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Well, since I ran it the other day and everything, figure I may as well make a character, yeah? I made some notes about the game in my last post, so let's rock.

The Game: Fae Noir
The Publisher: Green Fairy Games
Degree of Familiarity: Played it once at GenCon, ran it last night.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, the first step is "Conceptualize all over the place." I just cleaned my table so I'll probably try to keep it contained.

There are a number of different sorts of fae to play. If I want to play a character with True Faith, I can't play a faerie. Likewise, if I want to play someone using magic, I need to play either a human or a Tuatha. So I guess I'll play a faerie, since I played a human spellcaster when I played this once before.

There are 10 species of fairy listed, so I'll just roll a d10 for my race. That'll kickstart a concept. '8' give me...Ogre! Sure, I can be a bruiser.

OK, so according to the book, ogres are big, strong and stupid. They take orders well, but they aren't very motivated just by themselves. Hmm. The fae returned in 1918, the default setting for the line is 1923 or so. Let's assume that my ogre is a mob enforcer. He popped over from Faery and went about doing ogre things - eating people in the dark, and so on. And then a member of the local mob (I'd like the GM create a colorful figure for me) stood up to me, gave me a job breaking legs, and offered to keep me out of the iron shackles that the cops would undoubtedly like to slap me in.

Over the last few months, though, Fish (my character's nickname, because his eyes bug out and he has flaps of skin on his neck that kind of look like gills) hasn't been then leg-breaker my boss has been using. Might be because he's not subtle enough, or it could be because Fish likes to get drunk and then he brags. Either way, the clock might be running out for ol' Fish.

OK, good 'nuff for concept. Next up, we do Attributes. There are 8 of them, I get bonuses in Strength and Toughness but I take penalties in Looks, Intelligence and Agility.

OK, so this is weird. So, you start at given minimums for Attributes. Mostly it's 1, but, f'rex, as an ogre I start with Strength 3. I also, according to the fairy splat write-ups in the book, get a +3 to Strength, but a -3 to Looks. My maximum Looks is 4. So do I have to pump my Looks to 7 in order to get that? Is my Strength of 3 just...a given, or is it really 6 (that is, start at 3 and apply a boost later)? This is poorly explained, and the examples of chargen are human and Tuatha, which don't have much in the way of modifiers to use as examples. Bad form, Justin.

Well, since the modifiers match up with the min/max totals, I'll just leave it at that. Oh, wait, except I get a +3 to Strength, meaning my starting value should be 4. Ah, screw it. Assuming I start with one in everything (except Strength and Toughness, where I start with 3), I spend my 16 points thusly:

Agility 3
Strength 8
Toughness 6
Speed 3
Looks 1
Intelligence 2
Willpower 2
Perception 3

There we go.

Next up, Skills! I get 18 points here. Since there's no benefit to having a low Skill rating, I'll only wind up with a few with higher ratings.

Club 5
Roughhousing 5
Criminal Underbelly 4
Athletics 4

There we go. Now, Personality Flaws! I get 4 points. Let's do 3 in Blood-Thirsty and one in Obnoxious (he talks too much). That'll do.

And now, Build Points. Characters start with 42, but I lose 19 for being an ogre (because extra Strength is totally worth that. Oy.). That'd be 23, then.

Well, I can't buy Glamour and I can't buy magic. Looks like I should look at Edges. Well, I'll spend two points on Made, so I'm an official gangster. I'll Fists of Iron, too - I can beat on people wearing armor and not hurt myself.

Let's maybe buy some Skills? I have 18 points left. Skills are 1/1 unless I go over the linked Attribute, in which case they're 2/1. Let's spend 4 and knock Club and Roughhousing to 7, which is as high as they can go during chargen. Let's buy 2 in Bootlegging for two points, and then spend 4 more to knock it up to 4. Athletics is based on know, maybe my last 12 points would be better spent in Attributes?

Those are 2/1, and my Agility and Speed could be higher. I can buy 6 points worth of Attributes with 12 points, which is 3 in each, which puts them both to 6. Much more better.

That means that folks have a +1 to target numbers to shoot me (I'm nimble!). I do an extra wound level because I'm fucking strong. I get an extra Severe Health Level, +2 to Initiative.

Ooh...but with Looks 1, I get 5 points of Personality Flaws to spend on various things. I'll take Ugly 5, and my low Intelligence means Skills are more expensive to raise with experience (which is stupid; it should only apply to Skills that you don't learn purely practically, but anyway).

On reflection, I like that having high or low Attributes means that you get these little bennies. That offsets the fact that you don't roll them much.


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