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My pay was docked about $500 last paycheck. I have no idea why. Seems to have been a glitch. I called my supervisor, she mentioned that it had happened to someone else, too. I'd spoken to payroll and had them send over a correction form, which I then had to sign and send to her.

And a little voice in my head said, "print the form, sign it, then physically go to her, watch her sign it, and then take it to payroll personally."

Thing was, I had the kids, that was inconvenient, and I can do all of this via scanner and fax. So I did that. And I sent her a follow-up email asking for confirmation. Nothing, but she's not the most communicative of people anyway.

Today I emailed her again asking for a status update. I got an out-of-office reply. She's gone until the 17th of July. I called payroll. No form.

For fuck's sake. $500 is a not-inconsiderable portion of my check. The only reason I was able to deal with it was because Michelle's gone up to full time for her job for the summer and her extra income made up the difference, but if I actually lose that money I'm sort of fucked. But seriously, why would this not be something you'd resolve before you left work for three weeks?

I've got a call in to someone else in ORS, and she's really the person who knows her ass from her elbow where payroll is concerned. Next step, I guess, is call my union rep. But FFS.

Update: Called the department secretary, and she's fixing it all up. Duh. Never go to the suit. Always go to the secretary. Anyway.

In other news, I sent in an application to be on Chopped. I'm a little terrified. I mean, I have no idea if it'll happen; I don't know that I'm interesting enough to be on TV (and this is for an amateur special, of course, because I'm nothing like a trained chef). But I love the show, and I love to cook, so what the heck. I don't actually harbor any illusions that I'd win, but it'd be fun to play.

With that in mind, last night:

Tilapia, golden zucchini, cherries, seaweed topping, french bread.

French bread. Oy. I don't wanna make crostini.

So I scooped the middles out of the zucchini, cooked said middles in milk with the seaweed topping, added some sriacha, blended, added some of the bread because it was too thin, blended more. Roasted the hollowed-out zucchini and then added the mixture back in and roasted it some more.

The cherries I cooked in some rum with some lemon juice for a while, and then strained out the cherries and saved the sauce for the fish.

The fish I sauteed with a bit of black salt and lemon juice, and then topped with some steamed asparagus, the sauce and some of the topping.

Good stuff, all in all.
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Not doing as many Chopped dinners lately. This kind of makes me sad.

Tilapia, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, biscuit dough.

Lots of produce. So, roasted veggies, yes please. Sliced the taters and carrots into chunks, rubbed with olive oil, garlic and rosemary, into a baking dish, into the oven, boom.

Biscuits, too. Didn't know what else to do with the dough other than make biscuits.

I made a bacon gravy with (duh) bacon fat, broth, salt, milk. Put that on the biscuits. I breaded the fish with bread crumbs and herbs, and sauteed.

Fish turned out really well, actually, as did the gravy.
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Last night was the last session in my Autumn story in Snowblind. I'll have more thoughts on the chronicle as a whole later on, but right now I just want to get the write-up done before I have to go coordinate today's photo shoot for curse the darkness.

Oh, and if you're not following @play_attention on Twitter, you're missing out on all the funny things my gamers say! Here, I'll link to make it easier.

Tilapia, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, quinoa.

Not the hardest basket I've ever had. Cooked in the quinoa in broth, that's easy enough. Steamed and then salt-roasted the cauliflower, and make a sauce with the cheese and some goat's milk.

The tilapia, I took a suggestion from one of the players and cooked it en papillote, which is French for "in Dad's pills" or something. Wrapped the fillets in parchment paper with some lemon juice, fresh thyme, salt and some orange segments. They came out perfect - soft and flaky and tasty. Totally using that preparation for other stuff. Thanks, French!

Anyway, Changeling. )
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Almost didn't wind up being a Chopped dinner, since no one actually coordinated about ingredients, but three of the players wound up at my house early, one was in phone contact and the other never picks an ingredient anyway (he prefers to let someone with more experience with food do it and just contribute money). So what we wound up with was this:

Tilapia, couscous, sugar snap peas, black cherry soda, capers.

Couscous is easy; just cooked it normally with some butter. I made a batter with the soda and some flour and deep-fried the fish, boiled the peapods and then sauteed them in some bacon fat with the capers. Good stuff, simple, and then on to Vampire! )
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Two Chopped posts. So, hey, let's cook!

Tilapia, barbecue sauce, broccoli rabe, Life cereal, canned oysters.

Not THE weirdest things I've ever used, but still. )

And then tonight:

Chicken breasts, Hershey chocolate syrup, oranges, carrots, eggs.

Much easier. )
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A double-dinner here.

Tilapia, instant polenta, rhubarb, avocado.

Rhubarb! Rhubarb! )

Rabbit, sour cherry preserves, blueberries, potatoes, leeks.

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Tilapia, lemons, edible flowers, saffron rice, fennel.

What might you do? )


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