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Deep Blue Sea is a horror movie starring Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, a pre-Thor Stellan Skarsgard and a pre-Nick-Fury Samuel L. Jackson. The scientists (including Skarsgard and Burrows) are experimenting on sharks and making their brains bigger so they can harvest their brain proteins and cure Alzheimers. The science is fuzzier than Michael Rappaport's face, here; basically it's along the same lines as the bullshit "sharks don't get cancer so let's eat them then we won't either!" thing, but they manage to make it sound movie-plausible.

But then, see, they made the sharks' brains bigger so they got smarter (a character actually manages to deliver that line and sound shocked), and the sharks chase them around the facility (once it's flooded, in a sequence that's actually pretty disturbing), and eat most of them. The only survivors are LL Cool J and Thomas Jane.

I love sharks and I love monster movies, and I like watching the cast get whittled down. The biggest shock of the movie is, of course, Jackson getting eaten out of nowhere, but there are some good jumps in other places, too. The CGI for the sharks is ludicrous, and the dialog is bloody awful, but the cast takes it seriously - can't tell if that makes it better or worse.

It was interesting watching this and DeepStar Six consecutively - I'll mention this again in my next review, but Deep Blue Sea is really dour for a monster movie. It's more horror-drama than horror-action, but unfortunately with the dialog as bad as it is that doesn't float. There are some fun lines, but nothing really standout. LL Cool J is fun to watch, and some of the cast has some obviously interesting backstory, but we never learn enough to make it interesting. Oh, and absolutely nothing comes of all the death - the scientists all get eaten and all their research is destroyed. So, y'know, all a total waste. Another Fiasco movie?

My grade: D+
Rewatch value: Solid medium

Next up: DeepStar Six


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