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We were supposed to play Song of Ice & Fire tonight, but Michelle was sick, so we hung out and watched The Devil's Advocate instead (post coming soon). As such, I'm not tired and I think it'd be fun to make a character. So here we are.

The Game: House of Cards
The Publisher: Parenthesis Press
Degree of Familiarity: Some. Just ran a game last week.
Books Required: Just the one, plus a Tarot deck.

You know, I like this game. It's nicely surreal, it has a fun, workable system (though I do have some niggles), and it's got a specific enough setting to be interesting while still be open enough to screw with if you were so inclined. Also, I like games that are ballsy enough to say "You need a Tarot deck" and not apologize for it. Maybe it's a gimmick, whatevs. It's a theme. We don't need more watered-down, generic games (with all due respect to Fablestreams and their revolutionary new game, GeneSys, which is sure to be totally not a gigantic flaming clusterfuck).

So. In this game you're playing the incarnation of one of the Major Arcana, but not the World, because the GM is the World (there is no World-Bearer). Each Arcana only has one Bearer at any given time, so if you're playing the Death-Bearer, you're the Death-Bearer. I like that a lot.

To make a character, we choose an Archetype. You can pick one if you feel strongly, but I don't so I'm choosing at random. Got my Rider-Waite right here. I pull out the World, and randomly choose...The Wheel of Fortune! Neat! (Actually, I chose the Lovers and the Chariot, first, but I wanted to do one that wasn't represented the other night.)

OK, so, Wheel of Fortune. My Bearer is Jesse Northup. Jesse is a garbage collector, but was once on the cusp of marrying into a vast fortune. Then his fiance got into a car wreck, and though she survived, the head trauma was extensive enough that her personality shifted, and was completely incompatible with Jesse's.

Jesse has "easy come" tattooed on his right arm and "easy go" tattooed on his left. He has a huge wheel of fortune tattooed on his back, and he has the symbol for "Om" on his chest.

Good start. Now I do five correspondences. I pick Triumph, Tragedy, Chaos, Probability and Randomness.

Then I do Motivations. I have to pick what Jesse loves, desires, fights for, and opposes and then split 10 points amongst them. Hmm.

Well, I think Jesse loves Fair Play. He wants to see people succeed because they should, because they worked to be their best rather than because they shot the other guy in the leg. It's not entirely in his nature as the agent of chance, but it's what he loves. He desires Victory. He loves watching the underdog win, the chips coming down where they "should." He knows that the house always wins eventually, but sometimes it doesn't, and he likes being there when that happens. He fights for Serenity. He wants people to accept what they get, rather than bemoan their fate (which is different than trying to change it). He opposes Fatalism. Nothing is ever, ever, over. The Wheel never actually stops. I'll put 4 into Opposes Fatalism and 2 into each of the others.

Now I pick a Greater Power. Well, I can pick one or I can make one up. There are three examples listed in the book. One lets me start with a "weird," but I didn't read those rules. Well, maybe I'll check them out real quick. Hang on. OK, it's like a geasa. I adhere to the rules, I get a card I can use that's committed to that, and I can use that card. Eh. I like the idea of the second power (I'm never surprised, I can always react as though I expected what was coming), but there's no system attached to it, and I've run this game now and I know that having a power that hooks into the system is a good thing. I think I'll go with Rota - I expend a card, then gather up everyone's cards, shuffle and deal them out evenly.

And that's me done, in fact. Nice and quick.


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