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Yay! Makin' a character!

I've done pretty well today. Four stories redlined and back to the authors, and making some headway on the project for Sean. So I figure I've earned it. I need to take some notes for the Dresden game on Saturday (ooh, and email a reminder to players), but Deadlands notes are pretty well in the bag. Will definitely need notes for Spirit of the Century next week, and Promethean returns the following week.

So anyway:

The Game: Fear Itself
The Publisher: Pelgrane Press
Degree of Familiarity: Some with GUMSHOE, none with this game in particular.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, this is a horror/slasher game. There's no given premise (indeed, the first step is that the GM gives us one), so I shall pick one from the list of example premises. Heh. "Regulars at a hipster coffee shop in a bohemian neighborhood." Sounds good. I like coffee.

I start with a concept. It needs to be easily distilled down to a two-word phrase, because these characters are meant to be archetypal. I'll say my concept is "overeducated barista." His name is Ross Landau.

I choose a risk factor. This is what motivates me to run into stupid encounters. What is Ross' stupid blind spot that's going to get him killed? "Curious" is tempting, but really, this being a horror movie, I think I'd rather play "Horny." Ross is smart, sure, but he's also using those smarts (and his badass coffee-making skillz) to impress the honeys.

Ooh, actually, I can take more than one. OK, I'll take Curious as well.

Right, now I choose the worst thing I ever did. Obvious for horror movies, I think; this is the thing that might get revealed and either embarrass or implicate Ross during the game. What's the worst thing Ross ever did? I think Ross robbed the coffee shop once. He's worked there on and off for a few years, and during one of the "off" times he broke in after hours, opened the office, and stole the day's take (they never took deposits to the bank until Monday morning). He feels bad about it - he's an ethical person, generally, and he did it more out of spite than need - but the worst part is that he carried a knife with him. He has no idea what he'd have done if anyone had caught him, and that scares him.

Now I buy Abilities. This works a lot like Trail of Cthulhu. I get 10 investigative points (I assume if I were playing there would be at least 4 people), and 60 points to spend on General Abilities.

For Investigative, I do this:

History 1
Humanities 1
Natural History 1
Occult Studies 1
Research 1
Trivia 2
Flattery 1
Flirting 2
Computer Science 1

Pretty spread out, mostly a college-educated dude. But really good at useless bullshit, and really good at making panties hit the floor.

Then General:

Athletics 5
Driving 5
Filch 4
Fleeing 5
Health 10
Infiltration 5
Sense Trouble 5
Preparedness 8
Scuffing 3
Stability 9

I get one freeing Health and Stability, and Fleeing costs half so my score is really 10.

Sources of Stability: I need three. I'll take the coffee shop as one (Grounds for Dismissal). Just being there, but especially slinging drinks, helps him find his zen. I'll take sex as another. Ross doesn't have a special lady at the moment, but he has lots of fuck-buddies and he's always looking out for more. It's be easy to see him as a player, but he's not - he doesn't lie to women about his intentions, and he's happy if sex results in a lasting relationship, he's just not broken up if it doesn't.

Last one: Guess I'd better give him a relationship. There's a professor at his alma mater who works in the history department named Sally Myer. Sally is a tenured prof, probably 20 years old than Ross, but they had an affair once. It lasted a few weeks during the summer, and they stopped sleeping together when school resumed, but they've remained in email and occasional lunch-date contact. Ross misses her, and sometimes toys with the notion of going back to school to pursue a PhD. If she wound up his adviser, so much the better.

Now, I consider What Do You Want. I need a personal goal for Ross. It's supposed to be mundane and it's good to tie it in to the premise, so I'll say Ross wants to be a manager at the coffee shop. The present manager, Tim Belanger, is boring and jock-ish, and seems to have some real contempt for the weirdos that come in after dark. Ross wants the place to go 24 hours, he wants open mics and movie nights, he wants Grounds for Dismissal to develop more of its own identity.

Last thing on the sheet is affinity and enmity, but those refer to other PCs, which of course I don't have. As such, that's me done!

This would be an odd horror game. A "last the night" in the coffee shop would be fun, but a longer story might also be fun if there's a creeping horror in the neighborhood that starts killing patrons. I'd like to play Ross either way.


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