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I'm out in the wilds of Oklahoma, with a cricket army invading the house and a car that seems to feel this is a good trip to die (the A/C is fixed again, for now. I fully expect it to explode again long about St. Louis). But that is no reason not to do chargen!

The Game: Chronica Feudalis
The Publisher: Jeremy Keller, I guess. You can buy the game at IPR.
Degree of Familiarity: None. I've read it.
Books Required: Just the one.

This was a game I got in the bundle, and I never got round to reading it because the character sheet made it look complex. Really, it's a FATE-based game, meaning it's a system I know, and there are some interesting tweaks to it. The book is written "in character," the basic conceit here being that a bunch of 12th-century monks made up an RPG and wrote it in English because they didn't want to get in trouble with the higher-ups (and English was a language they shared). So that's silly, but whatever, my game's about shadow-controlling ideologues.

As with many games, we're advised here to make sure that our characters are compatible. That is, if we're playing knights, we should all be knights, or at least have a reason to hang out with knights doing knighty things. The example in the book is of a bunch of people on a pilgrimage, so I'll go with that.

First step: Pick Mentors. You pick three people who have taught your character stuff, and that gives you skills and items and whatnot.

Since getting good produce is difficult out here in the fucking desert, I'm gonna take Peasant as a mentor. My character grew up farming, and learned from his father how to take care of such peasant-like things. And then there was a disaster of some kind - let's say a flood wiped out our farm and we rebuild farther into the woods. And then I learned there from a Hunter, a fellow who already lived there and made his living off the land. Finally, after my father died, my mother took up with the hunter, and the hunter's brother, an Outlaw, hid out with us for a while. My character left with him when he fled, and he eventually ditched me, leaving me with this group going on pilgrimage.

Anyway, for Skills, I get:

Aim d6
Hide d8
Climb d6
Brawl d6
Hunt d6
Fitness d8
Sense d6

Mostly a physical character. I'm good with that.

So now I do Tools, also determined by my mentors. I get a bow and a quiver of arrows, a snare trap, a tool of my choice (I choose a hammer), a pair of shoes and everyone gets a purse. All of this gets a die rating, which I note.

OK, so, three Aspects. These are the bit that come from FATE (the dice system doesn't), so I want to do Aspects that can be both negative and positive.

So my pilgrim is a peasant that ran away from home after being mentored by a kind of unconventional family. I think I'll take an Aspect of "Pines for his forest home." That should give me the chance to use that Aspect when dealing with foresty kinds of things. So why did he leave? I'll say "Reward for his head." Again, makes him kind of badass (even if it's mostly by association). Finally, I'll take an Aspect "Penitent." He wants to go home, but he wants to make this Pilgrimage first. Figures God brought him here for a reason.

Now Backgrounds. These are weird. They're things that my character is good at, but that I don't want to see happen in the session. Like, if I wanted to avoid violence in the game, my character could be a fighting expert (as a Background, not an Aspect) and then we just take violence as read, I suppose. Weird. OK.

See, I keep trying to wrap my brain around this and I don't get it. If my character is good at something, then that's what I want him to be doing. If he's bad at something and that's part of his character arc, then cool, that should be a Background. I guess I just don't get the value of putting what I don't want to see on the character sheet. But whatever.

Oh, wait, these are optional. So that's good, then. Um. I can't really think of anything. I'll leave those blank.

I need a name. I think my guy goes by "Forrest." It's not his name, but his real name is attached to a wanted man, and all Forrest wants to do is find forgiveness from God and then go home.

I'll scan the sheet in on Friday.


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