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So! OK!

The characters got up and went to church. Nikolai and Mina sat in the middle, Suzi and Lillie sat in back, Shortstop and his mentor sat in the middle and Sheriff Mark sat up front. Spencer Jacobs delivered a sermon, as expected, on all good gifts coming from God, rather than from arcane sources. Lillie just kind of rolled her eyes, the sermon ended, and Mark got up and asked the menfolk of the town to stand up and defend against the undead. He managed to roll really well on an unskilled Persuasion roll and a bunch of guys agreed.

The PCs and Nikolai met outside the church and talked about the game plan. They still weren't sure what Mina's angle was, but she was damned invested in the railroad. The PCs agreed to go out and see where the proposed split from the current rail line. They took five of the guys that he agreed to help Mark along.

They got out there and didn't see anything interesting, but then they saw someone riding toward them. A guy from town had a note from Nikolai (in his handwriting, as far as Suzi could tell) saying to meet him at a specific place - he had info about Mina. They headed out there, at the bottom of a cliff, near a big rock.

Several of the characters recognized this place as Falling Tears. The US Cavalry had pushed a bunch of Indians off that cliff at one point, and the place had a spooky, haunted feel. As they approached, they were attacked - the Black Warlock and four flunkies with rifles.

The fighting was fierce, and flunkies died on both sides. Mark and Lillie were wounded, Shortstop jumped up to the top of the carriage (he'd bee stowing away). But as the fighting continued, the ground shook and some horrible undead beast composed of corpses rose up!

The creature absorbed some of the bodies lying around, growing more powerful with each one. They threw bullets at it, and magic (Suzi debated using Fear, but didn't, which is good because it wouldn't have worked anyway), but it was damned hard to hurt. And meanwhile, the other folks were trying to kill each other (and one of the extras that went with the characters, named George, was just unkillable. We decided he should be a Wild Card). Finally, Lillie dealt herself a joker dealing with the Devil, but threw a hex strong enough to kill the thing (and fried her brain a little in the process).

The 'glom dead, the Black Warlock (who hadn't actually used any magic) stepped out, wounded, and challenged Mark to a duel. They stared each other down, drew, and fired. Both hit, but only the Black Warlock fell. They unmasked him, and sure enough, it was Jessup (lending credence to their suspicion that Annabelle was the real magic user). Before he died, he told them, "Tell Nikolai...congratulations on the wedding."

Something, obviously, was wrong with Nikolai. They threw the corpses in the back of the wagon and lit out for Novygrad, already panicked about what they would find.

The exciting conclusion happens tomorrow!


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