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I feel like making a character, and Savage Worlds characters are quick. I would also really like some variance in my icons, but it costs $35 to have as many as I would need. Sad. Anyway.

The Game: Slipstream
The Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Degree of Familiarity: Pretty familiar with Savage Worlds, but I've only read this game.
Books Required: The core the Slipstream book.

Well, as usual for a Savage Worlds game, we begin with Race. There are lots of playable races, a few of which are fully detailed, but then there's a whole section on making your own race. I'm tempted to do that, but I'm also tempted by the slug people, just because, seriously, wtf.

OK, I hate to admit this, but you know why I'm going with the slug aliens? Because they can release a foul stench that uses the burst template, and that's fun. Oy. So, race is Septosian (oh, and all of these races slipped into this part of the universe through a black hole or something. The Septosians originally inhabited the twin worlds Andee and Hopp. That's in the book).

As a Septosian, I get All Thumbs (boo), Rubbery (+1 Toughness), Squelchy (-2 to Stealth and +4 to track me because I leave a trail of slime), Stench (the aforementioned horrible smell) and Tentacles (my arms are stretchy).

OK, so now I need some kind of concept. Well, Michelle mentions the slugs in Flushed Away (here) and now the idea of a Septosian bard, incorporating the squelchy noises of his own squishy body as percussion, is in my head and won't fucking leave. FINE. That's what we're doing.

Septosians have names in the burpy, slurpy style of their language, so my guy's name is Plep. Plep is fascinated by music, especially music of other races, and he's interested in learning to play various instruments and sing in different styles. Being a slug actually helps that, because his vocal apparatus is squishy and malleable, meaning he's a good mimic. Mostly he just wants to bring the gift of music to those downtrodden by Queen Anathraxa. I suspect he'd need a good, hard kick in the motivation during the first session, but he'd be receptive.

Right, Attributes. Agility is important, as is Spirit, for me. So I'll take:

Agility d8
Strength d4
Spirit d8
Smarts d4
Vigor d6

Now, Skills. I get 15 points. I want:

Gambling d4
Guts d4
Knowledge (Music) d8
Notice d6
Fighting d4
Persuasion d8
Streetwise d4
Taunt d8

Good start. I see a lot of taunt to get Shaken results in his future.

Skipping Derived traits because duh, they should go at the end, I need to do Edges. Now, if I take the Heroic Hindrance in addition to any others I take, I get a free Edge for which I can ignore Rank. Um, yes. For my free Edge, I'll take Charismatic.

Now, more Hindrances? Yes, probably. I want Curious for my Major Hindrance. For my minors, I'll take Loyal and Pacifist. Seems he's a nice slug.

So that gives me four points. I'll burn 2 and put my Smarts up to d6, and burn the other two on Skills, I think. I'll put Guts up to d8, and buy Shooting at d6.

Oh, right, and then I get an Edge. There are a few I like, but I'll take Luck. I think he'll need it.

And now Derived Traits. Pace is 6, Parry is 4, Toughness is 6 (because I'm Rubbery) and Charisma is +2.

I get 500 Slips (moneys). I'll buy "leather" armor (it's not really leather), a ray gun (turns everyone into a guy named Ray), a bubble helmet, and that'll do it. That leaves me 230 Slips left.

And that'll do it! I figure Plep always carries a few varieties of musical instrument, stuff that's small and portable. If he had quarters on a ship, they'd need to be soundproofed.


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