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So! I missed yesterday, but I'm back on track today. It's my intention to do a character a day, just like I used to when I started this whole mess - and incidentally, if people wanted to throw in comments like they used to, I wouldn't feel SO ALONE.

Ahem. Anyway.

The Game: Tales from the Wood
The Publisher: Beyond Belief Games
Degree of Familiarity: None, though I suspect I'll have to run it eventually.
Books Required: Just the one.

I picked up Tales from the Wood as part of a trilogy (Kids & Critters, which also includes It's a Dog's Life, in which you play prairie dogs). The game is about playing the woodland creatures of England, and the ones you play are the creatures of the Way, while the nastier creatures are those of the Bane.

Joining me today will be Teagan, by the way. She has already decided she wants to play a hedgehog.

My first step: Choosing a Creature. I choose a toad, because I like the little brown hop-toads that live under my steps.

So, it looks like the way this works is that picking a creature determines your traits and skills right off, and then you get some customization points at the end. That's cool, especially for a kid-friendly game. So my traits:

Toughness 1
Sturdiness 2
Nimbleness 3
Craftiness 2
Fierceness 2
Alertness 2

...are set for now. Next?

I note my Abilities; I get Hide, Swim and Intimidate. Interestingly, Teagan's hedgehog only gets a choice of Intimidate or Tooth & Claw. Not sure about that.

Anyway, now Lore. I pick between Marsh or River. I pick Marsh; toads aren't really great swimmers.

Now I get 5 points. Teagan spends hers on the Track Ability. I think I'd rather raise my numbers. I'll spend 2 and buy a point of Toughness, and my remaining 3 to raise my Craftiness.

So OK. My toad is name Gulper. Gulper lives in a marsh, mostly hanging around the edges eating bugs. He knows the marsh pretty well, but he's afraid of the lights he sees out there sometimes. He's heard stories from frogs (who he kind of idolizes for their athletic prowess) about lights that blind them, and then they're taken up, perhaps to a better place.

Sometimes when he sees the lights, a big brown dog comes to see him. At first he was terrified, but the dog always seems happy to see him, so now he thinks of it as his pet.

And Teagan's character, Hedgie:


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