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EuroTrip is a rather juvenile but funny as hell comedy starring no one I knew except Michelle Trachtenberg (but seriously: Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Travis Wester are the other four principals).

Scotty (Mechlowicz) and his buddies Cooper (Pitts) and the twins Jenny (Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Wester) have just graduated from high school in Hudson, Ohio (not so far from me). Scotty is immediately dumped by his younger girlfriend Fiona (Kristin Kreuk). That's cruel enough, but then at a party, she gets up onstage with the lead of a pop-punk band (played by Matt Damon), who sings the catchiest song ever:

Following this, Scotty goes home and discovers an email from his German pen pal, "Mike," asking for a date. Drunk and not entirely bright and not exactly fluent in German, he writes back to say "fuck off," and passes out.

Turns out that "Mike" is "Mieke," a beautiful girl, and Scotty decides he's falling for her. But she's blocked his email, and since this is before Facebook or anything like that, he gets on a damn plane to go to Berlin to find her. Whew. There. There's the damn plot.

The movie is silly, and it doesn't treat its women especially well (flunks the Bechdel badly, there's a lot of quasi-sexist humor, and a lot of objectification), but it doesn't seem mean-spirited, for what that's worth. The guys get abused, a lot of stupid stuff happens, they meet a lot of colorful characters (Vinne Jones as a football hooligan, which might not be much of a stretch for him), Jamie and Jenny wind up snogging after getting blitzed on absinthe, and Scotty finally meets Mieke in Rome and bangs her in a confessional booth. At the Vatican. FUCK YES.

Ahem. Anyway, there are some laugh-out loud moments, and the script chugs merrily along. The original ending had Mieke rejecting Scotty and being reasonable, which flopped with test audiences, because seriously, at that point we want reason? After the Penis Beach and Lucy Lawless as a BDSM sex club owner and the creepy-ass Italian man on the train? Please. We want them to hook up because it makes as much sense as anything else in the movie, and we want to root for Scotty, because he's not a dick (Cooper is, but he's the one who gets his ass beaten at the club, so it's OK).

"Scotty Doesn't Know" has been in my ALL DAY.

My grade: A-
Rewatch value: High

Next up: Ever After


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