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I backed this Kickstarter a while back, and just got my copy in the mail, along with Teagan's awesome t-shirt. So we're making characters! And by "we", I mean me, Sarah, Teagan, Will and Alisdair. Hoy.

Not pictured: Sarah.

The Game: Mermaid Adventures
The Publisher: Third Eye Games
Degree of Familiarity: None
Books Required: Just the one!

OK, let's do it! Will has already decided he's playing a shark-folk. Let's see what the others choose! Teagan wants to be an Octofolk, Al chooses Fishfolk, Sarah chooses Jellyfolk. I'll be an Eelfolk, 'cause I like me some prankin'.

I note down my free Quality (Cheerful), and now I get 5 points to divvy up amongst my Attributes. I give myself the following scores:

Body 2
Mind 2
Charm 3
Luck 3

Now, I roll for Hair Color, Style, Eye Color, and Fin Color. I get pink hair (with bangs!), amber eyes, and green fines. I'm kind of the lead singer of Neon Trees, only an eel.

Extras! Roll twice on the Extra Table. I get Weapons and Clothing. I wind up with a Lab Coat and Sharp Teeth. Neat!

My goal is Bravery. I get a bonus for doing stupid brave things.

Qualities, including magic. I take Nosey (whatchadoing? whatchadoing?), Royalty (I am a bratty eelfolk prince!), Water Bending (magic, exactly as it sounds), and Human Expert ("This is...a dinglehopper!").

That's it, but for a name. My bratty prince with the pink hair (which annoys mom; really it's the bangs that do it) is Prince Neon.


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