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OK, so, I need to count my points, it's easy to do it here, and I want to blog more anyway. So I'm going to put up my points every day, which you are cordially invited to ignore, and then something hopefully of interest, which you MUST READ. (Or not. I'm easy.)

I weighed myself yesterday. I'm at 240.4, which is more than I've weighed in a decade. Part of the issue is that I didn't go back to counting points in September like I should have, part of the issue is that I drank too much pop. Blargh. But anyway, I usually lose about 10 pounds a month, and I'm falling fairly naturally back into the swing of things, so when you see me in summer spring for Origins, I'm gonna look all svelte and stuff. I want to get down to about 200. 205 would be fine. Anyway:

My points from yesterday and today. )

OK, then. Now, Hunter/Mage (it's not really fair to say it's just a Hunter game anymore, as you'll see. Read on, dear reader. )
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Wait, first this. Michelle made me a mix CD for Xmas, and this was on it:

On we go! )

And I promised you a Tactic:

Blind Man's Bluff

Prerequisites: All: Wits 2, Composure 2. Partial (secondary): Brawl or Weaponry 2, (primary) Wits or Composure 3

Requires: 3. 5 or more bestows a -1 to all primary actors' roll

Dice Pool: Secondary: Wits+Composure. Primary: Strength + Weaponry or Brawl - Defense.

Action: Instant

Description: It's an unfortunate, but sadly not uncommon, situation for hunters to find themselves unable to see, but fighting a monster that has no problem navigating in the dark. This Tactic, developed by a cell in Erie in response to an insane mage with a penchant for Forces magic and assassination, works somewhat like Disappear (p. 221 of Hunter: The Vigil) in that it has one secondary actor supplying successes to a number of primary actors.

The secondary actor remains back from the combat, using some method of seeing in the dark (night vision goggles, an appropriate Endowment, or just a keen situational awareness and guesswork) to keep tabs on the target. She then calls out a series of coded directions, indicating where the primary actors should strike. The primary actors keep in contact with a series of taps and touches to avoid hitting each other in the melee. If all goes well, the target gets punched or struck. Obviously, though, this Tactic has a rather dangerous margin for error.

Organizations: At present, only one cell of hunters uses this Tactic, and they're not affiliated with any Compact or Conspiracy.

Potential Modifiers: Darkness (-3 to all rolls; this can be mitigated for the secondary actor if she has night-sight goggles or some other method of seeing the dark)

Roll Results:

Dramatic Failure: The secondary actor calls out the wrong codes, and everyone gets muddled. All primary actors' rolls suffer a -4, in addition to darkness penalties. If a primary actor rolls a dramatic failure, he positions himself in exactly the wrong place and the next primary actor to attack targets him instead.

Success: Successes on the secondary actor's roll are applied to all primary actors' rolls. Successes primary actors' rolls, of course, are applied as damage to the target.

Exceptional Success: No effect for primary actors other than the additional damage. An exceptional success on the secondary actor's roll, in addition to the dice pool bonus for the primary actors, allows the hunters to surround the target. The target loses its Defense for the rest of the turn.

To Purchase: 14 Practical Experience
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Last night, I ran Hunter. Oh, I also cooked:

Rump roast, white cheddar, beets, angel hair pasta.

Cut the beef into medallions (no way it'd cook in the time I had any other way), seasoned it, made a gratin with the grated cheese, some rosemary and other herbs.

Pickled the beets in cider vinegar and red wine. Made a red wine sauce for the pasta. Done and done! Oh, wait, sauteed the beet greens in some sesame oil.

And then, Hunter. )
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Prep for the next Hunter and Leverage games. I can do that. Now Hunter. )
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Last night was the last session in my Autumn story in Snowblind. I'll have more thoughts on the chronicle as a whole later on, but right now I just want to get the write-up done before I have to go coordinate today's photo shoot for curse the darkness.

Oh, and if you're not following @play_attention on Twitter, you're missing out on all the funny things my gamers say! Here, I'll link to make it easier.

Tilapia, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, quinoa.

Not the hardest basket I've ever had. Cooked in the quinoa in broth, that's easy enough. Steamed and then salt-roasted the cauliflower, and make a sauce with the cheese and some goat's milk.

The tilapia, I took a suggestion from one of the players and cooked it en papillote, which is French for "in Dad's pills" or something. Wrapped the fillets in parchment paper with some lemon juice, fresh thyme, salt and some orange segments. They came out perfect - soft and flaky and tasty. Totally using that preparation for other stuff. Thanks, French!

Anyway, Changeling. )
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Ran Hunter last night. I shall now do the write-up, quick-like, so I can get back to playing Assassins Creed: Revelations. What? )
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Kinda. New player (Matt, making three Matts in this particular game) is making his character for the new Hunter story (a continuation of this series). So I need some notes. M-m-m-mask. )
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Never did one of these for my Hunter games, and they're handy.

Cold Feet - May 5-26 , 2006
Session one
Session two
Session three
Session four
Session five

Jumping Off - November 27-28, 2006
Session one
Session two

To a Dark Place - April 13-16, 2006
Session one
Session two
Session three
Session four
Session five

Time of Our Lives - October 5, 2007 - ??
Session one
Session two
Session three


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