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DeepStar Six is a late 80s monster movie starring, apparently, a bunch of 80s TV folks (Greg Evigan, whom Michelle knew from BJ and the Bear, which I never watched) and a big, rubbery monster. Also some models.

The crew of the DeepStar is putting a missle silo on the ocean floor. Their resident scientist (Nia Peeples, who's really lovely but talks too damn fast) warns the rest of the crew that just blowing up caverns is going to get them eaten by something, but the rest of them just want to get the fuck home. Oh, and McBride (Evigan) and his lady Collins (Nancy Everhard) are dealing with what happens with their relationship when they get topside. All normal stuff.

But then they blow up a cavern and a thing takes out their remote vehicle, and then destroys their sub-facility, The monster looks like a big damn lobster (it is actually identified as "some kind of arthropod, but big, very big") and it is violently attracted to light. Also able to survive multiple nuclear explosion. I know, right?

Look, it's a monster movie. This one has some better dialog than Deep Blue Sea, but it's not because the dialog is better, but because the actors (perhaps better accustomed to bad dialog, since they're mostly TV folks) deliver it with conviction. There are some nice, gory deaths and a fun mental breakdown from Snyder (Miguel Ferrer), and then a finale that looks like it was filmed in someone's bathtub. The movie is awful, but very watchable. Total Alien knockoff, but stripped of any intelligence. Oh, and directed by Sean Cunningham, who also gave us Friday the 13th, for what it's worth.

My Grade: D
Rewatch value: Medium

Next up: Demolition Man


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