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Someone started a thread about curse the darkness after reading my demo game reports from MarCon. I'm inordinately happy about this.

Oh, and also, there have been updates over on the website, if you haven't looked lately.

I feel like making a character.

The Game: Ephemeris
The Publisher: Nomadic Delirium Press
Degree of Familiarity: None. I got the game out of a bundle a long time ago, and it's close to the top of the list for games I haven't done yet. I need to update that lis, actually.
Books Required: Just the one, and a "vivid imagination."

So, Ephemeris is a science fiction RPG about (hang on) "galactic trade and galactic conquest." It seems to be (at a glance) very much a traditional RPG, but it also has a section about what hyperspace does to your mind, which I think is interesting. Let's peruse and see if a character suggests itself.

Oh, wait, random chargen. OK, then. I start out determining Attributes, rolling 2d6 10 times and ditching the two lowest rolls. Just a moment.

11 7 9 4 10
10 12 10 12 4

Thank you, entropy. OK, so I ditch the 4s. Now what? I place the other ones as I see fit. My Attributes are:

Common Sense

What's Common Sense? Oh, it's common sense. The game tells you what skills work off of what Attributes, which I like. I think I want a high Intelligence, because I'm liking the idea of playing a scientist. I'll structure my Attributes thusly:

Intelligence: 12
Common Sense: 7
Charisma: 10
Sanity: 9
Strength: 11
Agility: 12
Endurance: 10

This makes me much more physically badass than a scientist is normally depicted as being, but this being the Far Future I figure everyone's in good health and genetically modified and shit. What's next?

Oh, do I want to play an alien? I don't know. Let's look at the racial descriptors.

OK, so we've got dinosaurs with four arms, horrible nipple-breathing creatures, big spider-crab things, people (with an absolutely horrible cheesecake picture - really, guys?), sentient gas encased in crystal and giant slug-snails. Um. I think I'll stay human, though I do give the game credit for making alien races actually alien. (I just don't want to play one.)

Oh, god, this game has levels and classes. Yawn. Anyway, I guess I should choose a class. Bandit, no. Cyber Wizard, are you fucking kidding? Explorer...hmm. Maybe. Nanist. Well, now. Nanists are healers, and they heal user nanobots that they can transfer to others. They are seen as religious figures. GET IT? THEY'RE CLERICS.

Jesus. This is just D&D in space, isn't it? Right down to level progression.

Fuckit. Let's keep going. Oh, wait, Scientist is a class. Last two are Soldier and Trader. Eh. So it's either Nanist or Scientist. I have to admit Nanist sounds pretty cool. Why not, we'll do that.

What's next? Skills, I guess. I start with one point each in some skills, which I would love to just c/p but I can't because this fucking pdf has it disabled. Blargh. Anyway, Medicine, Genetics, Cybernetics, Computerse, Nanotech, Science: Exobiology all get a free point. In addition to that, I get 12 points to split up amongst skills plus another 4 for my Intelligence modifier. So that's 16. Can't go over 3 points into any one Skill.

Computerse 2
Cybernetics 2
Decipher 2
Encryption 2
Fitness 1
Gather Information 2
Genetics 1
Hide 1
Medicine 3
Nanotech 4
Science: Exobiology 1
Stealth 1

Have I mentioned how much I hate granular skill systems? 'Cause it's a lot.

Now there's a big list of gear with how much gold credits it costs. Yawn. I hate shopping. I get a computer system for free because I'm a Nanist, but I can't be arsed right now. I wanna get to spells transferences for my cleric Nanist.

OK, so I have to program a certain number of nanos every day to do the things I want. Which means I have to fucking memorize spells. What the shit, guys? You took all the lamest things about D&D, made them IN SPAAAAAACE, put three pieces of art with it and called it a new game? FUCK YOU.

Anyway. As a 1st-level cleric Nanist...what the fuck. OK, it looks like I get 2+ Int modifier (or 6, altogether) for "nano packets", and then 3 transferences. I have no idea what that means and there aren't any examples. Hang on, lemme figure this out. As I recall as a cleric, I could prep three spells a day, but I could choose from any from level 1? Or maybe within my god's purview or something? But then what are nano packets for?

Fuckit. I'm picking three level-one transferences so I can be done. I pick...Enhancement 1 (let's me boost a roll right before I make it), Harm 1 (I add my Int bonus to a touch attack) and Sleep (the basic Sleep spell).

I picture this guy kind of as a spy, someone who learned to use Nanos to transport information or secrets across the universe to...someone. But the nanos wiped his memory of his mission and most of his training, so now he's having to rebuild it, slowly, and seek out the people who did this to him (kind of a Total Recall sort of thing). The problem is that everyone he talks to that knows about it winds up dead, or lies through his teeth. He just wants the truth, and so he's bumbling his way through the universe, looking for one honest man. He calls himself "Diogenes," or just "Gene" if you're pressed for time.

Oh, and I just now noticed humans get 4 extra Skill points, so I put them in various places. Can't be arsed. Nor can I be arsed to do gear, because I don't care that much.

Seriously, guys, you are aware that all RPGs don't have to follow the mess of rules and board-game mentality that is D&D, right? Oy. Glad it's done.

Points 4/10:
Soup: 6
Cheese: 2
Bread: 2
Ginger Ale: 3
Salmon: 6
Taters: 4
Puree: 1
Banana: 4

Total: 28
Banked: 0

Points 4/11:
Eggs: 4
Bread: 2


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