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The Adventures of Tintin is an animated film based on the comics by Herge, about a teenaged reporter named Tintin (Jamie Bell) and his dog, Snowy. They've had their fair share of crazy adventures, and this time they're following the story of a 17th-century ship called the Unicorn, wrecked centuries ago for reasons unknown.

Tintin falls in with a besotted sea captain called Archibald Haddock (Andy Serkis), last descendant of the captain of the Unicorn. He knows the secret of the ship, but he's so drunk most of the time that he can't remember it. Also pursuing the ship's treasure is an evil dude called Sacharine (Daniel Craig), who, it turns out, is the descendant of the pirate that took the ship and killed its crew.

The movie is amazing in its animation and art, but also in the scripting (the screenwriting team includes Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright, and I don't know who contributed what, but I love Wright's tight screenplays, and how nothing ever gets wasted or ignored - that's present here). The story isn't some lame-ass hero's journey. It's about Haddock, and it's very much just another of Tintin's adventures. He's never in any personal danger, this isn't his fight. He's just here for the story.

Haddock, however, has family honor and his own self-worth at stake, and so it's interesting for the POV character to be someone with only a professional interest. That makes Tintin a somewhat flat character story-wise, but since the story's not about him (the way it is with, say, Blade), that doesn't matter. And there's plenty of butt-biting humor from the dog to keep the wee ones entertained (Cael's sick, or he'd have been way more into this than he was).

Supporting cast (including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as two bumbling, identical policeman and Toby Jones as a kleptomaniac) is also fantastic. Action scenes are just exciting enough to get a kid's heart going, but not enough to be scary. And, again, the animation - the action scenes especially - is awesome.

All in all, I'm hoping they make a sequel, because it would be fun to see more of these adventures.

My grade: A
Rewatch value: High

Next up: Bridesmaids


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