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Creepshow is a George Romero/Stephen King mashup in the style of the old EC horror comics (of which I'm a fan, in fact). The movie is told in five segments with a wraparound story, presented as stories in a horror comic and "narrated" by the Creep (though he doesn't actually get a voice until the sequel, and it's not an improvement). The movie has early 80s performances from Leslie Neilsen, Ed Harris, Ted Danson and probably the only starring role that Stephen King ever played.

I've always liked this movie, and not just because I enjoy the comics it was inspired by. The makeup and special effects have aged pretty well, considering (the crate-monster, Fluffy, still looks freaking deadly even now). The story is good, and I think it's pretty well-paced, for the most part. Something to Tide You Over runs a little long in the middle, but it's followed by The Crate, which is the strongest of the stories.

Michelle and I were discussing last night that women kind of the short end of the stick both in this movie and in the horror comics. Creepshow flunks the Bechdel Test with flying colors - the only scene in which two women interact is at the party in The Crate, and it's Billie (Adrienne Barbeau) talking shit about another professor (male). The rest of the segments have no or one woman, usually a victim. Oh, except for Father's Day, which has several, but they never interact without a man in the room (and even so, the context of their conversation is about Nathan Grantham). The most important and memorable female character in the movie is Billie, and she emasculates her husband (she even takes a male name, berates him for being impotent, etc.). His perfectly well-reasoned and justified response (snerk) is to feed her to this. And we're clearly supposed to cheer for him, and it's easy to do that because the characters are kind of stock, which is OK.

The movie's a bit dated (mostly from the music), but I like the visual styles. I think it could use a remake, honestly. Imagine Upson Pratt from the final segment played as a younger, Zuckerberg-esque schmuck, communicating with the people he's wrong via Facebook as the cockroaches swarm him. Just as a for instance.

Oh, my other favorite Creepshow memory: First time I saw it, I would have been about 12, I guess. I had a couple of friends sleeping over and we watched the movie. My dad had really bad laryngitis, so we told him to say "I WANT MY CAKE." And then we didn't sleep! Ever! THE END.

My Grade: B+
Rewatch Value: Medium-high

Next up: Crimes of Passion


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