characters for [ profile] anaka's Dresden game. I'm thinking of making a kinet-omancer, someone who does magic with motion and energy transfer (actual energy, not the "energy" that New Age types talk about). But I dunno. City creation first. I'm looking forward to trying that system out.

(As an aside, Michelle's going to run that game every second week, and the plan is for me to run Mutant City Blues on the off weeks. Which, again, I'm very much looking forward to, because GUMSHOE is fun and because I've been wanting to do a supers game for a while now.)

Then what? Oh, Vampire, which gets discussed more below the cut thingie. Players stay out! )

And then Snowblind at the end of the month, which is also going to require some prep because we're adding in Michelle's character, but I can do that later.
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You know, I was really, really depressed yesterday. A milkshake would have done wonders, but I'm counting points. They say that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, but I do wonder.

Anyway, today I'm more positive (which is one of the many things that sucks about depression, but anyway), and I have some time before my three non-injured players arrive for Vampire, so I'm gonna make a character.

The Game: Mutant City Blues
The Publisher: Pelgrane Press
Degree of Familiarity: None specifically with this game, though I have some experience with the underlying mechanics.
Books Required: Just the one.



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