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So, yesterday I ran Dresden for the first time in two months.

Opal, Lou and Clive had bedded down for the night, but Alice and Rusty went to a cafe to meet Tom and Georgina Valentine. The Valentines had Alice sign a contract saying that she'd pay back the other half of the money for the perfume, at 20% per month ("Just like a credit card"). Rusty looked over the contract, but his Scholarship vs. Valentine's Deceit = looks fine to him!

Alice signed, paid her half up from, and took the perfume. It didn't smell like anything, and she worried she might have been ripped. But she got home and dabbed a bit on Bo's lips, and he woke up and (expressing a bit of jealousy that she'd gone out in the middle of the night with Rusty), coaxed her back to bed. Alice, by the way, swapped out her "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" Aspect for "Broke the Third Law of Magic."

Rusty got home, and found his house had been cleaned and there was one single cookie on a plate. He ate it, reluctantly, and someone spoke behind him. It was a winter faerie, telling him that Amarylis wanted him to retrieve a faerie horse. It had no name, and so was able to slip out of the Nevernever. As it was only visible at night, Rusty would have to wait until tomorrow to get it. The faerie assured Rusty that it was just a horse, not an enchanted person like Bo. Rusty agreed, somewhat reluctantly.

Next day! Opal went out to the greasy spoon and talked to Billy Ray. She basically told him that someone was going down (that is, out of the race) for what happened to Leroy's horses, and it could be the person who actually did it or the person responsible. Billy Ray fingered Blake, saying he'd been bribed and threatened to do it. That was good enough for Opal (who did warn Billy Ray that Blake might seek revenge, but did not inform him that one of his guys was furtively on the phone outside during the meeting), and she posted a notice on the crossroads signpost that the Black Court had been disqualified.

With that, Lou, Rusty and Clive went out to the farm where the Black Court's horse was being kept. They got there and the minion saw them, but Lou, not fucking around, lit up a Molotov. He chucked it in the kitchen door, while the minion ran to the barn and let the horse go. Rusty stripped off his clothes, changed to wolf form, chased it down and disembowled it, while Clive walked around to the barn.

He found the minion there. Said minion took a shot at him with a shotgun, but Clive jumped clear, disarmed him, and punched his face in, killing him. Rusty came trotting back, covered in horse blood, and Lou cast a spell to make the house explode (gas was on, weird reaction, what are the odds?).

The characters headed back into town. Alice texted everyone, and Clive responded that they were busy. Lou got a call from Clarence, who said that the White Council needed to him to come a stable and look at a horse. Lou called Opal, since she needed to be there as Keeper of the Race.

They went to the stables, and Clarence greeted them and recognized Opal by her name (Janeway). Lou looked at the horse, a white stallion called Warden's Wings ("Hey, I didn't name the damn thing," said Clarence). Having added the horse to the card, the characters headed out to a steakhouse for dinner. Based on the way Bo was behaving, the perfume was working (Alice asked, when Bo was gone, how long she'd have to wait until a pregnancy test would be accurate). Rusty revealed his errand for the Winter Lady, and the others, including Bo, agreed to help, mostly because it would get a horse for them that they could maybe get someone to claim for the race.

They went out to the crossroads and Rusty sniffed about, and scented the horse. They saw it on a hilltop, a blue-black thing, turning the grass blue as it walked. "It can't be that easy," said Lou, and sure enough, the horse bolted.

Opal started created a portal to take the horse into a corral, while Bo told Alice to make him change so they could chase down the horse. She did, he became the horse, and she jumped on and rode the blue horse down. Rusty harried it on the other side, and Lou wandered out of nowhere and fired a pistol to startle it - right through the portal. It emerged in Opal's corral, and the fae was there. He said that someone had already made arrangements to claim the horse for the race.

That someone was Jeannine Kemper, mother of Derek Kemper, a drug dealer that Rusty had killed sometime back. Her young son Cody was asleep in her car as she walked to the corral and claimed the horse, named it "Derek's Fall." Lou used the Sight on the horse, and Opal officially admitted Jeannine to the race.

Two more errants needed.


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